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    The Speed Force is eternity itself, an endless void of time and energy.

    The Speed Force is one of the four Forces of Nature and the source of energy that provides speedsters with their powers.

    History[edit | hide | hide all]

    Creation[edit | hide]

    When the first subatomic particle sprang forth from the Big Bang to form reality as you know it, we were there. When the last proton decays, stops vibrating, and plunges the universe into heat death, we'll be there too.
    — The Speed Force (as Joe West) to Barry Allen[src]

    The Speed Force itself was created at the beginning of time and will never die as it is an infinite amount of energy. During the history of the Multiverse, the Speed Force has given countless Metahumans with its energy and turned them into Speedsters under different circumstances.

    Relationship with Barry Allen[edit | hide]

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    "Death"[edit | hide]

    During the Crisis, the Spectre gave Barry Allen a boost to enter the Speed Force in order to travel to the Antimatter Universe.[1] After the universe was restored, Wally West felt something wrong and returned to Central City to talk to Allen, only to know that he suffered from a few "hiccups" while accessing his speed. Later, they entered the Speed Force to talk to them and realized that the Spectre energy unbalanced the nature of the Speed Force and caused its "death".[2] After the death, Allen and the other speedsters started to lose their speed which caused Allen to begin to build the Artificial Speed Force.[3]

    "Resurrection"[edit | hide]

    The Speed Force and the other Forces of Nature

    Despite Barry's creation of the Artificial Speed Force, it inhibited his emotions and hurt Iris. This caused Barry to regain his emotions and destroyed the ASF with a lightning bolt, overloading its machine.[4] However, Barry required his speed to fight Mirror Monarch and was able to restart the Speed Force with the energy residue in Iris' body after years of contact with Barry's super speed and using the deactivated ASF machine. Unbeknownst to Team Flash, the reactivation created the Strength, Sage and Still Force.[5]

    Asking for Help[edit | hide]

    After being allegedly attacked by the other Forces, the Speed Force was severely injured and teleported to S.T.A.R. Labs as Nora Allen, seeking Barry's protection. The team then brought her to the medical lab and treated her injuries. However, the Speed Force being weak caused Barry to have a slower speed and forced him to enter the Cryo Pod.[6]

    Under the protection of Barry, "Nora" worked with him as a crime scene investigator and attempted to help him with random bursts of energy. This enraged Barry and he told her to leave. Iris then approached "Nora" and talked to her about how Barry felt uncomfortable with the Speed Force as his mother. The Speed Force later reconciled with Barry and agreed to work together to protect her.[7]

    Going Rogue[edit | hide]

    Speed Force goes rogue
    I need your powers to defeat her, and you promised. And now you're breaking that promise. And I know why. You may be his lightning rod...but I'm the lightning.
    — "Nora" attacks Iris[src]

    After frightening Alexa Rivera, "Nora" attempted to kill Iris in order to gain Barry's support. Barry leaped in front of the lightning and counteracted it with his own bolt. "Nora" stopped the lightning bolt in midair and absorbed into her own, eventually blasting Alexa with double lightning bolts and killing her.[8]

    Family[edit | hide]

    All Hands on Deck[edit | hide]

    Negative[edit | hide]

    Cobalt[edit | hide]

    Physical Appearance[edit | hide]

    Lightning[edit | hide]

    Yellow and Orange[edit | hide]

    Orange lightning

    Yellow lightning is seen on Speedsters who recently gained a connection to the Speed Force and their power has not yet manifested. However, Speedsters wearing a reflective armor will emit white lightning. As the speedsters gain more power and a stronger connection to the Speed Force, their lightning will be manifested into orange. The following are the speedsters who emit yellow and orange lightning:

    Yellow lightning

    Red[edit | hide]

    For further information, see Negative Speed Force.
    Red lightning

    Red lightning is usually seen on speedsters with a connection to the Negative Speed Force. However, it is also seen on Hunter Zolomon, who became Black Flash after being taken by Time Wraiths. Edward Clariss also had red lightning for an unknown reason. The following are the speedsters who emit red lightning:

    Blue[edit | hide]

    Blue lightning

    Blue lightning is seen on speedsters who gained an artificial connection to the Speed Force, mostly in the use of Velocity Serums. After mixing with Tachyons, the blue lightning will turn into white and will occasionally emit blue lightning. The following are the speedsters who emit blue lightning:

    White[edit | hide]

    White lightning

    White lightning was seen on speedsters who used Velocity Serums and Tachyons to increase their speed. White lightning is also seen on speedsters who use reflective armors. However, white lightning was never recorded in history books and in the database of Flash Museum. Later, it was shown that those who took the Velocity Serums will retain their white lightning when they were given organic speed. The following are the speedsters who emit white lightning:

    Purple[edit | hide]

    Purple lightning

    Purple lightning was seen on Accelerated Man and briefly Iris West-Allen after Matthew Kim transferred Allen's powers to her. There is currently no explanation for why purple lightning was created while running. The following are the speedsters who emit purple lightning:

    Yellow and Purple[edit | hide]

    Yellow and purple lightning

    Yellow and purple lightning was only seen on Nora West-Allen. It is presumed that the mixed color lightning is caused by genetics as her mother (powers briefly transferred to her) and father emit purple and yellow lightning respectively.

