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    For other uses of Pilot, see Pilot (Disambiguation).

    "Pilot"[1] is the first episode of the first season of Smallville, and the first episode overall. It aired on October 16, 2001.

    Nietzsche? I didn't know you had a dark side, Clark.
    Doesn't everyone?
    So what are you: Man or Superman?
    I haven't figured it out yet.

    Synopsis[edit | hide | hide all]

    A meteor shower in Smallville, Kansas leaves behind a future superhero in the shape of a young boy who is taken in by Jonathan and Martha Kent. As his extraordinary powers begin to emerge, a teenage Clark faces the tribulations of high school and destiny, changing relationships with his future nemesis Lex Luthor and first love Lana Lang.[1]

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    Season 1

    Pilot Metamorphosis Hothead X-Ray Cool Hourglass Craving Jitters Rogue Shimmer Hug Leech Kinetic Zero Nicodemus Stray Reaper Drone Crush Obscura Tempest

    Season 2

    Vortex Heat Duplicity Red Nocturne Redux Lineage Ryan Dichotic Skinwalker Visage Insurgence Suspect Rush Prodigal Fever Rosetta Visitor Precipice Witness Accelerate Calling Exodus

    Season 3

    Exile Phoenix Extinction Slumber Perry Relic Magnetic Shattered Asylum Whisper Delete Hereafter Velocity Obsession Resurrection Crisis Legacy Truth Memoria Talisman Forsaken Covenant

    Season 4

    Crusade Gone Façade Devoted Run Transference Jinx Spell Bound Scare Unsafe Pariah Recruit Krypto Sacred Lucy Onyx Spirit Blank Ageless Forever Commencement

    Season 5

    Arrival Mortal Hidden Aqua Thirst Exposed Splinter Solitude Lexmas Fanatic Lockdown Reckoning Vengeance Tomb Cyborg Hypnotic Void Fragile Mercy Fade Oracle Vessel

    Season 6

    Zod Sneeze Wither Arrow Reunion Fallout Rage Static Subterranean Hydro Justice Labyrinth Crimson Trespass Freak Promise Combat Progeny Nemesis Noir Prototype Phantom

    Season 7

    Bizarro Kara Fierce Cure Action Lara Wrath Blue Gemini Persona Siren Fracture Hero Traveler Veritas Descent Sleeper Apocalypse Quest Arctic

    Season 8

    Odyssey Plastique Toxic Instinct Committed Prey Identity Bloodline Abyss Bride Legion Bulletproof Power Requiem Infamous Turbulence Hex Eternal Stiletto Beast Injustice Doomsday

    Season 9

    Savior Metallo Rabid Echo Roulette Crossfire Kandor Idol Pandora Disciple Absolute Justice, Part 1 Absolute Justice, Part 2 Warrior Persuasion Conspiracy Escape Checkmate Upgrade Charade Sacrifice Hostage Salvation

    Season 10

    Lazarus Shield Supergirl Homecoming Isis Harvest Ambush Abandoned Patriot Luthor Icarus Collateral Beacon Masquerade Fortune Scion Kent Booster Dominion Prophecy Finale, Part 1 Finale, Part 2

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