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    Barry Allen (Earth-1: Pre-Crisis)

    For other uses of The Flash, see The Flash (Disambiguation).
    For other uses of Green Arrow, see Arrow (Disambiguation).

    Speed isn't what drives you. It's love. That's your true force.
    Caitlin Snow to Barry Allen[src]

    Officer Bartholomew Henry "Barry" Allen[8] is a forensic scientist of the Central City Police Department. Allen is the son of Henry and Nora Allen, the husband of Iris West-Allen and the father of Nora West-Allen.

    After being struck by lightning during the particle accelerator explosion, Allen gained an organic connection with the Speed Force and gained the ability to move at superhuman speed. With the assistance of his friends at S.T.A.R. Labs, later coined Team Flash, Allen became The Flash of Central City, protecting the city and beyond from any Metahuman threats.

    During the Crisis, Allen was revealed to be the Paragon of Love. He was one of the few surviving individuals from Earth-1 after the destruction of the Multiverse in the Anti-Monitor Crisis. After restarting the multiverse, Allen was eventually relocated to Earth-Prime, replacing his Post-Crisis counterpart.

    Biography[edit | hide | hide all]

    Early Life[edit | hide]

    Allen Family

    Bartholomew Henry "Barry" Allen was born to Henry and Nora Allen and was raised in Central City. In 2000, Allen witnessed his mother's death caused by Eobard Thawne, with two lightning bolts, later revealed to be himself from the future as well as Eobard Thawne, fighting next to her. His father was then arrested and Allen insisted on another murderer. For the rest of his childhood, Allen lived with Joe West and grew up with Iris West, whom he had a crush on since they were 13 and eventually married.[29]

    Growing Up[edit | hide]

    During college, Allen moved to his own apartment and allowed West to return to the West House during the fall.[18]

    Becoming The Flash[edit | hide]

    Allen is struck by lightning

    In December 2013, Allen was struck by lightning during the Particle Accelerator Explosion and gained a connection with the Speed Force. He then woke 9 months later after being transferred from Central City Hospital to S.T.A.R. Labs, confronted by Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow, who were playing Poker Face, the supposedly favorite song of Allen.[30][31]

    At some point, Allen started to team up with Supergirl and fought alongside other heroes on several occasions.[20]

    Year One

    At some point, during his first year as "The Flash", Allen came to face Harley Rathaway and his henchmen on a dam. Allen threw a lightning bolt at one of the henchmen that shot him, causing an explosion that made the man's molecules to become unstable. This man was Rathaway's boyfriend, Roderick Smith.[32]

    At another point in the past, Allen ran back in time to the night his mother was murdered in an attempt to save her but was signaled by his future self from 2023 not to do so.[33]

    The Reverse-Flash[edit | hide]

    The Man Who Saved Central City[edit | hide]

    Over the years, Allen has fought countless villains as The Flash, including Zoom, Savitar and the Thinker. Their presence and actions affected Team Flash severely and were considered "Big Bads".

    Welcome to Earth-2[edit | hide]

    The Race of His Life[edit | hide]

    Flashpoint[edit | hide]

    At some point, Allen went back in time and altered the timeline, creating the Flashpoint and changed the lives of countless people. Later that year, Allen went into the Speed Force and returned months later.[34]

    Future Flash[edit | hide]

    Fastest Man Alive vs. Fastest Mind Alive[edit | hide]

    Earth-X Invasion[edit | hide]

    In 2017, Allen married West and their wedding was interrupted by a group of time travelling Nazis.[35]

    Meeting Nora[edit | hide]

    In 2018, Allen and West met their daughter from the future, Nora. They then worked alongside each other as vigilantes. However, Nora was sent back to the future by Allen and returned afterward.[34] Eventually, they reconciled and defeated Eobard Thawne, causing the timeline to change and erasing Nora from existence, replacing her existence as an only child with Bart as her brother and herself to have a slightly altered personality.[28]

    The Purge[edit | hide]

    Blood and Truth[edit | hide]

    In December 2019, Allen battled Ramsey Rosso, Bloodwork, who infected countless citizens of Central City with his abilities. Rosso was later defeated by Allen and incarcerated by A.R.G.U.S.[36]

    Crisis on Infinite Earths[edit | hide]

    Heroes fights Shadow Demons

    In 2020, the consciousness of his Pre-Crisis self reincarnated in Allen, making him to forget the past events. Later, Allen ran to National City to stop Weather Witch from causing chaos. As Danvers arrived at the same time, he realizes that they are both living on the same Earth now as Marv told them that they had been working together since "forever". A few hours later, Allen and Danvers went to the Bunker informing Team Arrow that they succeeded in bringing everyone back. However, Lance remind them that Queen didn't make it. When a giant Beebo appeared in the middle of Star City, Allen and other heroes tried to stop it until Batwoman gave them the idea of it being a distraction. Rory soon managed to help them locate and stop Sargon the Sorcerer. Later at night, Allen went to support Lance over Queen's death, but during their talk, a Shadow Demon attacked them. Since they are Paragons, they deduced that they are after the Paragons.