    Red and Purple[edit | hide]

    Red and purple lightning
    For further information, see Negative Speed Force.

    Red and purple lightning was seen when Nora West-Allen gained a connection to the Negative Speed Force.

    White and Yellow[edit | hide]

    White and yellow lightning

    White and yellow lightning was seen in the Speed Force when a physical form of Speed Force tried to regain Allen's body and save him.

    Black[edit | hide]

    Black lightning

    Black lightning was seen when a speedster got infected by Ramsey Rosso's blood. The following are the speedsters who emit purple lightning:

    Green[edit | hide]

    Green lightning

    Green lightning was seen after Speed Force was unbalanced by Spectre energy.

    Eye[edit | hide]

    Having a connection to the Speed Force allows the speedsters to have lightning flicker or glow in their eyes. The color of the eyes is nearly identical as their lightning color with an exception to Hunter Zolomon, as he has black glowing eyes and blue lightning.

    Powers[edit | hide]

    Physical Powers[edit | hide]

    Speed Boosting
    • Accelerated Perception: As a presence living in the past, present and the future, the Speed Force is able to perceive mortal activities easily and respond to them faster than the speed of light.
    • Electrokinesis: When the Speed Force appears in its physical form, it is able to produce lightning bolts of different colors.
      • Electricity Absorption: The Speed Force was able to absorb the lightning bolt thrown by Barry Allen and redirect it at Alexa Rivera.[8]
    • Energy Manipulation: As the energy source of speedsters, the Speed Force is able to reabsorb the superhuman speed of certain individuals, leaving them harmless.
    • Memory Manipulation: The Speed Force is able to remove the memories of speedsters.
    • Superhuman Durability: The Speed Force cannot be killed by mortal attacks, with its physical body being strong enough to withstand them.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: The Speed Force was able to react to Barry Allen's attacks and redirect them.
    • Superhuman Speed: As the energy source of countless speedsters, the Speed Force itself has the ability to run at superhuman speed.
      • Inter-Dimensional Travel: The Speed Force is able to teleport to different universes in the Multiverse.
      • Time Travel: The Speed Force is able to teleport to different time periods and meet those with a connection to it across time.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Without the need to eat or drink, the Speed Force is able to run and move for a long period of time without showing the signs of exhaustion.

    Speedsters Powers[edit | hide]

