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    Team Flash (Earth-1: Pre-Crisis)

    At any moment, we could face something worse. And whether we like it or not, we're this city's first line of defense.

    Team Flash is a team of vigilantes that aims to protect the residents of Central City from rogue Metahumans.

    History[edit | hide | hide all]

    Year One[edit | hide]

    The Flash Is Born[edit | hide]

    Barry Allen is struck by lightning

    On December 11, 2013, S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator exploded. The explosion released a high amount of Dark Matter across Central City, transforming thousands into Metahumans. Among those was Barry Allen, who gained superhuman speed and was placed into the care of S.T.A.R. Labs under the orders of Dr. Harrison Wells.[5] Unbeknownst to his staff, Wells was in fact Eobard Thawne, the man responsible for the murder of Allen's mother and Allen's arch-nemesis in the future.[9]

    Nine months later, Allen woke up to Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow, the only two S.T.A.R. Labs staff members remaining at the S.T.A.R. Labs after the explosion. Allen soon discovered his superhuman speed, and returned to confront Wells. Later, he faced another Metahuman, Clyde Mardon, and utilized a red firefighter prototype suit to conceal his identity while taking down Mardon.[5]

    The first Team Flash

    After Mardon's defeat, with the help of his friends of S.T.A.R. Labs, Allen continued to fight crime and find other Metahumans like him. As he took down dangerous Metahumans and criminals, Allen was nicknamed "The Streak" and was ultimately coined "The Flash" by Iris West, stylized as the "Scarlet Speedster".[10] During Allen's first year operating as The Flash, Team Flash allied themselves with Joe West, Eddie Thawne, and Team Arrow of Starling City.[11]

    The Man in the Yellow Suit[edit | hide]

    Eventually, with Ramon's growing ability to sense other timelines, he saw a vision where Wells revealed his identity as Thawne and murdered Ramon from an erased timeline.[12] This led Team Flash to set up a trap for the man in the yellow suit, though soon discovered the trap merely trapped an imposter.[13]

    Thawne was later captured with the joint effort of The Flash, the Arrow and Firestorm.[14] Team Flash attempted to send Thawne back to his rightful place in time, though Allen returned from 2000 after refusing to save his mother. A battle commenced in the pipeline, which with Eddie's suicide, resulted in Thawne's erasure from the timeline. This caused significant damage to the Temporal Wormhole, which escalated into an inter-dimensional singularity to Earth-2. The Flash and Firestorm successfully closed the wormhole and prevented the complete destruction of the city at the cost of Ronnie Raymond's sacrifice. Immediately after the Singularity, Allen disbanded Team Flash, choosing to work on his own.[15][16]

    Year Two: Versus Zoom[edit | hide]

    Flash of Two Worlds

    Six months after the Singularity, Team Flash, to Allen's initial reluctance, regrouped and took down Al Rothstein. After his defeat, Team Flash realized that Rothstein was not native to their universe, but from one parallel to theirs. Jay Garrick, The Flash of Earth-2, then further explained the existence of a Multiverse and stated he had lost his speed after fighting the evil speedster known as Zoom.[16][17]

    For the next couple months, Team Flash fought against Zoom's Metahuman army with the help of Harry Wells and attempted to create the Velocity Serums to restore Garrick's speed.[18] After Zoom murdered Garrick, Team Flash switched their focus to improving Allen's speed to match Zoom's. Surprisingly, their war was setback when they discovered Garrick was merely a Time Remnant of Zoom.[19]

    Despite this setback, Team Flash continued with their war until Zoom forced the team to transfer Allen's organic speed into his body.[20] Allen soon regained his speed after an unintentional trip into the Speed Force, which created another particle accelerator explosion.[21]

    Zoom vs. The Flash

    With his speed returned, The Flash worked closely with Team Flash and the Central City Police Department to thwart Zoom's Metapocalypse. Ultimately, Allen successfully defeated Zoom in a race and lured the Time Wraiths to transform Zoom into a zombie-like creature. Unfortunately, their victory came at the cost of the execution of Allen's father. With the tragic deaths of many in his life, Allen decided to travel back in time and stop the Reverse-Flash from murdering his mother. His actions creating an alternate timeline known as Flashpoint.[22]

    Year Three: Wrath of Savitar[edit | hide]

    Realizing that the Flashpoint slowly took away his speed and his memory of his home timeline, Allen worked with Thawne to reset the timeline. The reset was not perfect, and certain elements of the original timeline were changed. This include the death of Ramon's brother, conflict within the West family, and slight adjustments to the S.T.A.R. Labs building.[23][24]

    The reversal of the Flashpoint also released Savitar, a monstrous speedster from the future. Using the Philosopher's Stone, Savitar restored multiple Metahumans' identity and powers from the Flashpoint timeline, including Wally West's identity as Kid Flash. While it is unclear whether the Flashpoint directly resulted in the creation of a split personality, Snow's alter, Killer Frost also began to surface and slowly influence her to become a villainous criminal.[25][26]

    Team Flash and the heroes of Earth

    Team Flash, while fractured and still trying to move on from the fact that Allen drastically changed their lives, were forced to work together against the Dominator Invasion. The Dominators specifically requested the surrender of The Flash, fearing his dangerous potential. Allen chose to accept their orders, and was shocked when Ramon led the heroes to stop him from sacrificing his life. Ramon and Allen then reconciled and decided to face the Dominators in conflict. Thankfully, the joint effort of Team Flash, Team Arrow, the Legends and Supergirl successfully thwarted the invasion and brought the team closer together.[27]

    With Wally West's growing powers, HR Wells elected himself as his personal trainer. From an accidental thrust into the future, Allen also found out that Iris West would die in the hands of Savitar in a near future.[28] Allen, after days of hiding this secret, later told Team Flash about the execution. Team Flash began to multitask as they fight Savitar and find methods do prevent Iris' death. Moreover, Allen began training Wally and Jesse Wells to be capable of stopping Iris' death.[29]

    Savitar was soon released when Wally tried to face him alone. Wally was then forced to replace Savitar's role as prisoner of the Speed Force and was replaced by Jay Garrick of Earth-3 afterwards.[29][30] Despite their effort to stop Iris' death, the timeline continued to go on a path towards the eventual execution. The timeline only diverged when HR Wells took Iris' place in captivity, using a facial transmogrification device to disguise himself and sacrificing his life to save Iris.[31][32]

    Iris West kills Savitar

    Thanks to Wells' sacrifice, the timeline became unstable and Savitar began to disappear from existence. Taking this opportunity, Team Flash, Jesse Quick, Jay Garrick and Gypsy ambushed Savitar and Killer Frost. The battle culminated in Allen destroying Savitar's armor and Killer Frost's defeat. Nonetheless, Savitar did not give up and tried to attack Allen, which was unsuccessful when Iris West shot him in the back. With the timeline finally cementing and his demise, Savitar was erased out of existence. Their victory was short-lived, as Savitar's death and Garrick's release brought a Speed Force storm to Central City. To maintain the space-time barrier from fracturing, Allen opted to take the role of the Speed Force's prisoner, bidding farewell to the city he protected for 3 years and living through eternal torment in the Speed Force.[32]

    Year Four: Fastest Man Alive vs. Fastest Mind Alive[edit | hide]

    Soon after the defeat of Savitar, Snow left Team Flash to focus on understanding her new identity as Killer Frost, Julian Albert returned to England, Tracy Brand returned to her life at Central City University and Harry Wells returned to Earth-2.[32] The job to protect the city fell into the hands of Kid Flash and Vibe, who both worked closely with the Central City Police Department to take down dangerous Metahumans like The Flash used to.[33]

    Eventually, they were faced with the Samuroid, who specifically requested to combat The Flash. When they plans to have Wally impersonate Allen failed, Team Flash decided to open the Speed Force once more and release Allen. Recruiting Snow back to the team, Ramon was also able to create a Quark Sphere that tricks the Speed Force into believing Allen remained within. The release proved to be successful, though was initially unnoticed as the portal open miles away over Central City Bus 405. The release not only liberated Allen, but also transformed 12 individuals into Metahumans. A disoriented Allen was later brought to the precinct, where Team Flash was unable to help him regain a clear mind and his memories. Thankfully, when the Samuroid kidnapped Iris, Joe's speech convinced Allen to regain his memories and rescue the love of his life.[33] Now with an upgraded suit and the ability to run much faster than before, Allen returned to Central City as its guardian and began to work with Team Flash to locate the 12 Metahumans.[34] Seeing that he has no clear role on the team, Wally also opted to leave his family and embark on a journey to find his purpose.[35]

