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    This is the Earth-1 of Smallville, for the Earth-1 of the Arrowverse, see Earth-1 (Pre-Crisis).
    For the Earth-1 of DC Extended Universe, see Earth-1 (Post-Crisis).

    Earth-167 (referred to as Earth-1 by its inhabitants) was one of the many universes in the Original Multiverse. It was destroyed during the Crisis and subsequently recreated by the Spectre and the Paragons.[1]

    History[edit | hide | hide all]

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    Crisis[edit | hide]

    Crisis on Infinite Earths[edit | hide]

    During the Crisis, Earth-167 was visited by Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Iris West-Allen from parallel universes, who were attempting to recruit Clark Kent to their side against the Anti-Monitor. However, they were teleported away by the Lex Luthor of Earth-38, who was on a mission to murder every Superman throughout the multiverse, though he soon left after realizing that Kent no longer had his powers.[2] Not long afterward, Earth-167 was vaporized by a wave of Antimatter, only to be restored by the Spectre and the Paragons around a month later.[3][1]

    Residents[edit | hide]

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    Locations[edit | hide]

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    Appearances[edit | hide]

    Pilot Appears
    Metamorphosis Appears
    Hothead Appears
    X-Ray Appears
    Cool Appears
    Hourglass Appears
    Craving Appears
    Jitters Appears
    Rogue Appears
    Shimmer Appears
    Hug Appears
    Leech Appears
    Kinetic Appears
    Zero Appears
    Nicodemus Appears
    Stray Appears
    Reaper Appears
    Drone Appears
    Crush Appears
    Obscura Appears
    Tempest Appears
    Vortex Appears
    Strange Visitors Appears
    Arrival Appears
    See No Evil Appears
    Heat Appears
    Duplicity Appears
    Red Appears
    Nocturne Appears
    Redux Appears
    Dragon Appears
    Raptor Appears
    Exile and The Kingdom Appears
    Lineage Appears
    Ryan Appears
    Dichotic Appears
    Skinwalker Appears
    Flight Appears
    Hauntings Appears
    Visage Appears
    Insurgence Appears
    Suspect Appears
    Animal Rage Appears
    Rush Appears
    Prodigal Appears
    Fever Appears
    Rosetta Appears
    Whodunnit Appears
    Speed Appears
    Visitor Appears
    Precipice Appears
    Witness Appears
    Chronicle 1 Appears
    Paterfamilias Appears
    Accelerate Appears
    Chronicle 2 Appears
    Calling Appears
    Chronicle 3 Appears
    Exodus Appears
    Chronicle 4 Appears
    Buried Secrets Appears
    Beauty Appears
    What I Did On My Summer Vacation Appears
    Runaway Appears
    Shadows Appears
    Chimera Appears
    Vows Appears
    Exile Appears
    Phoenix Appears
    Extinction Appears
    Slumber Appears
    Perry Appears
    Silence Appears
    Chimera Part Two Appears
    Phelan Appears
    Relic Appears
    Magnetic Appears
    Shattered Appears
    Greed Appears
    Curse Appears
    Sojourn Appears
    The Few, The Proud Appears
    Asylum Appears
    Whisper Appears
    Delete Appears
    Temptation Appears
    Hereafter Appears
    Velocity Appears
    Obsession Appears
    Resurrection Appears
    City Appears
    ID Appears
    Magic Appears
    Crisis Appears
    Sparks Appears
    Legacy Appears
    Chronicle 5 Appears
    Truth Appears
    Chronicle 6 Appears
    Memoria Appears
    Chronicle 7 Appears
    Chronicle Appears
    Parenthood Appears
    Talisman Appears
    Chronicle 8 Appears
    Forsaken Appears
    Chronicle 9 Appears
    Covenant Appears
    Chronicle 10 Appears
    Chronicle 11 Appears
