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    "Family of Rogues"[1] is the third episode of the second season of The Flash, and the twenty-sixth episode overall. It aired on October 20, 2015.

    He broke my sister's heart. Only fair I break his.

    Synopsis[edit source]

    When Barry and the team find out Captain Cold has been kidnapped, they form an uneasy alliance with his sister, Lisa. However, Barry feels double-crossed when he finds out Leonard is working with his father, Lewis Snart on a heist. Meanwhile, Joe is faced with a difficult decision.

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    • This episode proves that despite Earth-2 having a more old fashioned design, their technology is more advanced than that of Earth-1 as CFL Quark Matter (negative energy density with positive surface pressure) was created years before Earth-1 tried to create it.
    • This episode referenced the events of Going Rogue with "Sam" being Snart's tech guy during the heist and cracked the AmerTek Industries XL-1218 Keypad.
    • In a TV promo for the episode, Cisco Ramon nicknames Lewis Snart as Colonel Cold. However, the scene was cut from the episode and the nickname became Ray Palmer's brief alter ego in Compromised.
    • This episode mentions Leonard Snart as a Legend, foreshadowing the formation of the Legends of Tomorrow.

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    The Flash Season 2

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