    The 12 "Bus Metas"

    Unbeknownst to Team Flash, the release of Allen was in fact part of Clifford DeVoe's plan to re-educate the planet through Enlightenment. DeVoe had remotely controlled the Samuroid and with the 12 Metahumans created, stole their powers one-by-one. Meanwhile, Team Flash successfully recruited Ralph Dibny,[36] Izzy Bowin[37] and Matthew Kim[38] to their cause. Though the latter two's tenure on Team Flash were short-lived, Dibny soon grew to become a respected hero in Central City known as the Elongated Man.[39]

    The Nazis crash the West-Allen wedding

    In the midst of the Thinker conflict, Team Flash worked effortlessly to organize the West-Allen wedding. Despite this, the wedding ceremony was interrupted when Nazis from Earth-X attacked.[40] Team Flash's S.T.A.R. Labs became the major base of operations for the heroes, and with the Nazi's takeover, fell into the command of Eobard Thawne.[41][42] Thankfully, Iris West and Felicity Smoak were able to send an SOS message to the Legends, which then broke the heroes imprisoned in the pipeline and retreated on the Waverider. The heroes regrouped and prepared for battle, ultimately triumphant in the defense of their home universe. The West-Allens then got married along the Smoak-Queens, with John Diggle officiating the peaceful wedding.[43]

    Team Flash works to prove Allen's innocence

    The newlyweds' peaceful life did not last long, as DeVoe later framed Allen for his murder, leading to his imprisonment at Iron Heights.[44][45] DeVoe also subtly manipulated Harry Wells to create his own Thinking Cap that slowly took away his intelligence. Wells then unknowingly became the first test subject for DeVoe's Enlightenment. During the process, Dibny's body was stolen by DeVoe and used as his new vessel, leaving Team Flash devastes.[46]

    Team Flash is triumphant

    In spite of their failures, Leo Snart re-sparked their spirit to fight once more.[47] Now with Cecile Horton's help, Team Flash entered DeVoe's mind and restored Dibny's consciousness, destroying DeVoe for good. Unfortunately, the Enlightenment Satellites remain operative until Marlize DeVoe destroyed the Hoverchair. This put the S.T.A.R. Labs satellite out of orbit and hurling towards the Earth. While Vibe and Elongated Man protected civilians from debris, The Flash tried to create a supersonic punch to destroy the satellite. As Marlize theorized, the punch of one speedster is not capable of destroying the satellite, and an unknown speedster, later revealed to be Nora, the West-Allens' daughter from the future, regressed time to do the same along with Allen. The duo successfully destroyed the satellite, though the Dark Matter-infused pieces scattered over the city, creating Meta-Tech.[48][49]

    Year Five: Legacy[edit | hide]

    Among those hit by the satellite debris were Orlin Dwyer and his niece Grace Gibbons. Gibbons had previously lost her parents in a Meta-related accident and led Dwyer towards his crusade to purge all Metahumans from existence as Cicada.[50] This put Dwyer eventually in conflict with Team Flash during his attack on Block.[51]

    Cicada "kills" Vibe

    In the meantime, Nora West-Allen also revealed herself to Team Flash and purposefully injected herself with Negative Tachyons to remain in 2018. Nora then worked as a member of Team Flash and provided future knowledge to apprehend multiple criminals.[49] To search for Cicada, Team Flash hired the services of Sherloque Wells, an inter-dimensional detective known for taking down 37 Cicadas in the Multiverse. However, it was revealed that his merits were all the result of David Hersch being the identity of Cicada in all the universes, rather than his investigative skills leading him to Cicada. This tactic proved useless to Team Flash, as Nora's arrival altered the timeline such that David Hersch never became Cicada.[52]

    For the next year, Team Flash and Cicada went on a cat-and-mouse conflict where Team Flash was unable to capture Cicada. Team Flash even travelled back in time to acquire key items to negate Cicada's Lightning Dagger.[53]

    The Elseworlds reality

    After multiple failures, Team Flash was faced with a surprising change in reality when Allen and Oliver Queen claimed to have switched bodies. While the team did not believe them, Iris chose to give them a chance and handed them the Inter-Dimensional Extrapolator to seek the help of Kara Danvers on Earth-38. Team Flash was also faced with AMAZO and Ramon travelled to recruit the trio and Superman for help. With AMAZO's defeat, Allen and Queen were able to master each others' skills. Nonetheless, the trio continued to seek methods to undo the reality alteration and Team Flash partnered with A.R.G.U.S. to investigate the red skies.[6] Team Flash subsequently discovered the link between the red skies, an alternate Flash's attempt to breach and John Deegan's possession of the Book of Destiny.[54] While Team Flash was never founded in later Elseworlds, Allen, Queen, and the Super Friends were able to defeat Deegan, with Queen bargaining with the Monitor to save Allen and Danvers' life.[55]

    Cicada arrives

    Team Flash resumed their conflict with Cicada soon afterwards. Dwyer's identity and motives were also revealed after further investigation by Wells and Dibny. Consequently, Allen used his knowledge on Dwyer and Gibbons to try and convince Dwyer to take the Metahuman Cure. Dwyer agreed, only to have another Cicada attack S.T.A.R. Labs. Team Flash was unable to defend the building. Dwyer was abducted, Dr. Ambres was murdered and the cortex was severely damaged.[56]

    Soon afterwards, Team Flash perfected the Metahuman Cure and released it to the public. While this allowed Metahumans willing to give up their powers to be saved from the Cicada, the second Cicada did not give up their conflict with The Flash. The second Cicada also revealed herself to be Gibbons from the future and murdered Dwyer after differences in their goals. Wells also revealed Nora's partnership with Thawne in the future, and Allen banished her back to 2049.[57]

    Team Flash eventually fought the second Cicada at the precinct. However, when Allen wielded the Mirror Gun to destroy the dagger for good, Dibny came to the conclusion that Thawne was manipulating the events since Nora's arrival. Dibny stood in the blast, transforming him into a blocky structure and fell into a coma.[58]

    Team Flash faces the Reverse-Flash

    Despite Dibny's vague words before losing consciousness, Team Flash continued with their plan to destroy the dagger. Team Flash successfully did so when they ambushed Gibbons' cabin and erased her from existence. Though this act allowed Thawne to be released from Iron Heights in 2049, as the dagger was the only weapon powerful enough to dampen his superhuman speed. With Nora's help, even after her betrayal and brief connection to the Negative Speed Force, Allen located Thawne and went on a chase on the streets of 2049 Central City. Team Flash arrived soon afterwards, gaining the upper hand in the battle. Unfortunately, with their countless alteration to the timeline in the past year, the timeline shifted significantly and resulted in Nora's erasure from existence. Thawne seemingly apologized for his manipulation leading to his mentee's death and promised to see the team in a future crisis, before speeding away to freedom.[4]

    After Nora's death, West-Allen witnessed her message in the Time Vault and Team Flash honored her legacy as XS. With the threat of Cicada gone, Team Flash continued with their peaceful lives. Wells returned to Earth-221 with his new girlfriend Renee Adler, Dibny opened a case to search for Sue Dearbon, putting him on a nine-month journey, Frost and Snow began to live a co-existing life, while Ramon revealed his identity to Kamilla Hwang, and ultimately taking the Metahuman Cure and retire from the role of Vibe.[4]

    Year Six[edit | hide]

    Blood and Truth[edit | hide]