    Exploit Appears
    Captive Appears
    Secrets Appears
    Lies Appears
    Crusade Appears
    Gone Appears
    Façade Appears
    Devoted Appears
    Run Appears
    Transference Appears
    Rampage Appears
    Jinx Appears
    Spell Appears
    Bound Appears
    Scare Appears
    Nature Appears
    Unsafe Appears
    Pariah Appears
    Recruit Appears
    Krypto Appears
    Sacred Appears
    Lucy Appears
    Onyx Appears
    Spirit Appears
    Blank Appears
    Ageless Appears
    Forever Appears
    Commencement Appears
    Arrival Appears
    Mortal Appears
    Hidden Appears
    Aqua Appears
    Thirst Appears
    Exposed Appears
    Splinter Appears
    Solitude Appears
    Lexmas Appears
    Fanatic Appears
    Lockdown Appears
    Reckoning Appears
    Vengeance Appears
    Tomb Appears
    Cyborg Appears
    Video 1 Appears
    Broken Arrow Appears
    Bon Voyage Appears
    Betrayal Appears
    Island Appears
    Bow Hunters Appears
    Mended Appears
    Video 2 Appears
    Video 3 Appears
    Video 4 Appears
    Video 5 Appears
    Hypnotic Appears
    Void Appears
    Fragile Appears
    Mercy Appears
    Fade Appears
    Oracle Appears
    Vessel Appears
    Zod Appears
    Sneeze Appears
    Wither Appears
    Arrow Appears
    Reunion Appears
    Fallout Appears
    Rage Appears
    Static Appears
    Subterranean Appears
    Hydro Appears
    Justice Appears
    Labyrinth Appears
    Crimson Appears
    Trespass Appears
    Freak Appears
    Promise Appears
    Combat Appears
    Progeny Appears
    Justice & Doom, Part I Appears
    Nemesis Appears
    Justice & Doom, Part II Appears
    Noir Appears
    Justice & Doom, Part III Appears
    Prototype Appears
    Justice & Doom, Part IV Appears
    Phantom Appears
    Justice & Doom, Part V Appears
    Bizarro Appears
    Kara Appears
    Fierce Appears
    Cure Appears
    Action Appears
    Lara Appears
    Wrath Appears
    Blue Appears
    Gemini Appears
    Persona Appears
    Siren Appears
    Fracture Appears
    Hero Appears
    Chapter One Appears
    Chapter Two Appears
    Chapter Three Appears
    Chapter Four Appears
    Chapter Five Appears
    Traveler Appears
    Veritas Appears
    Descent Appears
    Sleeper Appears
    Apocalypse Appears
    Quest Appears
    Arctic Appears
    Episode 1 Appears
    Episode 2 Appears
    Episode 3 Appears
    Episode 4 Appears
    Episode 5 Appears
    Episode 6 Appears
    Odyssey Appears
    Plastique Appears
    Toxic Appears
    Instinct Appears
    Committed Appears
    Prey Appears
    Identity Appears
    Bloodline Appears
    Abyss Appears
    Bride Appears
    Legion Appears
    Bulletproof Appears
    Power Appears
    Requiem Appears
    Infamous Appears
    Turbulence Appears
    Hex Appears
    Eternal Appears
    Stiletto Appears
    Beast Appears
    Injustice Appears
    Doomsday Appears
    Savior Appears
    Metallo Appears
    Rabid Appears
    Echo Appears
    Roulette Appears
    Crossfire Appears
    Kandor Appears
    Idol Appears
    Pandora Appears
    Disciple Appears
    Absolute Justice, Part 1 Appears
    Absolute Justice, Part 2 Appears
    Warrior Appears
    Persuasion Appears
    Conspiracy Appears
    Escape Appears
    Checkmate Appears
    Upgrade Appears
    Charade Appears
    Sacrifice Appears
    Hostage Appears
    Salvation Appears
    Lazarus Appears
    Shield Appears
    Supergirl Appears
    Homecoming Appears
    Isis Appears
    Harvest Appears
    Ambush Appears
    Abandoned Appears
    Patriot Appears
    Luthor Appears
    Icarus Appears
    Collateral Appears
    Beacon Appears
    Masquerade Appears
    Fortune Appears
    Scion Appears
    Kent Appears
