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    The Flash Suits (Earth-1: Pre-Crisis)

    The Flash Suits are a series of protective suits used by Barry Allen as the vigilante, The Flash.

    History[edit | hide | hide all]

    Test Run[edit | hide]

    This suit was designed as a training suit for Barry Allen for the Team Flash to test out Allen's speed at Ferris Air Testing Facility.[1] It was then placed at Starchives and briefly worn by Chester P. Runk.[2]

    The Streak[edit | hide]

    This suit is a prototype firefighter uniform designed to withstand the extreme heat. It was converted into The Flash Suit by Cisco Ramon and added an earpiece, lightning bolt designs and an emblem.[1]

    Captain Cold[edit | hide]

    After Allen's first time being a vigilante, Ramon added a better earpiece and inserted a thermal threading after being defeated by Cold Gun's low temperature. Ramon also linked the suit to the system of S.T.A.R. Labs and can monitor the suit while Allen uses it.[3]

    Destruction[edit | hide]

    The suit was later destroyed by Plastique after Allen touched her. After the suit was destroyed, Allen went back to S.T.A.R. Labs half-naked and was questioned by Ramon. Allen told Ramon the truth and Ramon was upset at the destruction. Later, Ramon gave one of the spare suits to Allen, and he claimed he had two more spare suits.[4] Another spare suit was used by Allen again in 2018 when Nora West-Allen returned and his suit was destroyed. However, the spare one was again destroyed when Gridlock sent Allen landed in a pond and tore the suit open.[5]

    The Flash is Born[edit | hide]

    After Wade Eiling shot acid at Allen and Allen had to run it off, the suit was burnt and was unable to be used. Ramon later gave him another spare suit, and he wore it until it was erased out of existence in Flashpoint.[3] After Flashpoint, it was restored when Thawne killed Nora Allen again, resetting the timeline.[6]

    A New Emblem[edit | hide]

    After the team reunited, Ramon redesigned the suit with a new emblem which matches the one shown in the newspaper from 2024. The suit was later designed with Dwarf Star Alloy Alloy to protect Allen, but it can only do it once. After fighting Griffin Grey, the chest piece was abandoned.[7]

    Into the Speed Force[edit | hide]

    After Allen tried to regain his speed, he was sucked into the Speed Force and thus, destroying the suit, leaving the emblem part on the ground.[8] It was replaced by a Speed Force replica.[9]

    Red Beautiful[edit | hide]

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    And underneath all this red beautiful, I've built in self-repairing armor, nano-liquid circuitry, full-spectrum scanning, and a whole bunch of other big words. Chief among them. Your very own custom-made HUD. This thing is loaded with maps, schematics, delivery menus.
    — Cisco Ramon introducing the suit[src]

    Enlightenment[edit | hide]

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    Black Hole[edit | hide]

    Allen running in his fifth suit

    As of 2020, Allen was using an advanced suit as The Flash. This suit was created by Cisco Ramon at some point after 2019, and it was stored in the Flash Ring.[10] The suit then served as Allen's major suit for his actions afterward and was given multiple upgrades including a modified Particle Eradication Distributor that appeared as a pair of good boots, allowing Allen to battle Despero's Flame of Py'tar.[11]

    Alternate Versions[edit | hide]

    Time Vault Suits[edit | hide]

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    Post-Savitar Suit[edit | hide]

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    Death of Nora Allen[edit | hide]

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    Overview[edit | hide]

    Designs[edit | hide]

    The first two suits are red leather jackets with golden accents. The suit includes an emblem of a thunderbolt on the chest with the first suit having a red background and the second having a white one and a golden belt. The suit's cowl can also be removed, similar to a hood.[12]

    The fourth suit has a similar primary design as the first three with a red removable cowl and golden accents. However, the red in this suit was brightened and was redesigned with a new fabric. As the suit was built with advanced technology, it can be stored in the Flash Ring for mobility.[13]

    Allen runs with the PED

    Keeping elements from predecessors, the fifth suit's color scheme was darkened compared to the third suit with the fabric slightly altered. This suit also includes more golden accents on the chest and legs. Additionally, the suit includes nanotechnology for the cowl.[14] A pair of gold boots were also added to the suit while Allen fought against Despero, allowing him to stop the latter's destructive Flame of Py'tar.[11]

    Functions[edit | hide]