    Allen prepares for a world without The Flash

    As a result of Nora's time travel, the Crisis has been moved from April 25, 2024 to December 10, 2019, mere months away. The Monitor then warned Allen of the prophecy that he would vanish in Crisis. With this in mind, Allen began preparing for a city without The Flash, promoting Cisco Ramon to co-leader,[7] mentoring Frost to be a full fledged hero,[59] and officially naming Elongated Man as another symbol of hope of Central City.[60] An inter-dimensional adventurer, Harrison Nash Wells, also arrived on Earth-1 with the goal to bust the myth that the Monitor is a deity. Wells promised to find ways to prevent Allen from having the need to sacrifice, and began his investigation towards an Eternium-infused underground cave in hopes of finding a way to the Monitor's lair.[59]

    Bloodwork manipulates The Flash

    Meanwhile, Ramsey Rosso, a friend of Caitlin Snow's, began testing Dark Matter-blood to cure his HLH. Allen initially assisted in his research, though became an enemy of his when he discovered Rosso's experiments turned people into mindless monsters.[61] Rosso also attacked Dibny and infected him, though Allen was able to transfer blood to his body to keep him alive. This transfer was both ways, allowing Rosso to enter Allen's body and infect him. Rosso created visions in Allen's mind, showing him that his blood could keep Allen alive even after the Crisis had killed him. Despite the Speed Force's attempt to fight back and pull Allen back to itself, Allen chose to take Rosso's offer, claiming that the Speed Force forced him to be a hero and did not give him a choice.[62]

    Team Flash cures Central City

    Realizing Allen has turned against them, Ramon activated Babel Protocol. Ramon, Frost and West-Allen made multiple attempts to restore Allen's control over his body, and soon realized that he had minimal control and was purposely infected to find methods to defeat Rosso. Team Citizen eventually made their way to S.T.A.R. Labs, which with Allegra Garcia's abilities, successfully cured those infected by Rosso. With his body back to full control, Allen fought against Rosso, defeating him and placing in A.R.G.U.S. custody.[63]

    Team Flash witness the crimson skies

    Meanwhile, Nash Wells' excavation came to an end, revealing a metallic door towards the Multiversal Nexus. After defending himself from Rosso's Blood Brothers, Wells demanded answers to open the door. A voice similar to Novu's claimed that the knowledge was within him, and he opened the gateway to the Nexus. Unbeknownst to Wells, the voice was the Anti-Monitor in disguise, manipulating him since the beginning to liberate himself. Wells had unknowingly brought forth the Crisis. As Team Flash bid their farewells, the Crisis began accurately on December 10, 2019 at 00:00, with the skies turning crimson red.[63]

    Crisis on Infinite Earths[edit | hide]

    The Flash is summoned to Earth-38

    With the Crisis beginning, Allen was recruited by Harbinger to Earth-38 and delay its destruction. The heroes were ultimately only able to rescue a fraction of the people of Earth to Earth-1 and regrouped at S.T.A.R. Labs.[64][65]

    Team Flash is called to the Waverider

    Team Flash was soon called to action when the heroes required more technical support in searching for Paragons. While Allen, Ramon and Frost went to investigate Nash Wells' worksite, West-Allen and Dibny went with Ray Palmer to search for the Paragon of Humanity. West-Allen, Dibny and Palmer's search was successful, with West-Allen's convincing Choi to join their cause. Meanwhile, Allen, Ramon and Frost found Nash Wells, now transformed as the Pariah to pay for his liberation of the Anti-Monitor. With his powers returned by the Monitor, Ramon vibed Wells and acquired the knowledge to open the doorway to the Multiversal Nexus. In the Nexus, they found Allen's Earth-90 doppelgänger trapped on a treadmill to power the Antimatter Cannon. Team Flash realized that Earth-2, home to their allies, had already been destroyed in a test run for the cannon.[66]

    The Flash vanishes in Crisis

    Team Flash then liberated Flash-90 from the treadmill. Flash-90 immediately demanded to be put back in the treadmill as his absence would activate the fail-safe, destroying the remaining universes at once. To delay the destruction, Pariah went to recruit Black Lightning to absorb the excess electricity from the cannon. Allen prepared himself for his ultimate sacrifice, only for Flash-90 to temporarily steal his speed and take his place. Flash-90 thanked Team Flash and Black Lightning for their efforts, and Ramon opened a breach for him to enter the treadmill. Allen initially demanded Ramon to release Flash-90, though Ramon refused to respect Flash-90's choices. Team Flash soon retreated back to the Waverider in spite of Allen's reluctance. By running backwards, Flash-90 destroyed the Antimatter Cannon, preventing the Multiverse from being destroyed.[66]

    The Multiverse is destroyed

    Despite Flash-90's heroic sacrifice, Harbinger's succumbing to the Anti-Monitor led to his infiltration on the Waverider. On board the Waverider, Harbinger revealed herself, reactivating the Antimatter wave and wiping out the entirety of Earth-1, successfully destroying the Multiverse in the process. Thankfully, Pariah was able to send the Paragons to the Vanishing Point, giving humanity one last hope at surviving the Crisis.[66]

    The Multiverse is reborn

    The Paragons (with Lex Luthor taking the place of the Paragon of Truth) eventually followed the orders of Oliver Queen, now as the Spectre. They travelled back to the Dawn of Time and seemingly destroyed the Anti-Monitor. Queen's victory led to the rebirth of the Multiverse, creating Earth-Prime where Team Flash operated as they did in the Pre-Crisis Multiverse.[67]

    The Flash constructs the Shrinking Bomb

    On Earth-Prime, the Paragons discovered that the Anti-Monitor survived their battle. Under Allen and Sara Lance's leadership, Team Flash and the other heroes prepared themselves for battle. Frost led the defense of S.T.A.R. Labs with Heat Wave and Black Lightning, while Nash Wells, Ray Palmer and Ryan Choi constructed the Shrinking Bomb. Allen soon arrived to speed up the construction and brought it to Supergirl, who threw it at the Anti-Monitor and put him through eternal shrinking. The heroes' victory in the Crisis came at the cost of Oliver Queen's sacrifice, and Team Flash, like many others, mourned the death of the hero that inspired them.[68]

    Reflections and Lies[edit | hide]

    After the Crisis, Ramon discovered many major alterations to their timeline. Instead of hailing from Earth-2, Zoom and his army were created by the Singularity. The Crisis also resurrected many previous enemies and led them on different paths, most notably Hartley Rathaway's return to crime. Ramon later left to further investigate and document such changes, embarking on a worldwide trip.[69][70]

    Barry Allen tries to find Iris West-Allen

    Meanwhile, Team Citizen continued with their investigation on Black Hole. The investigation led to Iris' abduction and replacement with a mirror copy. This was the work of Eva McCulloch, who claimed to have been trapped in the Mirrorverse since the particle accelerator explosion.[71] Mirror-Iris soon infiltrated Team Flash and Team Citizen, gathering necessary technology to liberate her creator. However, when Mirror-Iris banished Allen from their loft after putting Joe on witness protection without consulting her, Allen begin to suspect her identity. Wally also noticed such abnormal behaviour in Iris when he briefly returned. Unfortunately, McCulloch prepared for this confrontation and replaced Allen's scanner with a mirror replica, instead revealing him to be a Reflection. Horton eventually chose to believe Allen and released him from the pipeline. Returning home, Allen defended himself against Mirror-Iris, refusing to hurt her. McCulloch then destroyed Mirror-Iris, with her finally being liberated from the Mirrorverse. This leaves only the real Iris, Kamilla Hwang and David Singh in the the realm.[72][73]

    Team Flash's firepower against McCulloch was also severely limited. Allen losing his speed due to the death of the Speed Force after being infected with Spectre Energy during the Crisis and Frost still recovering from her bullet wound from Doctor Light's attack.[74][73] Still, Team Flash recruited two new members, Allegra Garcia and Chester P. Runk, the former being a juvenile criminal previously defended by Team Flash, later joining Iris' newspaper company, while the latter being a Metahuman with the ability to open black holes, previously saved by Team Flash after unintentionally opening black holes across Central City. Nash Wells also became a full-time member of Team Flash, working closely to provide his technological expertise.[70][75]

    Mirror Monarch assassinates Joseph Carver

    Team Flash also briefly encountered other difficulties, including Thawne's possession of Nash Wells' body and fighting a Godspeed clone. Thawne was soon "exorcised" and Godspeed was defeated with the help of a reformed Hartley Rathaway. Unfortunately, the triumphs resulted in Allen losing more of his speed, unable to save Joseph Carver from McCulloch's assassination.[76][75][77]