    Booster Appears
    Dominion Appears
    Prophecy Appears
    Finale, Part 1 Appears
    Finale, Part 2 Appears
    Guardian Part 1 Appears
    Guardian Part 2 Appears
    Guardian Part 3 Appears
    Guardian Part 4 Appears
    Guardian Part 5 Appears
    Guardian Part 6 Appears
    Guardian Part 7 Appears
    Guardian Part 8 Appears
    Guardian Part 9 Appears
    Guardian Part 10 Appears
    Guardian Part 11 Appears
    Guardian Part 12 Appears
    Detective Part 1 Appears
    Detective Part 2 Appears
    Detective Part 3 Appears
    Detective Part 4 Appears
    Detective Part 5 Appears
    Detective Part 6 Appears
    Detective Part 7 Appears
    Detective Part 8 Appears
    Detective Part 9 Appears
    Detective Part 10 Appears
    Detective Part 11 Appears
    Detective Part 12 Appears
    Haunted Part One Appears
    Haunted Part Two Appears
    Haunted Part Three Appears
    Effigy Part One Appears
    Haunted Part Four Appears
    Haunted Part Five Appears
    Haunted Part Six Appears
    Effigy Part Two Appears
    Haunted Part Seven Appears
    Haunted Part Eight Appears
    Haunted Part Nine Appears
    Effigy Part Three Appears
    Effigy Part Four Appears
    Haunted Part Ten Appears
    Haunted Part Eleven Appears
    Haunted Part Twelve Appears
    Valkyrie Part 1 Appears
    Argo Part 1 Appears
    Argo Part 2 Appears
    Argo Part 3 Appears
    Valkyrie Part 2 Appears
    Valkyrie Part 3 Appears
    Argo Part 4 Appears
    Argo Part 5 Appears
    Argo Part 6 Appears
    Valkyrie Part 4 Appears
    Argo Part 7 Appears
    Argo Part 8 Appears
    Argo Part 9 Appears
    Hollow Part 1 Appears
    Hollow Part 2 Appears
    Olympus Part 1 Appears
    Olympus Part 2 Appears
    Olympus Part 3 Appears
    Hollow Part 3 Appears
    Olympus Part 4 Appears
    Olympus Part 5 Appears
    Olympus Part 6 Appears
    Hollow Part 4 Appears
    Olympus Part 7 Appears
    Olympus Part 8 Appears
    Olympus Part 9 Appears
    Titans Part 1 Appears
    Titans Part 2 Appears
    Olympus Part 10 Appears
    Olympus Part 11 Appears
    Olympus Part 12 Appears
    Titans Part 3 Appears
    Alien Part 1 Appears
    Alien Part 2 Appears
    Alien Part 3 Appears
    Titans Part 4 Appears
    Alien Part 4 Appears
    Alien Part 5 Appears
    Alien Part 6 Appears
    Harbinger Part 1 Appears
    Harbinger Part 2 Appears
    Harbinger Part 3 Appears
    Harbinger Part 4 Appears
    Alien Part 7 Appears
    Alien Part 8 Appears
    Alien Part 9 Appears
    Alien Part 10 Appears
    Alien Part 11 Appears
    Alien Part 12 Appears
    Lantern Part 1 Appears
    Lantern Part 2 Appears
    Lantern Part 3 Appears
    Lantern Part 4 Appears
    Lantern Part 5 Appears
    Lantern Part 6 Appears
    Lantern Part 7 Appears
    Lantern Part 8 Appears
    Lantern Part 9 Appears
    Lantern Part 10 Appears
    Lantern Part 11 Appears
    Lantern Part 12 Appears
    Chaos Part 1 Appears
    Chaos Part 2 Appears
    Chaos Part 3 Appears
    Chaos Part 4 Appears
    Chaos Part 5 Appears
    Chaos Part 6 Appears
    Chaos Part 7 Appears
    Chaos Part 8 Appears
    Chaos Part 9 Appears
    Chaos Part 10 Appears
    Chaos Part 11 Appears
    Chaos Part 12 Appears
    Continuity Part 1 Appears
    Continuity Part 2 Appears
    Continuity Part 3 Appears
    Continuity Part 4 Appears
    Continuity Part 5 Appears
    Continuity Part 6 Appears
    Continuity Part 7 Appears
    Continuity Part 8 Appears
    Continuity Part 9 Appears
    Continuity Part 10 Appears
    Continuity Part 11 Appears
    Continuity Part 12 Appears
    Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Two Appears
    Deus Lex Machina Flashback
    Dude, Where's My Gar? Vision