    Suit telemetry
    • Advanced Durability: To compensate for Allen's superhuman speed, the suits are able to withstand the heat caused by friction during the high-speed running.
    • Audio Broadcast: The lightning bolt on the side of the cowl also serves as a speaker. Allen used the audio broadcast function when he attempted to attract the attention of a Godspeed.[15]
    • Connection to S.T.A.R. Labs: The suit is connected to the S.T.A.R. Labs computer system and can be monitored from the cortex. The lightning bolt on the side of the cowl also serves as a communication device.
    • Hologram Projector: The HUD of the cowl is able to project a hologram and act as a map for Allen. However, when misused, it could block Allen's vision.[2]
    • Identity Concealment: The suit has a red cowl to prevent Allen's identity from being exposed.
    • Nano Technology (fourth suit): The fourth suit was installed with nanotechnology for the cowl and can be activated when Allen presses the lightning bolt on the cowl.
    Does that include currents equal to the kinetic output created when I run?
    Uh, it should, and the force of those two equal energies would probably cancel each other out. It'd be like running into a brick wall.
    • Energy Redirection: The PED installed in the boots of the suit has the capability of redirecting most energy sources, including currents equal to the kinetic output created when Allen runs. The force of those two equal energies would then cancel each other out and create a surface for Allen to walk on, allowing him to reach high locations with ease.[16]

    Appearances[edit | hide]