    The sacrifice of Harrison Wells

    With nearly 0% of his speed, Allen remained persistent in hunting McCulloch. The Artificial Speed Force was also activated, albeit with the monumental sacrifice of all the Harrison Wellses ever existed.[78] Unfortunately, the Artificial Speed Force proved to be flawed, removing Allen's empathy and significantly raising his intelligence. Team Flash turned against Allen, attempting to destroy the Artificial Speed Force. Allen risked his life to protect the machine, and chose to use a risky approach to liberate Iris from the Mirrorverse. When Iris lost her consciousness upon leaving the Mirrorverse, Allen's empathy returned, choosing to destroy the Artificial Speed Force.[79]

    Ramon and Frost soon recovered from the injuries after fighting Allen. A Harrison Wells also appeared to Team Flash, a result of maintaining the Multiversal balance to have at least one Wells existing on Earth-Prime. Wells provided his expertise to the team, while Dibny and Sue Dearbon returned, the former with a melted face from an explosion. Moreover, Team Flash found McCulloch's identity revealed to the public, making her more unpredictable without any need to conceal her identity.[79][80]

    Team Flash vs. Mirror Monarch

    The Speed Force was reborn as well, thanks to the residue Speed Force energy in Iris' body. Through the Speed Force's rebirth, Allen regained full power and Ramon created a mechanical device to replicate his powers as Vibe. The trio suited up and fought against McCulloch's invasion, successfully destroying many of her replicas. Ultimately, Iris revealed herself and got the upper hand in her duel with McCulloch, and even led her to see the error in her ways. McCulloch chose to give up her invasion, summoning the Reflections back to the Mirrorverse and choosing to live a life there. McCulloch also released those abducted to return to Earth. Central City was once more saved by Team Flash, which then worked with the citizens of Central City to rebuild the city.[80]

    After McCulloch's defeat, Wells returned to 2000 and live a time-looped life with his late wife. Dibny and Dearbon also opted to leave Team Flash, beginning their crusade to destroy criminal organizations that terrorize innocents, like Black Hole did with Dearbon's parents.[80]

    Year Seven[edit | hide]

    God Complex[edit | hide]

    Birth of the Forces

    A week after the invasion, Central City began suffering from tremors. When Abra Kadabra was killed by a monstrous being, Speed Force arriving to seek shelter, Bashir Malik inducing nightmare scenarios across the city and Deon Owens creating a time loop in Masonville, Team Flash discovered that while resurrecting the Speed Force, they also created the Strength Force, the Sage Force and the Still Force.[81][82][83]

    Team Flash brainstorms ideas

    Realizing the risk posed by the new Forces of Nature, Team Flash and Timeless Wells planned to erase their existence without causing time paradoxes. However, Allen chose to let them live when he realized his role as the "parent" of the forces.[84] The Speed Force also turns against Team Flash, choosing to rid the world of other forces. The conflict between the four forces created the Force Storm, causing destruction across the city.[85][86]

    The Flash and the Avatars of the Forces of Nature confront the Speed Force

    During the conflict, Fuerza, Deon Owens and Psych briefly allied themselves with Team Flash, eventually convincing Speed Force to live in peace with the other forces. Allen, with enhancements from all four forces then reversed the Force Storm, protecting Central City once again. After the conflict, the Speed Force brought the other avatars of the forces to live within themselves, putting the job to maintain multiversal balance into their own hands.[86]

    The People v. Killer Frost

    Meanwhile, Frost, after being split by a blast from McCulloch's gauntlet, was arrested by Kristen Kramer for her crimes previously as a villain after fighting against Chillblaine.[87] Frost was defended by Cecile Horton in trial, and was subsequently imprisoned at Iron Heights Penitentiary. Following her imprisonment, Joe West quit the Central City Police Department to express his disagreement with Kramer's methods.[88] Later, Frost was released during the Force Storm to apprehend escapees from Iron Heights, including Chillblaine.[86]

    Calm Before the Storm[edit | hide]

    Cisco Ramon leaves S.T.A.R. Labs

    For the next few months, Team Flash bid farewell to Cisco Ramon, one of their original members. Ramon had been recruited by A.R.G.U.S. to replace Chip Cooper as the new Director of Science and Technology. Ramon and Team Flash went on a final mission, giving Rainbow Raider means for a a redemption. Soon afterwards, Team Flash had a karaoke party with Ramon whole Team Citizen had a final gathering with Hwang, before the two left to Star City.[89]

    Team Flash working together

    Horton, Garcia and West all had different conflicts of their own, with Team Flash assisting in their victory. Horton was trapped within the Medusa Mask, though Team Flash rescued her from its control and helped her face her traumas.[90] Garcia also had to face Black Hole, though was able to reconcile with her cousin Esperanza with the help of Runk.[91] West and Kramer investigated the latter's background, fighting against Adam Creyke and discovering Kramer's identity as a Metahuman.[92]

    The Godspeed Imperative[edit | hide]

    Godspeeds terrorize Central City

    Weeks later, Central City began being attacked by an army of Godspeeds. The Godspeeds even attacked S.T.A.R. Labs, though Allen, Runk, Frost and Chillblaine were able to thwart them. Upon their retreat, another army of Godspeeds appeared and battled them. This confused Team Flash, but nonetheless had to continue fighting as their civil war wreaked havoc across the city.[92]

    Godspeeds surround Team Flash

    By capturing a Godspeed with the help of John Diggle, Team Flash discovered that the Godspeeds were searching for their leader, August Heart. However, Heart had been time displaced to 2021 and lost his memories. Allen's children, Nora and Bart, also chased Heart to 2021 and worked with Team Flash to take down Heart's forces. Allen then entered Heart's mind after Horton brought him to S.T.A.R. Labs, restoring his memories as Godspeed. Unfortunately, this was proven to be a mistake, as his more villainous intentions to obtain Flash and his allies' speed surfaced. Jay Garrick was also among those targeted by Godspeed, and nearly lost his speed until Team Flash came to his rescue. To face against Godspeed, Ramon briefly returned with technological designs of his own, hoping to fight on the front lines along his teammates.[93]

    The "Flash Family" arrives to fight the Godspeed Army

    With the Godspeed War escalating, Allen sought the help of the Speed Force. The Speed Force boosted the speed in the speedsters, and even temporarily granted Iris superhuman speed. The "Flash Family" arrived to combat the Godspeed army, only to find the army unbeatable. Allen then fought Heart on his own, before Thawne arrived to join his side in the conflict as well. Teaming up with his oldest enemies, Allen defeated Heart, while Thawne regained a corporeal form and free to plot his next move against Allen.[94]

    The West-Allen vow renewal ceremony

    Nonetheless, their victory was undisputed. The West-Allens also gathered their friends and family to their vow renewal ceremony, seemingly bringing peace to Central City.[94]

    Year Eight[edit | hide]

    Leveled Up[edit | hide]

    Also see Team Flash (Earth-1: Pre-Crisis)#Erased Timeline and Team Flash (Earth-1: Pre-Crisis)#Reverse Flashpoint.
    The timeline is reset

    Six months later,[95] a disoriented Allen arrived at S.T.A.R. Labs and greeted Team Flash in an emotional way. Allen explained that in his perspective, he had lived through a timeline where Despero hunted him for causing Armageddon in the future. However, after travelling to 2031 of Thawne's Reverse Flashpoint and using the Particle Eradication Distributor to reset the timeline, the conflict with Despero was erased, with the past few weeks being seemingly normal.[96]

    Thawne attacks the CCPD

    With the timeline reset, Allen went to visit Joe West, who was deceased in the erased timeline. West was surprised to hear Allen's adventures, and was later interrupted when Damien Darhk from the Reverse Flashpoint appeared in his living room. Meanwhile, Thawne travelled back from the Reverse Flashpoint 2031 and attacked the precinct, catching Mia Queen's attention. Allen then arrived as Thawne got the upper hand, though Thawne explained that he was simply trying to ask for his help. To protect themselves, Thawne was placed by Team Flash in the Super-Capacity Array, previously doing so 7 years ago. Allen and Snow both interrogated Thawne, finally finding out his motives for his hatred against The Flash. Thawne also pointed out that due to the fracture of the timeline, he was slowly being erased out of existence. Allen was torn between saving him and letting him die, to which West reminded him of the meaning of being a hero. Allen was convinced and decided to save Thawne's life, whatever it takes.[96]

