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    Sara Lance (Earth-1: Pre-Crisis)

    For other uses of Canary, see Canary (Disambiguation).

    Every scar on my body is a memory, a lesson that I learned in blood. And it's what makes me who I am. And I don't forget any of it.
    — Sara Lance[src]

    Co-Captain Sara Lance is a former member of the League of Assassins and the captain of the Waverider. Lance is also the daughter of Quentin and Dinah Lance, and the sister of Laurel Lance.

    Alongside Oliver and Robert Queen, Lance was on board the Queen's Gambit sank and was rescued by the Amazo.

    After a series of incidents on Lian Yu, Lance was found by Nyssa al Ghul and trained as a member of the League of Assassins as Ta-er al-Sahfer.[14] Lance soon returned to Starling City as the vigilante, the Canary, and subsequently the time travelling hero, the White Canary.

    In 2015, Lance was recruited by Rip Hunter to join the Legends of Tomorrow in order to rid the timeline of Vandal Savage's influence. Lance donned the alter ego of White Canary and began protecting the timeline.

    After defeating the Fates, Lance was kidnapped by Kayla and Gary Green under the orders of Bishop. She successfully overpowered Kayla and released a series of aliens across the Temporal Zone before crashing onto Pliny X-19, where she was poisoned with Zaguron venom and passed away shortly afterward. Her consciousness was then copied into a clone body as she continued her mission to return home. Lance returned to Earth after escaping Bishop's captivity and "rejoined" the Legends of Tomorrow. She also married Ava Sharpe and discovered her power of regeneration, a gift granted to her with her hybrid DNA with an unnamed alien.

    Biography[edit | hide | hide all]

    Early Life[edit | hide]

    Lance was born to Quentin and Dinah Lance, and as the younger sister of Laurel Lance.[15] At some point, Lance and her sister became friends with billionaires, Oliver Queen and Tommy Merlyn.[15]

    Assassin[edit | hide]

    After being stranded on Lian Yu for months, Lance met Nyssa al Ghul and joined the League of Assassins. Later, she left the organization and returned to Starling City as a vigilante working alongside The Arrow.[15]

    Recruited by Rip Hunter[edit | hide]

    Lance in 2015

    In 2015, Lance, alongside Ray Palmer, Mick Rory, Martin Stein, Jefferson Jackson, Kendra Saunders, Carter Hall and Leonard Snart were recruited by Rip Hunter. They were then the founding members of the team known as the Legends of Tomorrow and defended the timeline.[15][16][11]

    After their first mission, Lance's sleep was interrupted by Carter Hall, Leonard Snart and Ray Palmer's argument. Lance demanded the three to tell who spilled a plate full of breakfast on her. Ray attempted to clean the stains and Lance threatened to break his arm if he did so. Snart told the truth that Carter was responsible as the four began holding their weapons at each other. Gideon ordered them to stop and intimidated them by promising to open the airlock to eject them to the Temporal Zone.[17]

    After the first night on the ship, Lance entered the bridge and found the Legends arguing about only having one bathroom on the vehicle. Snart misfired a blast from his Cold Gun at Lance as she joined the fight. The fight was eventually broken up by Rip Hunter.[17]

    Death of Laurel Lance[edit | hide]

    In 2016, Laurel was killed by Damien Darhk during a mission. Lance then sought vengeance against Darhk for the next 4 years until Darhk's ultimate death.[15][18]

    In late 2016, Lance along with countless heroes fought in a Dominator Invasion. A year later, they fought against an Earth-X Invasion.[15]

    Guardian of the Timeline[edit | hide]

    In 2017, during Barry Allen and Iris West's wedding, Lance had a "fling" with Alex Danvers.[19]

    In 2018 (Legends Time), Lance and the Legends used the Totems to form a giant Beebo, eventually defeating Mallus, a Time Demon.[20][18]

    In 2019, Lance and the Legends built a theme park and defeated Neron and Tabitha, successfully restoring the soul of Ray Palmer back in his body. The team then attracted the spotlight all over the planet and started Legends-mania.[21]

    Later, Lance and the Legends appeared on a magazine cover. Lance and Sharpe also met Barack Obama.[21]

    Anti-Monitor Crisis[edit | hide]