    Allen forming a team

    A day later, the Shadow Demons troop started forming atop Central City and Allen was among the heroes that tried to stop them. However, the Shadow Demons formed the Anti-Monitor. However, they tried to attack the Anti-Monitor but none of them managed to match him, and he took the size of a giant. When S.T.A.R. Labs encountered problems in creating the shrinking bomb, Allen sped in and assembled the bomb at superspeed. As the heroes needed assistance, Allen brought Palmer on the way. Allen then assisted the ground team by disintegrating the remaining Shadow Demons and witnessed the defeat of the Anti-Monitor. Some time later at the Hall, Allen and the others honored Queen's sacrifice. Later, he showed the others that he intended to turn the hall into a base for future crossovers and formed the "Justice League".[20]

    Back in Action[edit | hide]

    Allen and Diggle

    Weeks after the Crisis, Allen and Diggle returned to Allen's loft for Queen's gift to Allen. They then realized that the gift (mask) has Mirakuru on the side and Allen deduced that it could be clues for him to protect the new universe. He then brought Diggle to Lian Yu and found an empty box with no Mirakuru. John then told him that it could be from years ago and Allen should see life as a marathon instead of a sprint, convincing him to let the "mystery" go.[37]

    Allen then attended Queen's funeral days later along with Kara Danvers.[38]

    Losing his Speed[edit | hide]

    During his time after the Crisis, Allen suffered from "hiccups" during his use of super speed. He ignores them but was unaware of the slow death of the Speed Force.[39]

    Valentine's Day[edit | hide]

    On Valentine's Day, Allen had dinner with "West", not knowing that his wife had been replaced by a Reflection. They were then attacked by Amunet Black and stood down as Black threatens to expose Allen's identity to the world. Allen then worked with West to investigate what Black was planning and found Goldface was having a gang war with Black. After a series of infiltrations into Black's lairs, Allen fought Goldface and Black in front of a hallucinogenic flower. He then used a lightning bolt to burn the flower, causing Black and Goldface to be passionate about each other as well as allowing him to bring them to the CCPD.[40]

    Grodd Asks for Help[edit | hide]

    Allen and Grodd merged

    After unsuccessfully searching for his parents' grave, Allen attempted to upgrade Gideon to search for changes caused by the Crisis. However, Chester P. Runk's tampering on Gideon caused Allen's mind to be trapped in Grodd's. They then worked together to help Grodd escape his own mind trap caused by the Telepathic Crown. Merged, Grodd and Allen fought the "guard" (in the form of Solovar) and escaped Grodd's mind, allowing them both to survive.[41]

    Facing Consequences[edit | hide]

    Allen and Wally

    When Wally West returns to Central City, he told Allen that he has not heard the Speed Force for a period of time. They then entered the Speed Force and were told that due to the Spectre's sudden energy input during the Crisis, the Speed Force has gone imbalance and is slowly "dying". Eventually, Allen was able to use his speed at highest performance to defeat Turtle II as a reservation for the remnants of the Speed Force energy in his body.[39]

    Still suffering from the slow loss of speed, Allen was given a Speed Gauge to monitor his speed. Despite the warnings by Snow, he still used the Velocity X as a boost of speed during the fight against Sunshine. However, Velocity X was unable to support Allen and his lightning trails turned blue, causing him to fall on the ground. Later, without using his speed, he was able to use tactics and defeated Sunshine with the help of CCPD.[42]

    The Exorcism of Nash Wells

    After the success, he returned to S.T.A.R. Labs and realized Nash Wells was possessed by his archenemy, Reverse-Flash. He then entered Nash Wells' Mind and confronted Thawne. Eventually, they "exorcised" Thawne out of Wells' body with the Positive Tachyon Device.[42]

    Reflections and Lies[edit | hide]

    Black Hole Strikes[edit | hide]

    Weeks later, Joe West was attacked by Black Hole assassin, Rag Doll. Allen then used his remaining speed to fight Rag Doll and convinced Joe to go into witness protection. However, the impulsive action caused "West" to banish Allen out of their loft.[34] Allen then theorized that West is not his actual wife while living in the West House. Despite working hard to uncover the truth, Eva McCulloch was able to sabotage his methods of proving "West" was not real. He was then locked in the Pipeline until Horton told him that she believed that he should go home and talk to West.[36]

    Liberation[edit | hide]

    Allen promising West that he would bring her home

    Returned to home, Allen confronted "West" and was quickly attacked. However, he was unwilling to attack and West utilized the mirrors in the loft as projectiles and portals to attack Allen. After a tiring battle, "West" allowed McCulloch to escape the Mirrorverse and the Liberation was executed. McCulloch then destroyed "West", with the latter saying she just wanted to feel human as her last words. McCulloch then told Allen that they are not enemies and should work together against Joseph Carver. Allen firmly denied and ordered her to give him back his wife. After McCulloch left, Allen sent a message to West despite she could not hear it.[36]