    The Flash fights Despero

    Despero eventually returned to S.T.A.R. Labs after confirming that Armageddon had been halted. Still, he insisted that keeping Thawne alive would still pose a risk to causing Armageddon. Team Flash disagreed with him, and Despero began another attack on The Flash. While Allen dueled Despero, Team Flash defended the building from a brainwashed Mia Queen. Soon afterward, Runk presented a pair of gold boots made from the Particle Eradication Distributor, which were supposedly capable of redirecting Despero's Flame of Py'tar. Allen successfully defeated Despero, seemingly killing him and destroying his body.[96]

    Eobard Thawne's life is saved

    With only mere minutes to spare, Allen returned to the Speed Lab and released the Speed Force lightning in his body, severing Thawne's connection to the Negative Speed Force and saving his life. Thawne remained ungrateful at his survival that came at the price of losing his speed.[96] Nonetheless, Team Flash placed Thawne in A.R.G.U.S. custody, which soon imprisoned him in the Lian Yu Supermax Site.[97]

    Team Flash then went to celebrate their victory with Mia Queen and Damien Darhk. As Darhk handed West the Time Stone, feeling it would come in useful in the future. Darhk was sent into the Time Stone and faced his daughter. With the timeline's final piece being cemented, Damien was restored to his deceased state in the original timeline, while his daughter was brought back to life. Nora was confused, though Team Flash explained to her the heroic actions her father did to save her life in the Reverse Flashpoint.[96]

    Weeks later, Allen and Kristen Kramer were both present when Goldface took over the precinct. Kramer was disapproval of The Flash's actions at the time as he did not coordinate his activities with the police, causing lack of evidence on the legal procedures behind those apprehended by him. After Goldface was defeated, Allen revealed his identity to Kramer, to which Kramer claimed that she had already known. Kramer then officially joined Team Flash as their contact in the Central City Police Department, and was given a Flash Alert to contact Team Flash.[98]

    The Blackfire Hauntings[edit | hide]

    Team Flash defends S.T.A.R. Labs

    Since February 2023, Central City has begun facing murders involving significant burn marks. Team Flash initially suspected Jaco Birch, a reformed criminal with pyrokinetic abilities.[99] However, further investigations concluded that the flames were the results of cold fusion flames, which Birch is incapable of creating. Allen, while serving as a forensic scientist, also discovered that the flames were black in color. Surprisingly, the Black Flame revealed itself and attacked Team Flash, which was then thwarted.[100]

    Tannhauser works with Team Flash

    Despite not knowing the exact nature of the Black Flame, Team Flash continued to find methods to capture it and protect the city. Such methods include using Frost and Carla Tannhauser's cryogenic physiology to lure the Black aflame back to the Speed Lab. Unfortunately, due to Tannhauser's weaker physiology, the energy required to trap the Black Flame put a lot of strain on Tannhauser's body, forcing Team Flash to terminate their mission.[101]

    Deathstorm reveals himself to Snow

    On the other hand, Caitlin Snow insisted that the Black Flame was Ronnie Raymond, her deceased husband. Choosing to listen to Snow, Team Flash switched their methods to trap the Black aflame and instead tried to resurrect their fallen teammate. Their plans succeeded and gave the Black Flame a corporeal form once more. Upon gaining the form of Ronnie Raymond, the Black Flame revealed its true identity to Snow, revealing that he was never Raymond to begin with, but rather a being that was created from Raymond's grief when he separated from Firestorm during then Singularity.[102]

    Team Flash tries to take down Deathstorm

    Deathstorm soon kidnapped Snow, hoping to make her his bride and no longer be alone. Frost and Allen searched across the city for their friend, only to find bodies killed by Deathstorm.[103] Deathstorm also created apparitions against Team Flash, haunting them of those that they had grieved for. Nonetheless, Frost opted to enter the Mental Augmentation Chamber, utilizing her grief as a power source and transforming into the being known as Hellfrost. Hellfrost dueled Deathstorm over the streets of Central City, absorbing the latter and killing herself in the process. Hellfrost's heroic sacrifice prevented the deaths of millions, and defended her sister from Deathstorm.[104]

    After Frost's death, Team Flash was unable to function as they used to, leading to the escape of Blockbuster. Snow was also unable to move on, refusing to attend Frost's funeral at first until Team Flash convinced her.[105] While Team Flash moved on after a period of grieving, Snow remained persistent in resurrecting Frost, enlisting the help of Blaine to do so.[106] This later caught the attention of Allen, who visited Snow and found that she had redesigned her apartment into a lab. Realizing what she was trying to do, Allen released the Speed Force lightning in his body, destroying everything Snow worked on.[107]

    During Snow's attempt to resurrect Frost, Team Flash took down Pytor Orloff, whose machine induced rapid aging in Allen's body.[107] Snow also made a video call to Team Flash following Allen's confrontation, choosing to leave Team Flash to clear her mind.[97] Unbeknownst to Team Flash, Snow and Blaine continued with their experiments, with Snow emerging from a chamber as a vessel for a deity-like entity.[108][109]

    Negative[edit | hide]

    Owens unable to help West-Allen

    Additionally, for the past year, Iris West-Allen has been phasing in and out of time, with only Deon Owens' Still Force powers capable of alleviating the situation.[110][2] West-Allen's time sickness also infected the Still Force, with Owens missing in the Speed Force.[106]

    Allen meets Thawne

    Meanwhile, Team Flash encountered a new speedster with black lightning, Meena Dhawan. To further investigate this speedster, Allen visited Thawne on Lian Yu, though discovered this was not his doing.[97] Allen confronted Dhawan, and discovered that she has been working with a different Eobard Thawne, the Time Remnant created during the Flashpoint, who later fought against the Legends, forced to be a Fixer, killed by robots and subsequently reborn as a scientist at Fast Track Labs. Dhawan and Thawne both created the BLOC, a machine based on Thawne's subconscious designs. While the duo thought they repurposed lightning in the sky, it was soon revealed by the original Thawne that the machine provided a connection point to the Negative Speed Force, which gave Dhawan her superhuman speed.[111][112][113]

    Team Flash discusses the Negative Forces

    Despite seemingly having no direct connection between West-Allen's time sickness and Fast Track Labs' experiments, Team Flash was faced by the Negative Forces. The Negative Still Force had killed the Thawne on Lian Yu previously, and now targeting the Time Remnant Thawne. Team Flash, Dhawan and Thawne defended Fast Track Labs, though was unsuccessful when West-Allen was time displaced in front of Allen's lightning bolts, killing her in the process. As they try to understand what had happened, Thawne begin to groan in pain, with the Lian Yu Thawne ripping through his skin and taking his place.[114]

    Thawne is replaced

    It was then explained that when Allen severed Thawne's connection to the Negative Speed Force, he also inadvertently created imbalance in the positive and negative Forces of Nature. The imbalance was the cause for West-Allen's time sickness and Owens' disappearance, as the Positive Forces were trying to thwart the Negative Forces' attack. The Negative Forces then plotted to find another avatar for the Negative Speed Force, seeing the opportunity to use the Time Remnant Thawne, who had a connection to the Negative Speed Force when using the BLOC. To have an avatar on their side, the Negative Forces destroyed Thawne's original body but preserved his consciousness, allowing him to be reborn in a different body that has a connection to the Negative Speed Force.[108]

    Reverse-Flash wields the Negative Forces

    Now with a balance between both sides of Forces, Thawne wielded all four Negative Forces and wreaked havoc upon Central City. Team Flash was then seperated into two teams, one to hold back Thawne and one to summon the Positive Forces for help. Thankfully, they were joined by XS, Impulse, Jay Garrick and Joan Williams from 2049. As The Flash, Fast Track, XS and Impulse fought Thawne, Horton successfully used her telepathic abilities to pull back the Forces to Earth, and Joe, Garrick and Williams were able to resurrect Iris through Darhk's Time Stone.[108]