    To stop the Crisis, Lance was accordingly chosen to be the Paragon of Destiny and was set to save the multiverse alongside the rest of the Paragons. After the Anti-Monitor successfully destroyed the multiverse, Lance and the rest of the Paragons assisted the Spectre in the Antimatter Universe for him to recreate a New Multiverse by defeating the Anti-Monitor in a fight. After sparking the Big Bang, Sara and Barry looked over a dying Oliver as he found peace in creating the new world.[10] Soon, the Paragons' consciousnesses were transferred to their Earth-Prime counterparts.[22]

    Crisis on Infinite Earths[edit | hide]

    In January 2020, Lance's Earth-1 counterpart's consciousness was restored in a new body. Lance then found herself in Star City and called Ray Palmer to a trivia bar. They were then approached by J'onn J'onzz, who restored Palmer's Pre-Crisis consciousness and told them about the Crisis merged their universes together. Lance then went to the Bunker for Oliver Queen.[20]

    However, Queen was not alive on Earth-Prime due to his sacrifice during the formation of a New Multiverse. Lance, Barry and Kara then find the city under attack by a giant Beebo. Lance stayed in the Bunker while the two and Ray went to fight the "monster". While they fight, Lance instructed them to use cables to trip Beebo, with the cables not being able to hold Beebo's body. Ray then alerted them that Beebo's body was not made of any elements on the periodic table, while Lance deduce it could be alien. Barry deduced it could be Magic and asked if the Totems of Zambesi are involved, reminding Lance of her former missions with Wally West. Lance used her comms and asked Ava as well as Nate as to if Behrad was on board. They told her that Behrad never left the ship, and it would have needed all Totems to form a Beebo. Later, Mick arrived and shot Beebo with a Heat Gun. Mick also told them that he, as a criminal, would use the opportunity to commit a crime. Lance and Barry then arrived at the bank, fighting Sargon the Sorcerer and eventually knocking him unconscious.[20]

    Later that night, Lance and Barry talked in a park and Lance reminisced her childhood with Laurel. The conversation was quickly interrupted by Shadow Demons and Lance arrived in Ivy Town, rescuing Ryan Choi and his daughter from danger.[20]

    Now regrouping in the Bunker, Lance gathered the heroes of Earth-Prime for a final fight against the Anti-Monitor. Nash Wells then alerted the group that the Anti-Monitor was, in fact, not killed during the Battle at the Dawn of Time. Mick proposed to throw him into the Sun and burn him, with Nash disagreeing as it would destroy the entire Solar System. Lance then told him that unlike him, Mick proposed a solution to the problem instead of causing it. The fight was then quickly broke off by Ray, who then proposed making a Shrinking Bomb. Lance agreed to the idea and split the group in two, one to S.T.A.R. Labs for the bomb, and one to Gardner Pier for the final fight. Ryan then stepped up to Lance and gave a motivation speech to her, assuring her that the plan would work.[20]

    Heroes fights Shadow Demons

    The heroes then went to the pier and fought countless Shadow Demons with Lance telling the fight is for Oliver. Lance led the team and fought against Anti-Monitor, who held up an energy shield protecting himself from all attacks. Lance and countless were then surrounded by Shadow Demons, only for The Flash to disintegrate them and allow Atom, with Supergirl, to end the fight once and for all.[20]

    Honoring Oliver Queen

    After honoring Queen's death, Lance was shown of Barry's new hall for future crossovers and formed "Justice League".[20]

    Funeral of Oliver Queen[edit | hide]

    Weeks after the Crisis, Lance used her Time Couriers and travelled to 2040, bringing Mia Queen to attend Oliver's funeral. Lance also warned Mia about telling people about the future. Later, Lance encouraged Felicity to talk to Mia. During Oliver's funeral, Lance and the group chose Diggle to give a speech. Lance later returned to the Waverider afterward.[15]

    Encores[edit | hide]

    Meet the Legends[edit | hide]

    "Meet the Legends"

    Returned to the Waverider, Lance met a documentary crew and asked Sharpe about the reason. She then informed Lance about how the government disallowed the Legends to work until they give transparency on their missions. During the filming, the team was encountered with a Time Quake that brought them to Russia, 1917. Lance and the Legends left to investigate and realized that Grigori Rasputin was still alive despite his original death days prior.[21]