    Pied Piper and Godspeed[edit | hide]

    The Flash and Pied Piper vs. Godspeed

    When Allen was in the Speed Lab, he was attacked by "Godspeed" who attempted to take his speed. Wells then defended Allen with the Pulse Cannon and allowed Godspeed to escape. As a search for a way to protect Allen from "Godspeed"'s sonic-based powers, Allen and the team figured that they needed an expert in sonic waves. Allen then suggested Hartley Rathaway, an old friend turned villain due to the Crisis. Later, Allen realized the Crisis changed the timeline, and he was responsible for placing Roderick Smith (Rathaway's former right-hand man and boyfriend) in a coma with unstable cells.[32]

    Hours later, Allen brought Nash Wells to Rathaway's lair and offered to return Smith to his normal state. The trio then returned to S.T.A.R. Labs and attempted to use Wells' methods with it failing completely. Rathaway left in frustration and anger while "Godspeed" attacks once more threatening Allen one hour to complete his requests.[32]

    After a motivational speech by Wells, Allen realized Smith was Rathaway's lover. However, time has already run out and "Godspeed" kidnapped dozens of people. Still afraid his speed was not enough, Allen left in a rush and battled Godspeed. They then sped through the city and "Godspeed" utilized a tactic Allen has done to him before. At the moment of hopelessness, Rathaway arrives and combined his sonic blasts with Allen's lightning to recreate the situation that put Smith in his current state. "Godspeed" was then defeated and brought to Iron Heights Penitentiary, after Rathaway found out the supercharged blood of "Godspeed" was the key to bringing Smith back.[32]

    Forgetting their past feuds, Allen and Rathaway became allies once more and fare welled each other in the elevator hall with Rathaway giving no promising for future crimes.[32]

    Showdown at McCulloch Tech[edit | hide]

    With new member Allegra Garcia on the team, Team Flash had a meeting in Allen's forensics lab. Dibny then showed the team the diamond given by Sue Dearbon and Allegra used her powers to find out it is a "treasure map" for Black Hole facilities in the city.[43]

    Allen and Dibny then arrived at the Black Hole Warehouse seeing "Singh" trying to burn down the warehouse. Allen attempted to convince "Singh" to stop. However, his speech failed and "Singh" caused an explosion. Allen then ran as fast as he could with Dibny to safety.[32]

    Knowing McCulloch's target was Carver, Allen approached him and offered protection from his team. Carver refused the offer until his assassins (The Three) were kidnapped by McCulloch. Carver then asked for protection in Allen's lab and slowly left the precinct. The team and Carver were then met by "Singh" who offered a deal for Allen to get West back by giving McCulloch Carver. As he hesitates, Wells used his teleportation smoke bombs and brought the team back to S.T.A.R. Labs.[43]

    As they discussed their next step, Carver offered safety in McCulloch Technologies HQ. The team then moved to the headquarters while evacuating the employees away from the building. However, McCulloch was able to disable the electricity of the building and opens portals to the facility. Despite his effort to switch the back-up generator on, Allen was unable to fight "Singh" and McCulloch in the basement. McCulloch then attempted to kill Carver with mirror shards with Allen acting as a shield. McCulloch then pushed the shards that were on Allen's body to Carver, killing him.[43]

    Joe then returned from witness protection as his enemy was killed. Failing to rescue West and protecting Carver, Allen went to Snow's apartment and talked to her about his frustration. Snow then told him that speed is not what drives him and love is the answer.[43]

    Hunting Eva McCulloch[edit | hide]

    Waking up from a Cryo Pod with 1% of speed left, Allen suited up and ran across the city chasing McCulloch. However, his speed was too slow for him to catch up. Allen then landed in a glass building battling McCulloch. He attempted a "supersonic" punch but failed as McCulloch's cells operate at the speed of light. Shot by McCulloch, his arrival in the Black Hole Facility was delayed and finally brought Top to custody.[44]

    The next day, Allen told Horton and Joe that he had gone to all Black Hole related locations and failed to stop McCulloch every single time. He then left to S.T.A.R. Labs for further Artificial Speed Force testings.[44]

    Regaining his Speed[edit | hide]

    Allen regains his speed

    In the Speed Lab, Allen, Runk and Wells worked on the ASF machine. However, Runk's near-death experience caused Wells to order Allen to get the former and himself some coffee.[44]

    Returned to the lab hours later, Wells has a new method for powering the Fusion Sphere. The plan then backfired as Allegra's powers were unable to contain the Multiversal Particles in the sphere. Saving Allegra from danger, Allen was hit with an explosion with all Harrison Wellses from the Original Multiverse trapped in Allen's mind and possessing his body.[44]

