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    "Goldfaced"[1] is the thirteenth episode of the fifth season of The Flash, and the one-hundred-fifth episode overall. It aired on February 5, 2019.

    You warned me to get my head on straight for this job, and I didn't. You had Goldface ready to give us what we needed, and I blew it trying to get those guns off the street, and here we are.
    Barry, this is not your fault.
    Yeah, it is.And you were right. If I wanna stop Cicada, I can't be so precious about getting The Flash's hands dirty. Sometimes the ends justify the means. I get that now. Let's just get this over with.

    Synopsis[edit source]

    Barry and Ralph must go undercover as criminals in an illegal black market to purchase a device that could help them stop Cicada. Once inside, Barry and Ralph find their morality tested as they slip deeper into the criminal world, eventually having to choose between committing a crime, or losing the means to defeat one of their greatest foes. Meanwhile, Iris investigates a lead on Cicada's whereabouts and ends up in a dangerous situation.

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    • The Police Killers shown in the episode first appeared in Legends of To-Meow-Meow. This means either the Legends bought the weapons off the black market, or simply the shows using the same props.

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    The Flash Season 5

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