    The Flash and the Reverse-Flash's final battle

    During the battle, only Allen was not sent to prehistoric times, and was boosted by the Negative Forces to match Thawne's power. Thawne then unleashed the Negative Forces from his body, destroying Central City. Allen, utilizing meditation techniques from Wally West and with his full control of his powers, reversed the damage done on the city and flooding the energy back into Thawne's body. The reversal not only defended his home city, but also brought an end to his long-time feud with Thawne, killing him and pushing back the Negative Forces' influence on the universe.[108]

    After the battle, Team Flash gathered at the West-Allen Loft. Allen gifted Dhawan Thawne's tie, honoring his death. XS, Impulse, Garrick and Williams also returned to 2049. Runk and Garcia then began a relationship, and Horton received a major power boost. The Positive Forces continued to protect the Multiverse with their powers, while the Negative Forces prepare for their next avatar. Finally, Iris was no longer plagued by the time sickness as well, finally living a life with Allen without fearing sudden disappearance.[108]

    Year Nine[edit | hide]

    Rogue War[edit | hide]

    Pied Piper seeks the help of Team Flash

    A week later, the West-Allens were trapped in a time loop after failing to apprehend Captain Boomerang.[115] Mercer's robbery was merely a prelude, and after their breaking out of the time loop, revealed more and more robberies related to advanced technology. During the brief period, Hartley Rathaway sought the help of Team Flash, as he was among those targeted by Red Death's Rogues, as he possessed advanced sonic technology.[109]

    Meanwhile, Snow and Blaine's experiments resulted in the former being possessed by Khione, a deity-like being. Team Flash argued whether to bring back Snow or Frost in the body, and ultimately decided to do neither, keeping Khione in the body. This was to Blaine's disappointment, and soon left Team Flash.[109]

    Team Flash investigate the robberies

    Soon afterwards, the technology stolen by Boomerang, the Fiddler and Murmur were soon discovered to be part of Red Death's construction of the Cosmic Treadmill. Team Flash deduced the final piece required and hoped to steal it before Red Death's Rogues Army does. Allen then recruited the Pied Piper, the Hotness and Goldface to execute his theft. Allen later recruited Chillblaine as well, though he refused after Team Flash denied his request to bring back Frost from the dead.[116]

    Regardless, Allen briefed the newly formed Rogue Squad of the situation, while still trying to hide his identity as The Flash. Blaine later arrived at S.T.A.R. Labs, claiming to have a change of heart. Unbeknownst to the Rogue Squad, Blaine was previously recruited by Red Death and only returned to Allen's side as a mole. The Rogue Squad infiltrated Fort L.U.K.I.A. for the Quantum Vibration Engine. Upon disabling the Power-Dampeners, the Rogues Army and the Rogue Squad clashed, with Blaine revealing his allegiance. The Rogue Squad retreated, only to have Red Death arrive and acquire the engine.[116]

    Team Flash searches for Allen

    Red Death now having the advantage in the Rogue War, Allen volunteered to confront her. And with Rainbow Raider's abilities, got abducted by the Red Death to her lair. Team Flash then tried to search for Allen across the city. While Allen accused Red Death of being an avatar of the Negative Speed Force, Red Death was merely a doppelgänger of Ryan Wilder from an alternate timeline (later confirmed to be a parallel universe) who harvested the speed of The Flash of her timeline, creating an advanced armor and ridding crime from her home universe through a ruthless method. Allen was immediately captured while Wilder went to threaten Iris to join her side. Allen chose to accept Wilder's offer, running on the Cosmic Treadmill and sacrificing his organic speed for Iris' survival.[117]

    Seeing The Flash tortured by Red Death, Blaine had a change of heart and destroyed the Cosmic Treadmill. This released a strong wave of Speed Force lightning to Wilder and knocked her unconscious. Team Flash and the Rogue Squad also arrived and extracted Allen from the chaos, though Blaine was left behind and tortured by Wilder's Rogues Army.[117] Team Flash eventually rescued a severely injured Blaine, who was comatose until Khione kissed him while using her healing abilities.[118]

    Era of the Red Death

    Central City then became the base of operations for Wilder to rid crime of Earth-Prime. With a powerful Metahuman army, Wilder took over Kramer's precinct and wiped out the power supply for the city. Additionally, Wilder made a deal with Grodd, who would provide his telepathy for Wilder to create a psychic army of Red Deaths in exchange for reuniting his sentient tribe of gorillas.[118]

    Thankfully, Wilder's reign was short lived. Allen successfully convinced Grodd to rejoin his side and erase the psychic copies of Red Death. With Grodd's betrayal, the satellite dish used to broadcast Wilder's consciousness was destroyed, knocking Boomerang and Fiddler unconscious. CCPD then retook the precinct and apprehended the remaining members of the Rogues Army.[118]

    The heroes are triumphant

    With only Red Death remaining, Team Flash contacted Batwoman to join their battle. The joint effort of The Flash and Batwoman successfully defeated Red Death, putting her in A.R.G.U.S. custody.[118]

    Joe West leaves Team Flash

    In the midst of the chaos, Joe West and Cecile Horton argued whether Central City is safe for their daughter. Horton insisted staying, seeing the city as an opportunity for her to be a hero. West remained persistent in leaving after 9 years of seeing absurd and unpredictable Metahuman conflicts. Ultimately, West decided that Jenna and him would leave, while Horton remains in the city. They held a party with Team Flash, honoring West's contribution to the team since the very beginning. Iris was revealed by Khione that she was pregnant with Nora as well, shocking Team Flash with an optimistic news.[118]

    Guardian Angels of Central City[edit | hide]

    The West-Allens leave Team Flash in charge

    Soon afterwards, the West-Allens left Central City for a vacation. Team Flash encountered a previous enemy, Becky Sharpe. In the Pre-Crisis reality, Sharpe was among those killed by Clifford DeVoe. In the Post-Crisis reality, it was revealed that she survived and spent the past few months living an unfortunate life of unfortunate. Team Flash opted to help her investigate the phenomenon when Horton is assigned to defend her in court. With Team Flash's assistance, Sharpe was freed from a Dark Matter Refractor and regained her power of "luck". The West-Allens returned a week later and Team Flash threw a baby shower for them.[3]

    On Allen's birthday, Team Flash, Wally West and John Diggle threw a party. During the party, they all fell unconscious after drinking champagne. The champagne was infected with Ramsey Rosso's blood after his escape from A.R.G.U.S. Headquarters.[119] Rosso entered Allen's mind, exploiting his survivor's guilt. Meanwhile, Rosso manipulated Wally into reliving his childhood pain and succumbing to his control. With Wally's power to open portals to other universes, Rosso attempted to infect more people beyond Earth-Prime. Wally, under Rosso's control, also murdered Allen until he was brought back by the Spectre, Oliver Queen. Queen gained a temporary corporeal form and fought alongside Allen to eradicate Rosso's threat on the Multiverse. Meanwhile, Queen subconsciously guided Khione to use her powers to cleanse members of Team Flash from Rosso's infection.[120]

    Bloodwork is defeated

    Queen took down the police officers whom Rosso infected as Allen restored Wally's control over his body. Diggle also joined the battle and was shocked to find Queen alive. With his new Spectre abilities, Queen fired an arrow to the portal and cleansed the Multiverse of Rosso's influence, as well as curing his HLH. With the threat eradicated, Team Flash continued their party as Allen and Diggle bid their final farewell to Queen, who promised to watch over the heroes of Earth-Prime from beyond.[120]

    Team Flash tries to get West-Allen and Nal out of their fever dream

    The Bloodwork Crisis only began a series of extranormal incidents. This includes Iris and Dreamer beyond trapped in the Dreaming, with Team Flash trying their best to liberate them from their "fever dream".[121] Shortly afterwards, a time anomaly occurred within S.T.A.R. Labs.[122]

    For the next nine months, while Blaine left Team Flash,[3] Khione worked extensively to discover the extent of her abilities. Khione had mastered her abilities with the help of Team Flash and discovered her deity-like nature. Team Flash also helped the West-Allens prepare for their coming firstborn.[123]

    A New World[edit | hide]