    • Accelerated Healing Factor: Speedsters are able to heal from extreme injuries in a short period of time due to their superhuman metabolism.
    • Astral Projection: A small fraction of speedsters possess a strong connection to the Speed Force, allowing them to enter the Speed Force at will in the form of astral projections. Though those who could not are able to do so with the assistance of technology, such as Tachyon Enhancers, or through those who do possess such abilities.
    • Clones Creation/Bodily Replication: Certain speedsters are able to create a series of clones without the ability to talk in human languages. The clones can be reabsorbed to their creators in order to generate a boost in their speed. Wally West has also shown the ability to create and reabsorb copies of himself in order to complete tasks in a short period of time. However, it is unknown whether the copies have independent minds.
    Lightning Swords
    • Electrokinesis: Speedsters produce small lightning trails behind them when they run at superhuman speed. The color of the lightning trails varies and can be briefly altered when they gain a connection to the Negative Speed Force or inject themselves with Velocity Serums.
      • Electrical Constructs: Experienced speedsters are able to channel the lightning produced from their bodies and shape it into different objects, with the example of tulip flowers, lassos and shurikens.
      • Electricity Absorption: Speedsters are able to charge themselves with exterior energy sources, supercharging their bodies and giving a boost in speed.
      • Speed Force Aura: Speedsters are protected by an aura of invisible energy, protecting them from burning due to extreme friction and from gravitational forces. The aura can also be expanded and withstand the gravitational pull of a black hole, while protecting its users from being injured or destroyed. The aura was also shown to be able to protect those being carried by speedsters, protecting them from the extreme friction produced from superhuman speed.
      • Speed Force Sharing: Speedsters are able to share their superhuman speed through physical contact and allow them to be stabilized in certain conditions. Experienced speedsters can also bring non-speedsters into a phenomenon known as Flashtime, with a limited time as non-speedsters are unable to survive long at that speed.
    • Superhuman Agility: Speedsters are able to balance off unstable constructs while running at superhuman speed, allowing them to easily maneuver around obstacles.
    • Superhuman Durability: Speedsters are able to withstand extreme forces and attacks with little to no injuries. However, they are still vulnerable to bullets and swords, which are able to pierce their skins and even kill them if they do not respond to attacks quickly.
    • Superhuman Momentum: Speedsters are able to generate and withstand extreme kinetic energy. They are also able to stop completely even running at the speed of light.
      • Seismokinesis: By running back and forth on a particular object or construction, speedsters are able to create a small earthquake, capable of destroying a bridge.
    • Superhuman Senses: Speedsters are able to have enhanced senses and able to hear sounds even after exceeding the speed of sound, which no sounds can be heard normally.
    • Superhuman Speed: Speedsters are able to run at superhuman speed and easily exceed the speed of light through months of training. The superhuman speed grants them multiple additional powers.
      • Accelerated Perception: Speedsters are able to perceive actions and words that appeared for a brief moment in time. In order for them to communicate with humans, they are able to shift the perception level according to their will.
      • Aerokinesis: Speedsters are able to move their bodies at superhuman speed and create vortexes, cyclones, tornadoes and vacuums of air. This allows them to propel their opponents away.
      • Bodily Vibration: By vibrating at superhuman speed, speedsters are able to create visual and audio illusions, such as voice modulation, invisibility and masking their faces. Additionally, by vibrating at the same frequency as air, speedsters are able to "phase" through solid objects.
        • Intangibility: Also known as "phasing", speedsters have the ability to walk through solid objects by vibrating at the frequency of air.
        • Invisibility: Speedsters possess the ability to appear invisible to the naked eye through vibrating at a high speed.
        • Speed Force Siphoning: Speedsters are able to create sonic booms simply vibrating at a high speed, allowing them to siphon speed off other speedsters and absorb their energy.
        • Voice Modulation: When vibrating at a certain frequency, speedsters could modulate their voices to a point where normal humans are unable to identify them.
      • Speed Mirage: By running back and forth between two places, speedsters are able to create a mirage that there are two or more individuals standing still. However, they look less realistic when more mirages are being created.
      • Superhuman Reflexes: Speedsters are able to respond to attacks quickly, including a speeding bullet and physical contacts.
      • Time Travel: By running faster than the speed of light, speedsters are able to break the space-time barrier and open a portal to the Speed Force, allowing them to run across time with flashes of images passing through them in the vortex.
        • Temporal Regression: Speedsters are able to reverse a short period of time without affecting themselves and retain the memories in the process,
        • Time Travel Awareness: Speedsters are able to sense other speedsters travelling across time through the Speed Force.
        • Time Remnants Construct: Skilled users are able to create a "clone" of themselves that retains their memories and personalities with their own minds. However, their personalities slowly diverge from the "prime" version through time. Time Remnants also retain all abilities a speedster does and even become stronger than their "prime" version. Despite their convenience in battles, Time Remnants are required to be killed in order to preserve the timeline integrity.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Speedsters are able to run for an extended period of time with no signs of exhaustion.
    • Superhuman Strength: While running at superhuman speed, speedsters are able to carry heavy objects and even drag an individual around easily.

    Weaknesses[edit | hide]

    • Cold Temperatures: Speedsters' superhuman speed is hindered when they are exposed to a cold environment.
    • Gravity: Without gravity, speedsters are unable to use their superhuman speed.
    • Hyper-Metabolism: Speedsters have a high rate of metabolism, requiring them to eat a large amount of food in order to maintain their peak physical performance. Their hyper-metabolism is also against any painkillers, drugs and alcohol except for those created specifically for speedsters.
    • Imbalance in Energy: When Barry Allen was given a boost from the Spectre, the Speed Force was flooded with "Spectre Energy" and slowly became weaker, causing small "hiccups" in speedsters, growing further. The Speed Force later died due to the imbalance of energy and reborn when Iris West-Allen sparkled the residue Speed Force energy back to the Speed Force itself on the machine.
    • Kinetic Energy Absorption: When facing opponents with the ability to absorb kinetic energy, speedsters are unable to run at all or even move due to the lack of kinetic energy.
    • Nanites: Speedsters' abilities are temporarily negated by nanites. However, it was shown that vibrating at the frequency of air allows the nanites to exit their bodies, regaining their powers immediately.
    • Negative Tachyons: As opposed to Positive Tachyons, speedsters being injected with Negative Tachyons reduces their speed and prevents them from entering the Speed Force.
    • Nuclear Explosion: Despite speedsters' ability to outrun a nuclear explosion, an explosion happening in the Speed Force could annihilate the entire force itself, causing speedsters across space and time to lose their powers instantly.
    • Speedster Weapon: A series of weapons were created in order to fight speedsters, the weapons are able to stop speedsters from running and injure them for a short period of time.
    • Antimatter: The Speed Force is unable to show, or let speedsters run past a point in time that was destroyed by Antimatter. Antimatter manifests as a wall within the Speed Force, even in a potential future of the Anti-Monitor Crisis.
    • Entropy Trap: The Entropy Trap is able to stop all motion in time and stop speedsters from moving when they enter the bubble.
    • Forces of Nature: As a Force of Nature itself, the Speed Force is vulnerable to other forces and can be injured by them.
    • Vibers Ergokinesis: The multiversal energy channeled by Vibers is capable of stopping speedsters from running further.

    Users[edit | hide]

    If you need me, I'll sense it, and I'll be there in a heartbeat.
    — Speed Force on her connection with Barry Allen[src]

    Pre-Crisis[edit | hide]

    Post-Crisis[edit | hide]

    Appearances[edit | hide]

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