    Later, Wells used a Particle Magnet built by Runk to recollect the particles in Allen's body. In a split second, Wells touched the sphere, sacrificing himself for Allen to run again. Allen then approached Wells and had a heartfelt conversation with him. Wells then told him that the entire Council of Wells has agreed to this and told him that he does not need a Wells to be The Flash anymore. Sherloque Wells and HR Wells then took over Wells' body respectively and bid farewell to Allen as well as encouraging him. Finally, Harry Wells took over and told Allen that he was grateful for their friendship. Eventually, Harry told Allen to run and reverted to Wells. As Allen runs on the track, Wells slowly disintegrated into the Artificial Speed Force and Allen regains his maximum speed.[44]

    Allen then ran across the city and swept the bomb off the supersonic jet, saving the city from destruction. Returned to the lab, Allen sees the burnt remains of Wells and comforts Allegra and Runk in the lounge. Despite the tragedy, Allen and the team believe that all the Wellses are in the Artificial Speed Force and will be with him when he runs.[44]

    Superspeed Thinking[edit | hide]

    Allen thinking in superspeed

    Days later, Allen and the team set up a hall of fallen allies in S.T.A.R. Labs with their deceased allies and team members' names nano-engraved into the wall. Allen then gave a speech to the team regarding assistance from countless individuals on his journey as The Flash.[45]

    While Ramon started to inform Allen that his Portal Machine was unable to be activated, Allen started to finish Ramon's sentences before he could get started. Ramon then realized that the ASF had given Allen additional powers and tested his predictions with an unpredictable Quantum Ball. Allen was then shown to easily predict the location of the ball and catch.[45]

    Later, Allen, Ramon and Allegra returned to the Cortex and trying to figure the missing piece to opening the portal to the Mirrorverse. As they continue to brainstorm, Allen was shown to slowly losing emotions and was becoming more calculative. The team then head to the Black Hole stash house where McCulloch was attacking. Allen then put on the Tachyon Enhancer and collected the particles emitted by McCulloch when she uses her hyperactive photons to dodge Frost's attacks. After the collection was completed, Allen returned with Ramon and Frost was knocked unconscious by McCulloch. Despite Ramon's effort to convince Allen, he did not move on assisting Frost as it has a chance of damaging the enhancer.[45]

    Returned to base with Frost injured by McCulloch's blasts, Allen quickly created a serum for Frost's situation. With preparations for portal opening ready, Allen and Ramon stayed in the Cortex and witnessed McCulloch's live interview on television. Allen then chose to hack into the McCulloch Technologies database and released the real McCulloch's death footage on television, successfully exposing McCulloch's identity as a Reflection.[45]

    "Spock Flash"[edit | hide]

    Team Flash civil war

    With emotions leaving Allen every second, he became an emotionless person. Finding out that the particles he collected can only bring both Kamilla and Singh or West alone back to Earth. While running simulations in his brain, he comes to the conclusion that saving West would be the logical choice as she has the most information on McCulloch. Ramon then arrived at the Speed Lab and attempted to convince Allen otherwise. Ramon then found out the choice Allen had made and turned the team against him. As he shoots Allen with Velocity 0 with an Energy Gun, Allen threw the Quantum Ball at him and caused a distraction. However, Frost was able to inject herself with Velocity X and gained superspeed as a countermeasure for Allen. The both of them then ran across the city, only to be stopped by Allegra with Wells' smoke bombs teleporting Allen back to base. Despite their effort in defeating Allen, the Quantum Ball he threw at the beginning of the fight returns, knocking the entire team unconscious.[45]

    Allen then opened the portal attempting to bring West home. However, with Singh and Kamilla in near death status, West refused to go. Allen then admitted that it was not in any of his simulations and increased the suction of the portal. West was then successfully brought home and immediately fell unconscious. While West is in pain, Allen's emotions returned and destroyed the Artificial Speed Force. Slowly walking back to comfort West, Allen was hit with blue lightning within his body and fell unconscious as well.[45]

    Mirrorverse Invasion[edit | hide]

    Allen regains his speed

    After bringing West to the med lab, Allen discussed with the team as to why he would not want to reactivate the Artificial Speed Force. He was kidnapped by McCulloch and was told that she would not kill anyone, he was then quickly released. Allen then left to the lounge and met Harrison Wells, as well as explaining to him about the Crisis changing his death. Wells then assisted the team and allowed them to reactivate the organic Speed Force. Allen then realized that every time he sparkled a lightning bolt next to West, her body absorbed the energy. The team then used the energy as a way to reactivate the Speed Force and Allen regains his speed.[46]

    Allen then left to fight McCulloch's army and was overwhelmed by the amount of her clones. West then arrived in the nick of time and rescued Allen from McCulloch's mirror shards. As Allen awakens, he ran to protect West and realized she has convinced McCulloch to restore everything. However, McCulloch was unable to control his strong clones and Allen, along with West, assisted McCulloch.[46]

    With McCulloch gone, Allen returned to S.T.A.R. Labs and bid farewell to Dibny after his extreme injury.[46]