    The team returned to the ship and Lance told them to ignore the cameras, and instead, work on their mission. They then brainstormed different ideas to kill Rasputin once more with Lance and Behrad Tarazi working on fixing Gideon. Tarazi later gave Lance a drawing of herself, Laurel Lance (Earth-1: Pre-Crisis)her sister and Oliver Queen, in honor of Queen's recent passing.[21]

    As the team went back to Rasputin's manor for the assassination, Lance received a video call from Constantine and Gary Green, who was told that Astra Logue was the person responsible for resurrecting historical villains (nicknamed Encores by Mona Wu). Lance then confronted the Legends as they failed their mission and left the director in the manor. She also expressed her frustration and anger towards the cameras as she wanted her friends to talk to after Queen's death. Lance and Behrad then prepared for another mission after Rasputin sent another video of himself announcing his upcoming assassination of the Romanov family.[21]

    As they arrived at the manor, Lance and Behrad successfully prevented the Romanov family from eating poisonous food. However, Behrad, along with Rasputin's army, were hypnotized by Rasputin and attacked Lance. Luckily, the Legends arrived in full gear after failing their original assassination and protected Lance from attacks. During the fight, Lance reconciled with Sharpe and proceeded to fight the soldiers, eventually killing Rasputin into countless pieces by throwing Ray in his mouth and expanding.[21]

    The Legends in NYC

    Days later, Lance and the team went to New York City for the documentary film premiere event. Kevin Harris to not "be themselves" and introduced them to the audiences. However, the Legends told them that the time travel in the film are all fictional in order to protect the truth from the general public. Despite keeping time travel as a secret, they lost their financial support from the government. Lance then ordered Mick, and he showed the team of priceless items stolen by him, providing enough support for their later missions. Lance and Sharpe later witnessed Constantine drinking Rasputin's remains to travel to Hell.[21]

    Return of "Bugsy" Siegel[edit | hide]

    In 1947, Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel was resurrected from the dead by Astra Logue. Lance and the Legends quickly detected the aberration and went to Los Angeles in 1947. As they arrived, Lance, Ray and Constantine went to investigate about the aberration while Sharpe and Mick stayed on the ship. The trio then arrived in Webb & Moore and found dust on the ground. Constantine that realized it was the remains of Webb, and he was killed by Hellfire. However, they were quickly interrupted by Jeanie Hill, and they disguised as Moore, his assistant (Lance) and a police sergeant (Ray). After the conversation, Lance led Jeanie out of the office while Ray gave her money for "protection".[23]

    Lance then proceeded to go to the Blue Iguana, Siegel's club and seduced him into giving her the photos of Jeanie. They then went to the back-alley next to the building as they are attacked by the Cohen Crime Family. The LAPD quickly arrived and arrested both groups to the Central Police Station.[23]

    Later, Lance returned to the club as Sharpe and Mick causes a distraction. Lance then complimented Sharpe's performance of Poison despite being drunk and was monotonous. Siegel then arrived and fought the Legends, with Lance eventually knocking him unconscious and brining him back on the ship. After Constantine returned, he was blinded by anger and cast a spell, bringing Siegel to Hell and killed him in front of Astra. Lance then brought Sharpe to the parlor and told Mick not be hard on her after her singing, with them being interrupted when Behrad and Nate sends the former's sister on board.[23]

    High School Reunion 2003[edit | hide]

    Darhk Returns[edit | hide]

    Goodbye to an Old Friend[edit | hide]

    Fighting Fate[edit | hide]

    Going Blind[edit | hide]

    Chase of the Chalice[edit | hide]

    England Zombie Apocalypse[edit | hide]

    After cleaning up John Constantine's manor, the Legends left the building. However, the portal back to Hudson University was no longer present. They then proceeded to wait for the bus back to London for another Time Courier back to the Waverider. Their plan was quickly delayed as the bus driver refused to drive them as they do not have money. Luckily, Mick was able to throw the driver out of the bus and hijacked the vehicle.[11]

    On the bus, Lance and Sharpe talked about the relationship on the team as co-captains. They were quickly interrupted when a Zombie was hit by a bus. Lance and the Legends then got off the bus and checked on the victim. The victim then attacked the team with Mick punching it and killing it. As they look around, countless Zombies charged at them and Lance fought against several with hand-to-hand combat skills. As they were out of trouble, they realized the bus is no longer drivable and decided to walk on foot to London.[11]

