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    Wonder Woman, also known in later seasons as The New Adventures of Wonder Woman, is a television series based on the DC Comics character, Wonder Woman.

    The series was developed by Stanley Ralph Ross, who served as showrunner. The series began with a television film, The New Original Wonder Woman, which premiered on November 7, 1975. The first season premiered on April 21, 1976, on ABC, though was moved to CBS under the title of "The New Adventures of Wonder Woman" for subsequent seasons. The second season premiered on September 16, 1977, while the third premiered on September 22, 1978, and concluded on September 11, 1979, ending the series with 60 episodes, including the television film.

    In Crisis on Infinite Earths Giant, a tie-in comic to the crossover event Crisis on Infinite Earths, Wonder Woman was seen with the series being retroactively established to take place on Earth-76.

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    During World War II, a plane piloted by Major Steve Trevor crashes near Paradise Island, the secret hidden island home of the mighty and eternally young Amazons. He is rescued by Princess Diana, who learns of the war against the Nazis. The Amazons decide to send one of their own to help fight in this crisis. Although forbidden to participate in the selection process, Diana joins secretly and wins the right and responsibility to go. Taking the still unconscious Major to safety, she joins him as Yeoman Diana Prince. Furthermore, when the forces of evil threaten the nation, Diana would spin to transform into Wonder Wonder, armed with a magic belt giving her tremendous strength, bracelets that can stop any bullet, a tiara that can be thrown as a returning weapon and an unbreakable magic lasso that can force anyone to tell the truth.[1]

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