    Later, Allen prepared a romantic dinner for West. However, they were interrupted by a mild earthquake and Allen decided not to go to help as it does not affect much, not knowing it was part of the Strength Force's effects.[47]

    God Complex[edit | hide]

    Abra Kadabra's Return[edit | hide]

    A week after the invasion, Allen appeared on The Arielle Atkins Hour and gave a speech on the city's recovery, also promoting the slogan, "Central City Strong". He then admitted he failed to protect Central City for the past few months and promised to make it up to them.[47]

    Allen investigating the site

    On the next day, Allen investigated a crime scene on the reconstruction site and realized Abra Kadabra had returned from the future. Allen and Cisco Ramon later received an alarm and went to fight Kadabra, only to be "tricked" by his "magic" and was cuffed with a Power-Dampening device. With Ramon's vibe blasts being used against them, Frost arrived and arrested Kadabra, sending him to A.R.G.U.S. custody.[47]

    Unfortunately, the arrest was part of Kadabra's plan, and he was able to acquire the Obelisks. Allen quickly sped to the headquarters and was then locked by Kadabra's conjuration. Kadabra then escaped after blaming Allen for what he did to his family.[47]

    Returned to S.T.A.R. Labs, Ramon presented a device stolen from Kadabra and opened it, realizing it is a Martian Memory Restorer created by him. Allen was then able to put two dots together and understood Kadabra's intentions. He then went to Kadabra's location and convinced him not to detonate the Antimatter Bomb as it would not bring his family back. Allen also explained how he lost his friend to the Crisis and displayed Kadabra's family to him, reminding him of how destroying the city does not change anything. Kadabra then deactivated the bomb and revealed his real name, Philippe, to Allen. However, they were quickly interrupted by a muscular figure and Kadabra attempted to fight her, only to be defeated and killed in action. Allen then threw a lightning bolt at her, and she was able to absorb the bolt, charging herself with more strength and leaped away from the location.[47]

    Allen then talked to Team Flash and announced a new threat is coming, as well as about the death of Philippe.[47] Allen later rewatched the video of the attack and investigated the muscular figure.[48]

    Nightmares of Central City[edit | hide]

    Later that night, Ramon brought Frost and Caitlin Snow to the cortex, surprising Allen and West about the sudden separation of body. They then went to the lounge and discussed the next step of resolving the problem. Suddenly, several bolts of lightning merged and created a body, with Allen rushing to catch her and realizing it was the Speed Force asking for help.[48]

    Allen then placed her in the med lab and monitored her with the Speed Gauge. He then received an alarm and went to assist Crows Security from being attacked. Allen arrived on scene with the guards shivering and hiding from the "giant monster" whom he could not see. Psych then appeared behind him and induced a "nightmare" in his mind, allowing him to face his fears of Reverse-Flash and Savitar and allow him to escape. However, the "nightmare" was realistic that Allen's body was injured and caused Allen to bleed out.[48]

    Allen in a "nightmare"

    He was then brought back to S.T.A.R. Labs and treated by Snow, only to be interrupted again by Psych's robbery. Allen then brought Ramon and Frost to the office and utilized the Mental Dampeners. However, they were not strong enough and were destroyed by Psych, allowing him to plant "dreams" in their mind. Allen then told him that he was facing his greatest fears, and he would not be defeated easily. However, Psych responded that his big bads were not his greatest fear and showed him his teammates dying in an attack. The team then returned to S.T.A.R. Labs, suffering from panic attack symptoms. Allen then stormed off due to his frustration.[48]

    Cecile Horton then approached him and enlightened him, allowing him to come up with a plan with Horton's powers. He then went to the Starchives and activated the Hoverchair formerly used by the Thinker. Allen then sped away and attempted to enter Psych's mental force field. Allen was later pulled back into his "nightmare" and was confronted by his dead teammates, only to be brought out by Horton's powers. Allen then went through the force field and allowed Horton to create one of her own, defeating Psych and restoring the peaceful sleep of countless citizens.[48]

    After returning to S.T.A.R. Labs, Allen started to collapse on the ground and went into the Cryo Pod.[48]

    Trial of "Killer Frost"[edit | hide]

    During one morning, Allen had breakfast with West and the Speed Force. However, Speed Force attempted to help and accidentally shattered a glass jar. Allen and Speed Force then went to a crime scene and investigated a Meta-crime. Kristen Kramer later asked if the crime was committed by Frost, with Allen refusing to say anything against his friend until further investigation. Speed Force surprised Allen and told him that she likes her, giving him a boost to speed up the investigation. Allen then sped out of control and hit Kramer's car. He lied and told her that he was using "advanced technology" to track footprints. Meeting with Runk and Joe, Allen was able to find out an imposter trying to frame Frost with different ice patterns.[18]