    During the trip, they were intercepted by the British Army and were considered "intelligent Zombies". They were then brought to a concentration camp and escaped. As they discussed their next step, Constantine and Zari arrived in a truck and brought them to the Time Bureau safe house in London.[11]

    Death of Sara Lance

    They then barricaded the door as the Courier was not charged. They then ate dinner while discussing their possibilities of using the Loom of Fate. Lance walked away after the team clinked their glasses of beer. Sharpe then approached Lance and asked about what she saw when they leave the manor, with Lance saying her life ends in the pub. Unfortunately, the vision became true when the Zombies attacked the pub and attacked the barricade. Lance then attracted the Zombies from Sharpe and Charlie as they were overwhelmed. During the battle, Lance was attacked by a huge group of Zombies and was eaten alive, urging Sharpe to push Charlie to leave the pub back to the Waverider the moment the Courier was charged.[11]

    Star Trip/Mr. Parker's Cul De Sac[edit | hide]

    Final Showdown[edit | hide]

    Into the Cosmos[edit | hide]

    Kidnapped by Gary Green[edit | hide]

    After being kidnapped by Green, Lance found herself in a cryo pod and attempted to escape, she was then able to unlock herself with a bio print scanner. She observed the environment and saw Earth from a long distance.[19]

    Crash Landing[edit | hide]

    Meeting Bishop[edit | hide]

    Death[edit | hide]

    Clone Creation[edit | hide]

    Sara Lance's death

    After seemingly offering an antidote to a Zaguron toxin,[24] Bishop cloned Sara Lance, duplicating her body and memories to an entirely new body. The corpse was then stored in one of the rooms on Bishop's ship.[12]

    Activation[edit | hide]

    The newly cloned Lance later woke up in a room with Nurse Ava greeting her. Lance was given a concept on Bishop's plan to save humanity after witnessing the Destruction of Earth. Lance disagreed with his ideas and Bishop left her in the room with 15 seasons of Wynonna Earp until she changes her mind.[24]

    Hours later, Lance disassembled the remote control and attempted to force Nurse Ava to help her escape. However, Nurse Ava was unwilling to help her as she knew she is replaceable to Bishop and would not matter. Lance was disappointed at her thoughts and let her go, allowing her to reconsider. Soon, Nurse Ava returned as Lance exercised, and they escaped with a "power cell" for Kayla's ship. They then quickly arrived on Kayla's ship and attempted to restart the vehicle, only to be greeted by Bishop and the AVA Troops. Bishop revealed that the "power cell" was simply one of his sleepy-wakey nightlights. Lance acted quickly and defeated the troops, eventually snapping Bishop's neck.[24]

    Later, Lance woke up back on Bishop's ship and was greeted by him.[24] Lance questioned Bishop's survival and quickly understood his Clone physiology. Lance was later brought back to her room with cuffs.[12]

    Truth[edit | hide]

    After finding a camera in her room, Lance used a tape and covered it. She was then surprised by Gary Green, who used his ability of body contortion and travelled through the pipes, approaching Lance from the toilet. Green told her that he found where the real power cells were and returned to the pipes, while Lance attempted to attract Bishop to uncuff her. Bishop arrived and Lance pretended that she changed her mind. Bishop uncuffed her and decided to start fresh, inviting her to dinner at 8. Lance gladly agreed and playfully strangled Bishop, which they both laughed at.[12]

    Lance finds out the truth

    Lance dressed up and went to Bishop's dining room, which was decorated and prepared by Ava Assistant. During their dinner, Bishop revealed that Mick Rory is most likely dead under the toxic air on Pliny X-19. Lance was then angered that he did not tell her about Rory's arrival and his violent actions against him. Lance attacked Bishop and quickly defeated him, dragging him to open his lab's door. As they entered the lab, Lance saw the Cloning Machine and told Bishop that she does not start fresh, she instead keeps her scars and reminds herself of her past. However, Bishop asked her why she did not have scars from her previous confrontation. Lance slowly approached a body bag and unmasked it, revealing the real Sara Lance's corpse.[12]

    Escape from Pliny X-19[edit | hide]

    Hunt for Pod Aliens[edit | hide]

    Fist City, Oklahoma Territory[edit | hide]

    Behrad's Birthday[edit | hide]

    The Legends vs. Pin Killers[edit | hide]

    Bishop's Return[edit | hide]

    Beast/Slayers[edit | hide]

    Family Reunion[edit | hide]