    Chillblaine attacks Team Flash

    Unfortunately, when the due date was close, Allen was mysteriously transported back in time. Team Flash, under the leadership of a near-labor West-Allen, tried to brainstorm methods to locate Allen. Runk found traces of Cobalt 97 at the site where Allen disappeared. The Central City Citizen Media office was also attacked by cobalt gas, with Khione thankfully arriving in time to transform the staff members' bodies into plant-based to survive the attack. Later, Blaine returned from his travels and offered to help locate Allen as well. Despite his offer, Blaine began to act suspicious, being harsh on Khione and even attacking Horton. The Speed Force then arrived and knocked him unconscious, revealing that this was all the work of the Negative Speed Force searching for a new avatar. Khione soon destroyed and rebuilt Blaine's body, freeing Blaine from the Negative Speed Force control. Albeit their success, Allen remained missing.[124]

    Virtue saves The Flash in 2049

    The Speed Force notified Team Flash that they sensed Allen being sent to 2049 and continued to fight the war against the Negative Speed Force. Team Flash then prepared to send Horton's consciousness to her 2049 self, successfully doing so and protecting Allen from a Negative Speed Force-corrupted XS. Unfortunately, the cobalt crystal found another host, transforming Eddie Thawne into the new avatar of the Negative Speed Force. It was revealed that after Thawne committed suicide during the Singularity, the Negative Speed Force brought him back and gave him a new life as Dr. Malcolm Gilmore in 2049. Thawne was also struck by lightning, transforming into a speedster and serving as the new avatar. Thawne initially wanted to recreate the romance with Iris, though she rejected him for Allen. This enraged Thawne, and he decided to use his newfound powers to seek revenge on Allen, the man who stole his life.[125]

    The Battle of Central City

    Allen eventually returned to 2023, moments before Iris goes into labor. Thawne also revealed himself at the hospital, beginning a citywide chase with Allen. Team Flash, consisting of Khione, Virtue, XS, Wavelength and Chillblaine arrive to aid their leader. Witnessing The Flash's team, Thawne then summoned his Legion of Zoom, consisting of the Reverse-Flash, Zoom, Savitar and Godspeed. The two fractions battled, resulting in the defeat of all legionnaires. Allen and Thawne's chase culminated at CC Jitters, where Thawne reabsorbed his legionnaires to boost his speed. Thankfully, Jay Garrick arrived and absorbed Thawne's speed, rendering him temporarily powerless with a trick he learnt from his Earth-90 doppelgänger. Thawne returned to the Negative Speed Force to recharge, while Allen regrouped Team Flash to discuss the next step.[1]

    The Flash and Cobalt Blue make amends

    Allen demanded to be sent to the Negative Speed Force. Khione, Garrick and Blaine all initially refused, fearing that he would take Thawne's life. They reminded Allen of the purpose of a hero, before Khione sent him to Thawne. Upon his arrival, Thawne brutally assaulted Allen. Allen, while severely injured, recalled the events of Thawne's sacrifice, slowly restoring Thawne of his true self without the Negative Speed Force's influence. Thawne then remembered why he made the sacrifice and who he did it for, deciding to let go of the crystal and destroying it. Regardless, Thawne remained as the avatar of the Negative Speed Force, though made amends with Allen despite their differences. With a handshake, Thawne sent Allen back to the hospital, moments before Nora was born.[1]

    The Flash promises to do the impossible

    After Team Flash's victory, Khione "ascended" to godhood after conversing with Harrison Wells, returning Caitlin Snow's mind to her body as well. Team Flash and their friends and families visited the West-Allen a week later, celebrating the birth of their firstborn. Now as parent, the West-Allens promised to do the impossible for his daughter, breaking out of their old cycles of violence and pain, and to make the world a better place where everyone can coexist. Now closer than ever, Team Flash continued to protect Central City in this brand new world, where nothing is impossible, as long as they believe in it.[1]

    Possible Future[edit | hide]

    Team Flash of 2049

    In the possible future of 2049, The Flash continued to be a guardian of Central City. However, his role in the Justice League forces him to leave Earth on a regular basis. The daily operations of Team a flash then fell onto the hands of his children, XS and Impulse. The duo protected the city from threats including the likes of Godspeed, and helped patch temporal fissures after their return to 2021.[93] Team Flash also thwarted the Forever War, resulting in Allen's absence during the arrival of 2049 Iris.[126]

    2049 Team Flash tries to cure West-Allen's time sickness

    The Team Flash of 2049 also played a role in events taking place decades prior, most notably the War of the Negative Forces and the Cobalt Blue conflict. These resulted in constant shifts in the timeline, making the future of Team Flash never a certainty.[108][125]

    Team Flash was also involved in the conflict against Magog, with them teaming up with the Justice League, the Bat-Team, retired members of the Legends of Tomorrow and many other heroes of Earth-Prime. Their effort resulted in Magog's defeat and the villains controlled by him were returned to their rightful places in space and time.[127]

    Alternate Versions[edit | hide]

    Erased Future[edit | hide]
    Crisis of 2024[edit | hide]

    On April 25, 2024, The Flash fought against Reverse-Flash in an extreme street battle under a crimson red sky alongside Starling City's Green Arrow, the Atom, Hawkman.[128]

    As the street battle continued, several trucks were caught in the fray and spilled their contents into the street, which included two oil trucks. The two speedsters then threatened to ignite the spilled oil leaking from one of the trucks as their lightning emanated out of them. Meanwhile, power outages swept nearly twenty city blocks between 16th Street and Adams Avenue. The Central City Police Department, led by Chief Joe West and assisted by the Atom, evacuated all the buildings in the area.[128]

    At one point during the battle, The Flash and the Reverse-Flash argued before continuing the fight in Monroe Avenue. The Flash then sped after Reverse-Flash as the two vanished, leaving Team Flash and other heroes behind. Unbeknownst to the people of 2024, the speedsters travelled back on March 18, 2000, and fought at the Allen Residence.[128][5]

    Flash missing, vanishes in Crisis

    Following the battle, Central City Citizen interviewed multiple eyewitnesses and pieced together the street battle of the Crisis. Later, Joe West, as the Chief of Police of Central City Police Department, held a press conference the following morning and informed the citizens about the loss of The Flash. An article was also written by Iris West-Allen.[128] Team Flash presumably continued to operate, albeit without Allen as their leader.[129]

    Execution on Infantino Street[edit | hide]

    In an erased future, Iris West-Allen was executed by Savitar. Allen also tried to create Time Remnants of himself, though all were massacred but one. The surviving Time Remnant eventually lived on to become Savitar, completing the never ending cycle.[130] Soon afterwards, Wally West went after Savitar, resulting in his spine being broken and stuck in a constant state of shock. Team Flash quickly fell apart, Cisco Ramon losing his hands in a battle with Killer Frost, both Caitlin Snow and Killer Frost never to be seen, Julian Albert working at a lab and HR Wells being a full-time author. Allen then grieved on his own for five years, shutting himself from his friends and family.[131]

    Team Flash back together

    With 2017 Barry Allen arriving, Ramon explained the situations of the timeline, telling him to treasure his time with Iris. Seeing the grim future, Allen tried to bring hope to Team Flash. Allen reassembled Team Flash, even inspiring his 2024 self to don the red suit once more. Allen eventually returned to 2017, using the information he learned to try and prevent Iris' death.[131]

    On April 25, 2024, The Flash fought against Reverse-Flash in an extreme street battle under a crimson red sky alongside Starling City's Green Arrow, the Atom, Hawkman.[132][133]

    As the street battle continued, several trucks were caught in the fray and spilled their contents into the street, which included two oil trucks. The two speedsters then threatened to ignite the spilled oil leaking from one of the trucks as their lightning emanated out of them. Meanwhile, power outages swept nearly twenty city blocks between 16th Street and Adams Avenue. The Central City Police Department, led by Chief Joe West and assisted by the Atom, evacuated all the buildings in the area.[132][133]

    At one point during the battle, The Flash and the Reverse-Flash argued before continuing the fight in Monroe Avenue. The Flash then sped after Reverse-Flash as the two vanished, leaving Team Flash and other heroes behind. Unbeknownst to the people of 2024, the speedsters travelled back on March 18, 2000, and fought at the Allen Residence.[132][133][5]

