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    Oliver died so that we could continue to fight. He sacrificed everything for this new world, and we will not fail him. We will not fail this world.
    Sara Lance to the heroes of Earth-Prime[src]

    Earth-Prime is one of the many universes in the New Multiverse. It is a fusion of various Pre-Crisis universes such as Earth-1, Earth-38, and an undesignated universe (among some others.)

    History[edit | hide | hide all]

    See Timeline of Earth-Prime.

    During the Crisis, Oliver Queen and the Paragons recreated the destroyed multiverse. Among those universes in the recreated multiverse is Earth-Prime, merging other universes together.[1][2]

    Residents[edit | hide]

    See Characters from Earth-Prime.

    Locations[edit | hide]

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    Appearances[edit | hide]

    Season Two
    #1 Whatever Happened to Kate Kane? Appears
    #2 Prior Criminal History Appears
    #3 Bat Girl Magic! Appears
    #4 Fair Skin, Blue Eyes Appears
    #5 Gore on Canvas Appears
    #6 Do Not Resuscitate Appears
    #7 It's Best You Stop Digging Appears
    #8 Survived Much Worse Appears
    #9 Rule #1 Appears
    #10 Time Off for Good Behavior Appears
    #11 Arrive Alive Appears
    #12 Initiate Self-Destruct Appears
    #13 I'll Give You a Clue Appears
    #14 And Justice for All Appears
    #15 Armed and Dangerous Appears
    #16 Rebirth Appears
    #17 Kane, Kate Appears
    #18 Power Appears
    Season Six
    #1 Rebirth Appears
    #2 A Few Good Women Appears
    #3 Phantom Menaces Appears
    #4 Lost Souls Appears
    #5 Prom Night! Appears
    #6 Prom Again! Appears
    #7 Fear Knot Appears
    #8 Welcome Back, Kara! Appears
    #9 Dream Weaver Appears
    #10 Still I Rise Appears
    #11 Mxy in the Middle Appears
    #12 Blind Spots Appears
    #13 The Gauntlet Appears
    #14 Magical Thinking Appears
    #15 Hope for Tomorrow Appears
    #16 Nightmare in National City Appears
    #17 I Believe in a Thing Called Love Appears
    #18 Truth or Consequences Appears
    #19 The Last Gauntlet Appears
    #20 Kara Appears
    Season Seven
    #1 All's Wells That Ends Wells Appears
    #2 The Speed of Thought Appears
    #3 Mother Appears
    #4 Central City Strong Appears
    #5 Fear Me Appears
    #6 The One with the Nineties Appears
    #7 Growing Pains Appears
    #8 The People v. Killer Frost Appears
    #9 Timeless Appears
    #10 Family Matters, Part 1 Appears
    #11 Family Matters, Part 2 Appears
    #12 Good-Bye Vibrations Appears
    #13 Masquerade Appears
    #14 Rayo de Luz Appears
    #15 Enemy at the Gates Appears
    #16 P.O.W. Appears
    #17 Heart of the Matter, Part 1 Appears
    #18 Heart of the Matter, Part 2 Appears
    Season Eight
    #1 Armageddon, Part 1 Appears
    #2 Armageddon, Part 2 Appears
    #3 Armageddon, Part 3 Appears
    #4 Armageddon, Part 4 Appears
    #5 Armageddon, Part 5 Appears
    #6 Impulsive Excessive Disorder Appears
    #7 Lockdown Appears
    #8 The Fire Next Time Appears
    #9 Phantoms Appears
    #10 Reckless Appears
    #11 Resurrection Appears
    #12 Death Rises Appears
    #13 Death Falls Appears
    #14 Funeral for a Friend Appears
    #15 Into the Still Force Appears
    #16 The Curious Case of Bartholomew Allen Appears
    #17 Keep It Dark Appears
    #18 The Man in the Yellow Tie Appears
    #19 Negative, Part 1 Appears
    #20 Negative, Part 2 Appears

    Notes[edit | hide]

    • Due to the nature of the multiverse drastically altered when it was recreated, Earth-Prime became ground zero to a variety of multiversal anomalies.
      • When doppelgängers of different universes are present on Earth-Prime, whether the doppelgänger is from the original or the recreated multiverse, both would suffer from "Inter-Dimensional Kinesthesis", as coined by Lara Lor-Van from another universe. The anomaly appears as visions and severe headaches that not even powerful Kryptonians are able to withstand.[3] Additionally, according to Cisco Ramon, all "refugees" from the original multiverse with an already existing Post-Crisis counterpart were killed by February/March 2020.[4][5][6]
      • This anomaly somehow does not hold for the refugees inside Al's Dive Bar, who also came from various universes and interacted with their doppelgängers.[7]
      • Earth-Prime is isolated from other universes in the multiverse, at least until the Red showed it,[8] or the Bloodwork Crisis[9]. Although inter-dimensional traveling devices still exist, most are no longer able to harness vibrational frequencies to open breaches to other universes, and only able to open one within a universe, or to extra-dimensional locations such as Hell and the Mirrorverse.

    Gallery[edit | hide]

    References[edit | hide]

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    Original Multiverse
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    Transmultiversal Multiverse
    Earth-∂ Earth-1A Earth-2A Earth-3A Earth-19A Earth-27A Earth-32A Earth-38A Earth-52A Earth-247A Earth-666A Earth-XA UE-22 UE-23 UE-24
    Elemental Realms
    The Green The Red
    Forces of Nature
    Negative Sage Force Negative Speed Force Negative Still Force Negative Strength Force Sage Force Speed Force Still Force Strength Force
    Mystical Realms
    Afterlife Asgard Azarath Beck World Crocodile Land Dinosaur World Dark Place Dreaming Duat Dubnos Fairyland Fifth Dimension Goodhome Hades Heaven Hell Jacob Shaw's Alternate Reality Juru Magiclands Mount Olympus Mythria New Genesis Niflheim Nightshade Dimension Orqwith Purgatory Realm of Mallus Realm of Order Red Jack's Extra-Dimensional Palace Rock of Eternity Tartarus TV Universe Void World Between Worlds
    Extradimensional Realms
    Abyss Antimatter Universe Astral Plane Bizarro World Hell Dimension Jennifer Pierce's Safe Place Lantern Pocket Dimension Microverse Mindscape Mirrorverse Morlaidh Dimension Music Meister's Reality Multiversal Nexus Negative Zone Phantom Zone Quantum Unfolding Storage Area Shadowlands Source Wall Survival Zone Temporal Zone The Bleed The Lake Thinker's Sanctuary Vanishing Point Virus Dimension White Space
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