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    We're not getting anywhere philosophizing about this! We're the only ones who know about this. Part of our power is the ability to remember discarded timelines. Like when Reverse-Flash killed us with the ol' vibrating-hand-in-the-heart, but then Barry changed time, and we were alive again. So only you and I know about Earth-1 and... let's call it Earth-1A.
    Cisco about the existence of Earth-1A to his doppelgänger[src]

    Earth-1A[1] also designated Earth-1 by this earth's inhabitant is a universe in the Transmultiversal Multiverse.[2]

    History[edit source]

    Creation[edit source]

    In October 2016, this universe was created as a result of Flashpoint. This caused the existence of two twin multiverse.[2]

    Earth-27 Invasion[edit source]

    In late 2018, the Crime Syndicate of America opened a rift in Central City when the Anti-Matter Man entered and poisoned the universe, killing everyone except a few thousand of speedsters from their Central City who reached the rift just in time. The crime syndicate started to cause chaos until the Flash and other heroes joined forces to stop them. Green Arrow manage to pull a perfect shot at the side of the rift to close it, stopping the Anti-Matter Man from reaching this universe.[3]

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    New Multiverse
    Earth-Prime Earth-1 Earth-2 Earth-9 Earth-12 Earth-19 Earth-21 Earth-29 Earth-66 Earth-76 Earth-89 Earth-96 Earth-167 Earth-203 Earth-666 Earth-4125 Earth-F UE-17 UE-23 UE-25 UE-33 UE-36 UE-37 UE-38 UE-39 UE-40 UE-41 UE-42 Void
    Original Multiverse
    Earth-1 Earth-2 Earth-3 Earth-4 Earth-5 Earth-6 Earth-7 Earth-8 Earth-9 Earth-10 Earth-11 Earth-12 Earth-13 Earth-14 Earth-15 Earth-16 Earth-17 Earth-18 Earth-19 Earth-20 Earth-21 Earth-22 Earth-23 Earth-24 Earth-25 Earth-26 Earth-27 Earth-28 Earth-29 Earth-30 Earth-31 Earth-32 Earth-33 Earth-34 Earth-35 Earth-37 Earth-38 Earth-43 Earth-47 Earth-48 Earth-51 Earth-52 Earth-55 Earth-66 Earth-67 Earth-73 Earth-74 Earth-75 Earth-76 Earth-85 Earth-86 Earth-87 Earth-89 Earth-90 Earth-92 Earth-96 Earth-97 Earth-99 Earth-167 Earth-203 Earth-221 Earth-260 Earth-494 Earth-666 Earth-719 Earth-827 Earth-898 Earth-1938 Earth-D Earth-F Earth-N52 Earth-P Earth-X UE-1 UE-2 UE-3 UE-4 UE-5 UE-6 UE-7 UE-8 UE-9 UE-10 UE-11 UE-12 UE-13 UE-14 UE-15 UE-16 UE-18 UE-19 UE-20 UE-21 UE-22 UE-24 UE-26 UE-27 UE-28 UE-29 UE-30 UE-31 UE-33 UE-34 UE-35
    Transmultiversal Multiverse
    Earth-∂ Earth-1A Earth-2A Earth-3A Earth-19A Earth-27A Earth-32A Earth-38A Earth-52A Earth-247A Earth-666A Earth-XA
    Abyss Afterlife Antimatter Universe Asgard Azarath Beck World Bizarro World Crocodile Land Dark Place Dinosaur World Dreaming Duat Dubnos Enchantress' Dimension Fairyland Fifth Dimension Goodhome Hades Heaven Hell Hell Dimension Jacob Shaw's Alternate Reality Jennifer Pierce's Safe Place Juru Lantern Pocket Dimension Magiclands Microverse Mindscape Mirrorverse Morlaidh Dimension Mount Olympus Music Meister's Reality Mythria Negative Sage Force Negative Speed Force Negative Still Force Negative Strength Force Negative Zone New Genesis Nexus Niflheim Orqwith Purgatory Quantum Unfolding Storage Area Realm of Mallus Realm of Order Red Jack's Extra-Dimensional Palace Rock of Eternity Sage Force Shadowlands Source Wall Speed Force Still Force Strength Force Survival Zone Tartarus Temporal Zone The Bleed The Green The Lake The Red The Monitor's Realm Thinker's Sanctuary TV Universe Vanishing Point Virus Dimension White Space World Between Worlds
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