    Pilot (The Flash: 2014) Appears
    Fastest Man Alive Appears
    Things You Can't Outrun Appears
    Going Rogue Appears
    Plastique (The Flash) Appears
    The Flash Is Born Appears
    Power Outage Appears
    Flash vs. Arrow Appears
    The Brave and the Bold (Arrow) Appears
    The Man in the Yellow Suit Appears
    Revenge of the Rogues Appears
    The Sound and the Fury Appears
    Crazy for You Appears
    The Nuclear Man Appears
    Fallout (The Flash) Appears
    Out of Time (The Flash) Appears
    Rogue Time Appears
    Tricksters Appears
    All-Star Team Up Appears
    Who Is Harrison Wells? Appears
    The Trap Appears
    Grodd Lives Appears
    Rogue Air Appears
    My Name Is Oliver Queen Appears
    Fast Enough Appears
    Episode 1 (Vixen Season 1) Appears
    Episode 3 (Vixen Season 1) Appears
    Episode 4 (Vixen Season 1) Appears
    Episode 6 (Vixen Season 1) Appears
    The Man Who Saved Central City Appears
    Flash of Two Worlds Appears
    Family of Rogues Appears
    The Fury of Firestorm Appears
    The Darkness and the Light Appears
    Enter Zoom Appears
    Gorilla Warfare Appears
    Legends of Today Appears
    Legends of Yesterday Appears
    Running to Stand Still Appears
    Potential Energy Appears
    The Reverse-Flash Returns Appears
    Fast Lane Appears
    Welcome to Earth-2 Appears
    Escape from Earth-2 Appears
    Fail-Safe Vision
    King Shark Appears
    Trajectory Appears
    Worlds Finest Appears
    Flash Back Appears
    Episode 1 (Chronicles of Cisco) Appears
    Versus Zoom Appears
    Episode 2 (Chronicles of Cisco) Appears
    Back to Normal Appears
    Episode 3 (Chronicles of Cisco) Appears
    Rupture Appears
    Episode 4 (Chronicles of Cisco) Appears
    The Flash Reborn Appears
    Mixed Signals Appears
    Luck Be a Lady Appears
    Elongated Journey Into Night Appears
    When Harry Met Harry... Appears
    Therefore I Am Appears
    Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1 Appears
    Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2 Appears
    Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3 Appears
    Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4 Appears
    Don't Run Appears
    The Trial of The Flash Appears
    The Elongated Knight Rises Appears
    Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash Appears
    True Colors Appears
    The Devil's Greatest Trick Appears
    Subject 9 Appears
    Enter Flashtime Appears
    Run, Iris, Run Appears
    Null and Annoyed Appears
    Lose Yourself Appears
    Fury Rogue Appears
    Therefore She Is Appears
    Harry and the Harrisons Appears
    Think Fast Appears
    We Are The Flash Appears
    Nora Appears
    Blocked Appears
    The Death of Vibe Appears
    News Flash Appears
    All Doll'd Up Appears
    The Icicle Cometh Appears
    O Come, All Ye Thankful Appears
    What's Past Is Prologue Appears
    Elseworlds, Part 1 Appears
    Elseworlds, Part 2 Appears
    Elseworlds, Part 3 Appears
    The Flash & The Furious Appears
    Seeing Red (The Flash) Appears
    Memorabilia Appears
    Goldfaced Appears
    Cause and XS Appears
    King Shark vs. Gorilla Grodd Appears
    Failure Is an Orphan Appears
    Time Bomb (The Flash) Appears
    Godspeed Appears
    Snow Pack Appears
    Gone Rogue Appears
    The Girl with the Red Lightning Appears
    Legacy (The Flash) Appears
    Hey, World! Appears
    Into the Void Appears
    A Flash of the Lightning Appears
    Dead Man Running Appears
    There Will Be Blood Appears
    Kiss Kiss Breach Breach Appears
    License to Elongate Appears
    The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Part 1 Appears
    Reset Mentioned
    The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Part 2 Appears
    Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One Appears
    Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Two Appears
    Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Three Appears
    Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Four Appears
    Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Five Appears
    Fadeout Pictured
    Marathon Appears
    Love Is a Battlefield Appears
    A Girl Named Sue Appears
    Grodd Friended Me Appears
    Death of the Speed Force Appears
    The Exorcism of Nash Wells Appears
    So Long and Goodnight Appears
    Liberation Appears
    Pay the Piper Appears
    Success Is Assured Appears
    All's Wells That Ends Wells Appears
    The Speed of Thought Appears
    Mother Appears
    Central City Strong Appears
    Fear Me Appears
    Growing Pains Appears
    The People v. Killer Frost Appears
    Family Matters, Part 1 Appears
    Family Matters, Part 2 Appears
    Good-Bye Vibrations Appears
    Masquerade (The Flash) Appears
    Rayo de Luz Appears
    Enemy at the Gates Appears
    P.O.W. Appears
    Heart of the Matter, Part 1 Appears
    Heart of the Matter, Part 2 Appears
    Armageddon, Part 1 Appears
    Armageddon, Part 2 Appears
    Armageddon, Part 3 Appears
    Armageddon, Part 4 Appears
    Armageddon, Part 5 Appears
    Impulsive Excessive Disorder Appears
    Lockdown (The Flash) Appears
    The Fire Next Time Appears
    Phantoms Appears
    Reckless Appears
    Resurrection (The Flash) Appears
    Death Rises Appears
    Death Falls Appears
    Funeral for a Friend Appears
    Into the Still Force Appears
    The Curious Case of Bartholomew Allen Appears
    Keep It Dark Appears
    The Man in the Yellow Tie Appears
    Savior Complex Appears
    Phantom Punch Flashback
    Negative, Part 1 Appears
    Negative, Part 2 Appears
    Wednesday Ever After Appears
    Hear No Evil Appears
    Rogues of War Appears
    The Mask of the Red Death, Part 1 Appears
    The Mask of the Red Death, Part 2 Appears
    The Good, the Bad and the Lucky Appears
    Partners in Time Appears
    Dude, Where's My Gar? Vision
    It's My Party and I'll Die If I Want To Appears
    A New World, Part 1: Reunions Appears
    A New World, Part 2: The Blues Appears
    A New World, Part 3: Changes Appears
    A New World, Part 4: Finale Appears
    The Flash: The Official Visual Companion Appears

    Gallery[edit | hide]

    Suit on Display[edit | hide]

    Different Generations[edit | hide]

    Functions[edit | hide]

    Alternate Versions[edit | hide]

    Promotional Images[edit | hide]

    Notes[edit | hide]

    • According to Cisco Ramon, there are at least 3 spare of the red emblem suit as he claimed there are 2 left after the original one was destroyed.
      • The original one was used when it was blown up by Plastique in Plastique (The Flash).
      • The second one was burnt by acid in Fallout (The Flash).
      • Later, the last spare suit was used in Nora when Allen did not have a suit to use. This proved that Cisco did make three spares of the original suit.

    References[edit | hide]

    Other versions of The Flash Suits
    New Multiverse

    Earth: Mirrorverse  SpeedForce  1  3  90
    Original Multiverse

    Earth: Mirrorverse  SpeedForce  3  90

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