    Returned to S.T.A.R. Labs, Allen was informed by Allegra that Frost is under a hunt by CCPD. Allegra then told him that she went to find the imposter, Mark Blaine in Keystone City. Allen and Allegra then went to Keystone, assisting Frost from being hurt by Mark. As they discussed their next step, CCPD arrived at the front door of the bar and ordered Frost to step out. Despite Allegra's objections, Allen chose to let Frost make her own choice and Frost stepped to turn herself in.[18]

    With Frost now arrested by the CCPD, she returned to the S.T.A.R. Labs lounge and discussed with Team Flash about how many years of sentence she will be given. However, Allen was interrupted by the Isotopic Signal Booster and went to Keystone Cares with "Nora". They approached Alexa Rivera and asked her to go with them. With Alexa being frightened by "Nora"'s sudden burst of anger. Allen later returned as The Flash and convinced Alexa to trust her and return to S.T.A.R. Labs. Allen set up the Arc Radiators and exposed Alexa to the isotopic signature, semi-transforming her into Fuerza. As Allen comforted Alexa, "Nora" attacked West and Allen blocked the lightning bolt, eventually powering "Nora" and killing Alexa in the process.[49]

    Timeless Wells[edit | hide]

    Allen and West were surprised by the sudden attack and Allen lashed out on "Nora", telling her that he saves lives instead of killing them. "Nora" then left and decided to hunt down the other Forces of Nature. Allen then talked to the team about time travelling back to 17 days ago and erasing the Forces out of existence. West disagreed and thought the only way was to talk to "Nora", leaving Allen, Runk and Ramon on the time travel plan.[50]

    Allen and Wells witness the creation

    Runk and Ramon later told Allen that the plan would not work as it would disrupt the timeline severely. Allen went back to Star City 2000 and asked for Timeless Wells' assistance, They then proposed to use Wells' ability to create a protective bubble on the 17 days and protect the timeline. As they create the particle harness collector, they were approached by Deon Owens and Allen attempted to defuse the situation. Deon then discovered Allen's involvement in the Still Force's creation. He left and damaged the device, leaving no way to erase the Forces. Fortunately, Runk kept the critical piece of the device and the plan resumed. Wells brought Allen back to the moment the Forces were created and were seen by Wells' younger self.[50]

    Allen sped Wells to the roof and collected the particles. However, he was touched by the creation and chose to use West' methods. They then returned to the present, telling the team that he could not do it. Allen and West then compromised and chose to talk to "Nora".[50]

    Children[edit | hide]

    With Alexa resurrected, Allen and Team Flash worked extensively and explained to Alexa about her involvement with the Forces of Nature. Allen then offered to train her in order to master her exceptional abilities, but she was frightened by what she could do and refused. He respected Alexa's decision and returned to work.[51]

    While Psych attacked her former classmates in the League of Lions, Allen rescued West from Psych's attacks and discovered that he now has the ability to create a pair of powerful tentacles from his body. Allen was quickly defeated and Psych was able to disappear in the chaos.[51]

    Alexa's training soon began and Allen activated the Super-Capacity Array to prevent her from escaping. The team then attempted to draw Fuerza out but the process went sideways, with her breaking out of the forcefield and attacking Ramon. Allen successfully calmed her down as she reverted to human form, albeit regretting her actions. Allen also reflected on his actions and apologized to Alexa for pushing her too hard, claiming that it was fine if she needed more time.[51]

    Flash and Fuerza vs Psych

    Allen and Alexa soon received a signal that Psych was attacking another of his targets. Both of them rescued the target and confronted Psych, with Allen being knocked away by his tentacles once more. Thankfully, Fuerza was able to surface under Alexa's control, defeating Psych and successfully convincing him to join their side in the war.[51]

    Soon after returning to S.T.A.R. Labs, Allen, Alexa, West and Bashir were attacked by the Speed Force and Deon Owens, killing all of them except for Allen.[51] Speed Force and Deon soon left, with Bashir revealing that their deaths were merely an illusion cast by him, comforting Allen from his shock.[29]

    Unforgiving Storm Ravages[edit | hide]

    "Family Feud"

    Calm Before the Storm[edit | hide]

    Goodbye Ramon[edit | hide]

    Psycho-Horton[edit | hide]

    The Godspeed Imperative[edit | hide]

    Rampage[edit | hide]

    Progeny[edit | hide]

    All Hands on Deck[edit | hide]

    Armageddon[edit | hide]

    Leveled Up[edit | hide]

    Madness[edit | hide]

    Injustice[edit | hide]

    Reverse Flashpoint[edit | hide]

    Heroic Choices[edit | hide]

    Lockdown[edit | hide]

    Something Beyond Death[edit | hide]

    Believe in the Impossible[edit | hide]

    Survival Instinct[edit | hide]

    Reckless Actions[edit | hide]

    Memories in the Snow[edit | hide]

    Massacre[edit | hide]

    Apparitions[edit | hide]

    A Way to Mourn[edit | hide]

    Fractured Time[edit | hide]

    Into the Still Force[edit | hide]

    Fear of Death[edit | hide]

    Negative[edit | hide]

    Off the Grid[edit | hide]

