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    This place is the nexus between the Antimatter Universe and your own.

    Multiversal Nexus is a realm between the Multiverse and the Antimatter Universe.

    History[edit | hide | hide all]

    A Mistake[edit | hide]

    After Mar Novu accidentally opened a Temporal Wormhole to the Antimatter Universe, he freed his Antimatter counterpart, To prevent the destruction of the Multiverse, Novu trapped his counterpart in an Eternium-encased realm in the Multiversal Nexus.[1]

    Liberation of the Anti-Monitor[edit | hide]

    Nash Wells becomes Pariah

    In 2019, Nash Wells arrived on Earth-1 in his quest to reveal Mar Novu as a false god.[2] However, his attempt led to his manipulation under the Anti-Monitor, Novu's Antimatter counterpart. As a result, on December 8, 2019, Wells opened the door to the Multiversal Nexus, freeing the Anti-Monitor and beginning the Crisis on Infinite Earths.[3][4][5][6]

    Crisis on Infinite Earths[edit | hide]

    With the Crisis in process, Team Flash arrived at Nash Wells' worksite and was unable to open the door to the Multiversal Nexus. Thankfully, Wells, now as Pariah, teleported to the tunnels and allowed Vibe to acquire the required steps from his memories. When they arrived in the Nexus, they found a blur running on a treadmill, powering the Antimatter Cannon. They soon discover the blur to be The Flash of Earth-90.[7]

    A Flash of the Lightning

    Vibe opened a breach and freed Flash-90, who immediately demanded to be put back on the treadmill to prevent the Antimatter Cannon from causing more destruction. Wells brought Black Lightning to the scene, hoping to buy more time for a different plan. Unfortunately, both Flashes were unable to think of a different plan, and Vibe made the decision to send Flash-90 back on the treadmill. Thinking of his wife, Tina McGee, Flash-90's body disintegrated as the Antimatter Cannon destroyed itself, leaving only the emblem of suit on rubble.[7]

    Appearances[edit | hide]

    Gallery[edit | hide]

    References[edit | hide]

    New Multiverse
    Earth-Prime Earth-1 Earth-2 Earth-9 Earth-12 Earth-19 Earth-21 Earth-29 Earth-66 Earth-76 Earth-89 Earth-96 Earth-97 Earth-167 Earth-203 Earth-666 Earth-4125 Earth-F UE-1 UE-2 UE-3 UE-26 UE-32 UE-34 UE-43 UE-46 UE-47 UE-48 UE-49 UE-50 UE-51 UE-52 UE-53 UE-54
    Original Multiverse
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    Transmultiversal Multiverse
    Earth-∂ Earth-1A Earth-2A Earth-3A Earth-19A Earth-27A Earth-32A Earth-38A Earth-52A Earth-247A Earth-666A Earth-XA UE-22 UE-23 UE-24
    Elemental Realms
    The Green The Red
    Forces of Nature
    Negative Sage Force Negative Speed Force Negative Still Force Negative Strength Force Sage Force Speed Force Still Force Strength Force
    Mystical Realms
    Afterlife Asgard Azarath Beck World Crocodile Land Dinosaur World Dark Place Dreaming Duat Dubnos Fairyland Fifth Dimension Goodhome Hades Heaven Hell Jacob Shaw's Alternate Reality Juru Magiclands Mount Olympus Mythria New Genesis Niflheim Nightshade Dimension Orqwith Purgatory Realm of Mallus Realm of Order Red Jack's Extra-Dimensional Palace Rock of Eternity Tartarus TV Universe Void World Between Worlds
    Extradimensional Realms
    Abyss Antimatter Universe Astral Plane Bizarro World Hell Dimension Jennifer Pierce's Safe Place Lantern Pocket Dimension Microverse Mindscape Mirrorverse Morlaidh Dimension Music Meister's Reality Multiversal Nexus Negative Zone Phantom Zone Quantum Unfolding Storage Area Shadowlands Source Wall Survival Zone Temporal Zone The Bleed The Lake Thinker's Sanctuary Vanishing Point Virus Dimension White Space
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