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    References[edit | hide]

    New Multiverse
    Earth-Prime Earth-1 Earth-2 Earth-9 Earth-12 Earth-19 Earth-21 Earth-29 Earth-66 Earth-76 Earth-89 Earth-96 Earth-97 Earth-167 Earth-203 Earth-666 Earth-4125 Earth-F UE-1 UE-2 UE-3 UE-26 UE-32 UE-34 UE-43 UE-46 UE-47 UE-48 UE-49 UE-50 UE-51 UE-52 UE-53 UE-54
    Original Multiverse
    Earth-1 Earth-2 Earth-3 Earth-4 Earth-5 Earth-6 Earth-7 Earth-8 Earth-9 Earth-10 Earth-11 Earth-12 Earth-13 Earth-14 Earth-15 Earth-16 Earth-17 Earth-18 Earth-19 Earth-20 Earth-21 Earth-22 Earth-23 Earth-24 Earth-25 Earth-26 Earth-27 Earth-28 Earth-29 Earth-30 Earth-31 Earth-32 Earth-33 Earth-34 Earth-35 Earth-37 Earth-38 Earth-43 Earth-47 Earth-48 Earth-51 Earth-52 Earth-55 Earth-66 Earth-67 Earth-73 Earth-74 Earth-75 Earth-76 Earth-85 Earth-86 Earth-87 Earth-89 Earth-90 Earth-92 Earth-96 Earth-97 Earth-99 Earth-167 Earth-203 Earth-221 Earth-260 Earth-494 Earth-666 Earth-719 Earth-827 Earth-898 Earth-1938 Earth-D Earth-F Earth-N52 Earth-P Earth-X UE-4 UE-5 UE-6 UE-7 UE-8 UE-9 UE-10 UE-11 UE-12 UE-13 UE-14 UE-15 UE-16 UE-17 UE-18 UE-19 UE-20 UE-21 UE-25 UE-27 UE-28 UE-29 UE-30 UE-31 UE-33 UE-35 UE-36 UE-37 UE-38 UE-39 UE-40 UE-41 UE-42 UE-44 UE-45
    Transmultiversal Multiverse
    Earth-∂ Earth-1A Earth-2A Earth-3A Earth-19A Earth-27A Earth-32A Earth-38A Earth-52A Earth-247A Earth-666A Earth-XA UE-22 UE-23 UE-24
    Elemental Realms
    The Green The Red
    Forces of Nature
    Negative Sage Force Negative Speed Force Negative Still Force Negative Strength Force Sage Force Speed Force Still Force Strength Force
    Mystical Realms
    Afterlife Asgard Azarath Beck World Crocodile Land Dinosaur World Dark Place Dreaming Duat Dubnos Fairyland Fifth Dimension Goodhome Hades Heaven Hell Jacob Shaw's Alternate Reality Juru Magiclands Mount Olympus Mythria New Genesis Niflheim Nightshade Dimension Orqwith Purgatory Realm of Mallus Realm of Order Red Jack's Extra-Dimensional Palace Rock of Eternity Tartarus TV Universe Void World Between Worlds
    Extradimensional Realms
    Abyss Antimatter Universe Astral Plane Bizarro World Hell Dimension Jennifer Pierce's Safe Place Lantern Pocket Dimension Microverse Mindscape Mirrorverse Morlaidh Dimension Music Meister's Reality Multiversal Nexus Negative Zone Phantom Zone Quantum Unfolding Storage Area Shadowlands Source Wall Survival Zone Temporal Zone The Bleed The Lake Thinker's Sanctuary Vanishing Point Virus Dimension White Space
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