    Someone Better[edit | hide]

    Sacrifice[edit | hide]

    Tipping the Scales[edit | hide]

    Rogue War[edit | hide]

    Wednesday Time Loop[edit | hide]

    Choices[edit | hide]

    Trusting the Rogues[edit | hide]

    Under the Mask[edit | hide]

    True Justice[edit | hide]

    Babymoon Adventures[edit | hide]

    No Zooping Policy[edit | hide]

    Fever Dream[edit | hide]

    Trapped in Time[edit | hide]

    Familiar Faces[edit | hide]

    The Final Run[edit | hide]

    Reunions[edit | hide]

    Just in Time[edit | hide]

    Stolen Lives[edit | hide]

    Believe in the Impossible[edit | hide]

    Erased Future[edit | hide]

    Possible Future[edit | hide]

    Magog[edit | hide]

    Powers and Abilities[edit | hide]

    Superhuman Speed
    Throwing Lightning
    Black Lightning

    Powers[edit | hide]

    • Speed Force Connection: After being struck by lightning during the particle accelerator explosion, Allen formed an organic connection to the Speed Force.[1][52]
      • Accelerated Healing Factor: Allen is able to heal from extreme injuries in a short period of time due to his superhuman metabolism, albeit limited to non-fatal injuries.[53]
      • Electrokinesis: Allen produces small orange lightning trails behind him when he runs at superhuman speed.[1]
        • Electrical Constructs: Allen is able to create a sword made with his Speed Force lightning.[54]
        • Electricity Absorption: Allen is able to charge himself with exterior energy sources, supercharging his body and giving a boost in speed.[55]
        • Speed Force Aura: Allen is protected by an aura of invisible energy, protecting him from burning due to extreme friction and from gravitational forces. The aura can also be expanded and withstand the gravitational pull of a black hole, while protecting its user from being injured or destroyed. The aura was also shown to be able to protect those being carried by Allen, protecting them from the extreme friction produced from superhuman speed.[1][56]
        • Speed Force Sharing: Allen is able to share his superhuman speed through physical contact and allow them to be stabilized from certain conditions. Allen is also able to bring non-speedsters into a phenomenon known as Flashtime, with a limited time as non-speedsters are unable to survive long at that speed.[17]
      • Superhuman Agility: Allen is able to balance off unstable constructs while running at superhuman speed, allowing him to easily maneuver on obstacles.[6]
      • Superhuman Durability: Allen is able to withstand extreme forces and attacks with little to no injuries. However, he is still vulnerable to bullets and swords, which are able to pierce his skin.[53]
      • Superhuman Momentum: Allen is able to generate and withstand extreme kinetic energy. He is also able to stop completely even running at the speed of light.[1]
      • Superhuman Senses: Allen is able to hear sounds even after exceeding the speed of sound, which no sounds can be heard normally.[57]
      • Superhuman Speed: Allen is able to run at superhuman speed and easily exceed the speed of light through months of training. The superhuman speed grants him multiple additional powers.[1]
        • Accelerated Perception: Allen is able to perceive actions and words that appeared for a brief moment. For him to communicate with humans, he is able to shift the perception level according to his will.[1]
        • Aerokinesis: Allen is able to move his bodies at superhuman speed and create vortexes, cyclones, tornadoes and vacuums of air. This allows him to propel his opponents away.[1]
        • Bodily Vibration: By vibrating at superhuman speed, Allen is able to create visual and audio illusions, such as voice modulation, invisibility and masking his faces. Additionally, by vibrating at the same frequency as air, he is able to "phase" through solid objects.[57]
          • Intangibility: Also known as "phasing", Allen has the ability to walk through solid objects by vibrating at the frequency of air.[58]
          • Invisibility: Allen possesses the ability to appear invisible to the naked eye through vibrating at a high speed.[59]
          • Speed Force Siphoning: Allen is able to siphon speed off other speedsters and absorb their energy.[60]
          • Voice Modulation: When vibrating at a certain frequency, Allen can modulate his voices to a point where normal humans are unable to identify him.[57]
        • Speed Mirage: By running back and forth between two places, Allen is able to create a mirage that there are two or more individuals standing still. However, they look less realistic when more mirages are being created.[61]
        • Superhuman Reflexes: Allen is able to respond to attacks quickly, including a speeding bullet and physical contacts.[53]
        • Time Travel: By running faster than the speed of light, Allen is able to break the space-time barrier and open a portal to the Speed Force, allowing him to run across time with flashes of images passing through him in the vortex.[26]
          • Temporal Regression: Allen is able to reverse a short period of time without affecting themselves and retain the memories in the process.[62]
          • Time Travel Awareness: Allen is able to sense other speedsters, such as his future daughter, travelling across time through the Speed Force.[63]
          • Time Remnants Construct: Allen is able to create "clones" of himself that retained his memories and personalities with their own minds. However, their personalities slowly diverge from the "prime" version through time. Time Remnants also retain all abilities a speedster does and even become stronger than their "prime" version. Despite their convenience in battles, Time Remnants are required to be killed in order to preserve the timeline integrity.[64]
      • Superhuman Stamina: Allen is able to run for an extended period of time with no signs of exhaustion.[65]
      • Superhuman Strength: While running at superhuman speed, Allen is able to carry heavy objects and even drag an individual around easily.[6]

