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    Legend tells of a caped crusader: Batman, guardian of New Gotham, and his one true love, Catwoman, the queen of the criminal underworld. Their passion left behind something extraordinary: a daughter, Huntress. Half-metahuman, she has taken up her father's mantle, and under cover of the night, fights to protect the innocent and helpless. Joining her in this struggle, Oracle, who was once Batman's protégée, Batgirl. She was caught in the crossfire of the war between Batman and Joker. Now she fights crime a different way: a master of the cyber-realms and mentor and trainer to heroes. Together, they have taken in a young runaway, Dinah. A metahuman herself, with powers to open hidden doors to the mind, powers that she is only beginning to explore. Together, these three are the protectors of New Gotham, the Birds of Prey.

    Birds of Prey is a television series based on the DC Comics team, the Birds of Prey.

    The series is developed by Laeta Kalogridis and the first and only season premiered on October 9, 2002. The series was cancelled and concluded on February 19, 2003, ending the series with 13 episodes.

    During the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event, Birds of Prey was established to take place on Earth-203 with Ashley Scott reprising her role as Huntress and Dina Meyer reprising her role as Oracle with her voice.

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