    Following the battle, Central City Citizen interviewed multiple eyewitnesses and pieced together the street battle of the Crisis. Later, Joe West, as the Chief of Police of Central City Police Department, held a press conference the following morning and informed the citizens about the loss of The Flash. An article was also written by Julie Greer.[132][133] Team Flash presumably continued to operate, albeit without Allen as their leader.[129]

    This timeline was erased when HR Wells took Iris' place in the execution, creating a new timeline.[31][32]

    Legacy of The Flash[edit | hide]
    The Flash leaves a message to daughter

    On April 25, 2024, The Flash fought against Reverse-Flash in an extreme street battle under a crimson red sky. Some accounts claimed that Starling City's Green Arrow, the Atom, Hawkman fought bravely, while some other also claimed heroes such as Batwoman, Elongated Man and Supergirl fought against an army of Shadow Demons commanded by Reverse-Flash. [49] During the battle, Allen was separated from his team and other heroes, and took the opportunity to record a video to his young daughter.[129]

    As the street battle continued, several trucks were caught in the fray and spilled their contents into the street, which included two oil trucks. The two speedsters then threatened to ignite the spilled oil leaking from one of the trucks as their lightning emanated out of them. Meanwhile, power outages swept nearly twenty city blocks between 16th Street and Adams Avenue. The Central City Police Department, led by Chief Joe West and assisted by the Atom, evacuated all the buildings in the area.[49]

    At one point during the battle, The Flash and the Reverse-Flash argued before continuing the fight in Monroe Avenue. The Flash then sped after Reverse-Flash as the two vanished, leaving Team Flash and other heroes behind. Unbeknownst to the people of 2024, the speedsters travelled back on March 18, 2000, and fought at the Allen Residence.[49][5]

    Following the battle, Central City Citizen interviewed multiple eyewitnesses and pieced together the street battle of the Crisis. Later, Joe West, as the Chief of Police of Central City Police Department, held a press conference the following morning and informed the citizens about the loss of The Flash. An article was also written by Iris West-Allen.[49]

    25 years later - Flash still missing

    Despite losing their leader, Team Flash continued to protect Central City. Team Flash took a major role in Nora West-Allen's upbringing. Nora was born before Allen's sacrifice, but was unaware of her father's identity as The Flash. Team Flash and Iris kept this secret from her for decades, until an injury made Nora discover her identity as a speedster Metahuman by removing a Power-Dampener placed in her body by Team Flash. Unfortunately, Allen remained missing even after 25 years.[129][49]

    This timeline was erased when Nora returned to 2018, creating a new timeline where she was never born.[4]

    Flash Vanishes in Crisis[edit | hide]
    The Flash gets a glimpse of this timeline

    After Nora West-Allen's change of the timeline, the Crisis was moved to December 10, 2019. In this new Crisis, an Antimatter wave hit Earth-1 as the skies turned crimson red, with countless heroes attempting to save Earth-1 from its destruction. Those heroes include The Flash, Green Arrow, White Canary, Supergirl and Batwoman. Team Flash members such as Vibe, Killer Frost, Elongated Man and Iris West-Allen were also present on the streets of Central City, witnessing its destruction. Soon afterwards, while running in an abyss, Allen sacrificed his life as his body disintegrated, vanishing in a bright flash.[134]

    This timeline was erased when Barry Allen of Earth-90 opted to take Allen's place, creating a timeline where Earth-1 was destroyed and reborn as Earth-Prime.[66][67][68]

    Doomworld[edit | hide]

    In the Doomworld reality created by the Legion of Doom using the Spear of Destiny, countless heroes were brutally murdered by Damien Darhk and his henchmen. Among those were members of Team Flash, including The Flash, whose cowl was placed on display in Darhk's office.[135]

    Erased Timeline[edit | hide]
    Also see Team Flash (Earth-1: Pre-Crisis)#Year Eight and Team Flash (Earth-1: Pre-Crisis)#Reverse Flashpoint.
    The Flash and the Atom

    Six months after the defeat of Godspeed, Allen and Ray Palmer attended the Central City Technology Convention. During the convention, Despero attempted to attack Allen, claiming that he brought forth the Armageddon ten years from now. Allen and Palmer successfully thwarted Despero, with Despero later returning to the Speed Lab. Allen confronted Despero and offered to open his mind to him. Despero did not find any intention to destroy Earth but still remained sceptical. As a compromise, Despero offered a stay of execution of seven Earth days.[95]

    For the next seven days, Allen attempted to prove his innocence. After fighting a telepathic Metahuman, Allen suspected that Armageddon may be the result of her abilities. S.T.A.R. Labs was also shockingly shut down by the CCDBS for improper maintenance, leaving Despero alone in the building as Team Flash relocated to Runk's garage.[136] Despite this, Despero still ambushed Allen at the West House after he did not remember that Joe West died in an accident months ago. Team Flash remained on Allen's side, buying time for his retreat to the Hall of Justice where he sought the help of Jefferson Pierce to remove his speed.[2]

    Despero attacks the Hall of Justice

    With the help of Deon Owens, Team Flash discovered someone had altered time. West-Allen brought Owens to the Hall of Justice in the midst of Despero's attack. While Pierce halted Despero, Owens boosted Allen's speed and allowed him to travel to 2031, witnessing the path to Armageddon. Allen soon discovered that his loss of memories and the devastating loss in the past six months had been the result of Thawne's Reverse Flashpoint cementing into place, and Thawne even impersonated Allen to wreak havoc across the city. Meanwhile in 2021, Despero captured all members of Team Flash, executing them one by one before Allen reset the timeline in 2031, with the events of Despero's conflict being erased. Despero and Allen then returned to the now reset timeline of 2021, still retaining the memories of the erased timeline.[8]

    Reverse Flashpoint[edit | hide]
    Also see Team Flash (Earth-1: Pre-Crisis)#Year Eight and Team Flash (Earth-1: Pre-Crisis)#Erased Timeline.

    After defeating Godspeed, Thawne travelled back in time and killed Barry Allen. Thawne then took his place during the particle accelerator explosion, replacing his role as The Flash. Thawne stole Allen's life, becoming Iris' fiancé, leader of Team Flash and the hero of Central City, while Allen was the Reverse-Flash in this timeline. Thawne also pushed Joe West into train tracks, killing him, and sabotaged S.T.A.R. Labs so it would be shut down by the CCDBS.[136] In this "Reverse Flashpoint", Ramon, and the Legends of Tomorrow were brutally massacred by Allen and his Legion of Doom. Ryan Choi also took up the mantle of the Atom and joined Team Flash. Additionally, Sentinel and Batwoman were both occasional members of the team, and Chillblaine married Frost while also serving as a member of Team Flash.[8]

    Team Flash in the Reverse Flashpoint

    In 2031, Allen arrived at the West-Thawne engagement party and claimed to be The Flash. Horton read his mind and was surprised that Allen truly believed in it. Allen attempted to show the team, though his ring had been altered in the timeline changes and he merely revealed his suit as the Reverse-Flash. Leading Team Flash, Thawne coordinated a battle at the restaurant. Allen attempted to explain the circumstances to Iris after knocking Thawne unconscious. Thawne soon arrived and revealed that Allen was only living on borrowed time, revealing his actions that created the Reverse Flashpoint.[8]

    The Flash (Thawne) chases the Reverse-Flash (Allen)

    With the help of fellow legionnaire Damien Darhk, Allen acquired the Particle Eradication Distributor from S.T.A.R. Labs, attacking members of Team Flash. Allen then began to speed around the planet to gather enough charge for Darhk's Time Stone and the PED to reset the timeline. Unfortunately, Allen's acceleration caused severe damage to the planet, nearly cracking it apart. Thawne chased him, while members of Team Flash try to apprehend Darhk. While their efforts were near successful on Darhk, Allen was still able to reset the timeline, bringing Thawne with him to 2021, and unknowingly pulling Darhk with him as well due to his link to the Time Stone.[8][96]

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    The Darkness and the Light Appears
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    Star City Slayer Mentioned
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    Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One Comms
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