    Former Powers[edit | hide]

    • Blood Brother Physiology: While corrupted by Ramsey Rosso, Allen's physiology was slightly altered. Such alterations include his lightning trail being black in color, his body covered in black goo-like blood, and gaining a limited connection to Rosso.[66]
    • Forces of Nature Connection: During the final duel with Eobard Thawne, the Forces of Nature bestow Allen with a strong connection to them.[67]
      • Superhuman Strength: By connecting to the Strength Force, Allen had the ability to lift objects times beyond his own size, including an airplane.[67]
      • Teleportation: By connecting to the Sage Force, Allen could teleport across great distances, even catching up with Thawne's superhuman speed.[67]
      • Time Travel/Temporal Displacement: By connecting to the Still Force, Allen was able to select objects across space and time, and pull them to his location.[67]

    Reverse Flashpoint Powers[edit | hide]

    Abilities[edit | hide]

    • Bilingualism: Allen is fluent in English and the Speed Force language, after spending months in the Speed Force.[65]
    • Cooking: Allen is capable of cooking elaborate meals.[24]
    • Genius-level Intellect: Allen was shown to have a high-level intellect on chemistry and physics on his superhuman speed.[1]
      • Chemistry: According to Joe West, Allen is the top forensics examiner in the CCPD, with expert chemistry knowledge.[1][18]
      • Engineering/Computer Knowledge: In a possible future, Allen created Gideon from scratch.[68] Later, a younger version of Allen designed a mobile version of Gideon independent from the Time Vault.[41]
      • Physics: After studying the Speed Force throughout his role as The Flash, Allen became an expert in physics and understood laws involving speed and velocity.[69]
      • Medical Knowledge: As a vigilante for years, Allen learned basic first-aid skills and treated Frost's injuries.[70]
    • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Gaining experience from his time as The Flash, Allen acquired basic close combat skills and capable of defending himself from his foes.[71] After a brief time as the Green Arrow, Allen also picked up advanced combat techniques from Oliver Queen, making him more capable in the field.[2]
      • Swordsmanship: Allen was shown to be skilled at fighting using swords when he fought Godspeed with a lightning sword.[54]
    • Marksmanship: While rarely wielding firearms, Allen appear to be adept in wielding the Police Killer energy rifles.[3]

    Elseworlds Abilities[edit | hide]

    • Peak Physical Condition: As Oliver Queen, Allen retained Queen's exceptional physique acquired during his five years in "Hell".[2]
      • Archery: Like Queen, Allen was proficient in wielding bow and arrow, using them as his preferred weapon of choice.[2]
      • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Allen was able to easily take down several Bratva and Bertinelli operatives.[2]

    Weaknesses[edit | hide]

    • Cold Temperature: As demonstrated with the Cold Gun, Allen's speed can be severly dampened under low temperatures. This is due to the nature of his speed relating to the building-up of heat in atoms. However, after years of training, Allen became capable in overcoming such weakness by allowing lightning to flow through his body to generate heat.[72][73]
    • Cold Fusion Flames: Allen's lightning bolts are ineffective when faced with Deathstorm's cold fusion-based flames.[74]
    • High Density: Allen is incapable, or is required much stronger concentration, to "phase" through objects of high density like a forcefield.[59]
    • Power-Dampening Technology: Like other Metahumans, Allen cannot access his powers when in close contact with a power-dampening device.[75] However, after escaping the Speed Force, Allen had a period of time where the Pipeline was incapale of dampening his powers.[65]

    Equipment[edit | hide]

    Current Equipment[edit | hide]

    • Gideon: In a possible future, Allen created Gideon, an artificial intelligence which was utilized by his enemy Eobard Thawne and himself.[68]
    • The Flash Suit: As The Flash, Allen wore a red and gold protective suit.[1]
      • Flash Ring: Allen was given a futuristic storage ring by her future daughter, which was used to store his suit.[76]
      • Particle Eradication Distributor: Repurposed as a pair of boots by Chester P. Runk, Allen originally utilized the Particle Eradication Distributor from the Reverse Flashpoint to restore the timeline.[77]

    Former Equipment[edit | hide]

    Elseworlds Equipment[edit | hide]

    • Green Arrow Suit: As the Green Arrow, Allen wore a green hooded protective suit.[2]
    • Bow and Arrow: As the Green Arrow, Allen's preferred weapon of choice was bow and arrow.[2]
    • Motorcycle: Allen drove a motorcycle to travel across the city as the Green Arrow.[2]

    Reverse Flashpoint Equipment[edit | hide]

    Appearances[edit | hide]

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