    Contacting Kayla[edit | hide]

    Invasion[edit | hide]

    A Roaring Rewind[edit | hide]

    The Bullet Blondes[edit | hide]

    Honeymoon[edit | hide]

    The Greatest Show[edit | hide]

    Maiden Voyage[edit | hide]

    Displaced In Time[edit | hide]

    Broken Machine[edit | hide]

    Rosies[edit | hide]

    Live on Air[edit | hide]

    Fighting Back[edit | hide]

    Trials and Errors[edit | hide]

    Valley of the Shadows of Death[edit | hide]

    Retirement is a Piece of Cake[edit | hide]

    Knocked Up[edit | hide]

    Arrested[edit | hide]

    Alternate Versions[edit | hide]

    Possible Future[edit | hide]

    Magog[edit | hide]

    Reverse Flashpoint[edit | hide]

    Powers and Abilities[edit | hide]

    Powers[edit | hide]

    Former Powers[edit | hide]

    • Human-Kriblix Hybrid Clone Physiology: After being recreated in a clone body, Lance's DNA was mixed with that of a Kriblix, giving her the default abilities and the characteristics of the alien.[1]
      • Regeneration: Lance was able to heal her wounds at an immense speed, as shown when her wounds quickly close while bleeding from a metal scratch.[1] Lance was also able to survive a bullet shot to the head.[25] However, her abilities were transferred to the fetus growing inside her when she was pregnant, making her merely mortal.[26]
    • Magic: When Spooner briefly switched Lance and Astra's powers, Lance was able to access the latter's power of using magic.[27]
      • Energy Blasts: Lance was briefly able to channel a crimson energy flame in her palms, using it against the Zagurons.[27]
    • Precognition: Lance has the power to see future events after seeing Atropos' true form.[28] However, the power was limited by Lance's death as she could not see past the future.[11] Lance later lost the power when she killed Atropos as she was the source of her powers.[29]
    • Powers via the Death Totem: With her body manipulated by Mallus, Lance gained mystical abilities when wielding the Death Totem, making her a dangerous being to the Legends.[3]
    • Superhuman Durability: After being resurrected in the Lazarus Pit, Lance's soul has yet to return to her body. During the period of time, Lance's physiology was temporarily altered, allowing her to jump out of a window with no visible injuries.[30]
    • Superhuman Strength: Lance was able to overpower Oliver Queen and Laurel Lance with brute force.[30]

    Abilities[edit | hide]

    • Leadership: Since joining Rip Hunter's Legends of Tomorrow, Lance progressively became more experienced in leading missions across time, and was unanimously voted as the leader of the team when Hunter was displaced in time.[2]
    • Marksmanship: Lance was skilled in handling firearms of a wide range, including handguns and sniper rifles.[31][32]
    • Medical Knowledge/Toxicology: Lance was taught of basic first aid skills and extensive training in the field of toxicology.[33]
    • Multilingualism: Lance was fluent in English, Mandarin, Arabic, and Tibetan.
    • Peak of Human Physical Condition: Under the League of Assassins' trainings, Lance was able to exponentially increase and strengthen her physique, allowing her to perform exceptional physical feats in combat.[34]
      • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Lance was familiar with a series of close combat skill sets, including Aikido, Boxing, Bojutsu, Kickboxing, Capoeira, Escrima, Wrestling, Kung Fu, Karate, Hapkido, Judo, Jiu-jitsu, Jeet Kune Do, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Ninjutsu, Savate, Tae Kwon Do and Wing Chun, with her capable of taking down opponents multiple times her size.[35]
        • Knife-Fighting: Both close combat and long-range attacks, Lance often wielded knives to subdue her opponents in a quick and precise manner.[36]
        • Staff-Fighting: As the Canary and later White Canary, Lance's weapons of choice were a series of tonfas and bo-staffs, which were essential to her non-lethal role as a vigilante.[34]
        • Swordsmanship: When training under the League of Assassins, Lance became proficient in the use of swords and defeat experienced swordsmen across history.[37][38]
    • Pilot: With Gideon's assistance, Lance quickly became capable of navigating and piloting the Waverider.[39]
    • Thievery: In her younger years, Lance was connected to juvenile delinquents that taught her a variety of thievery skills, despite her role as a police officer's daughter.[40]

    Weaknesses[edit | hide]

    Former Weaknesses[edit | hide]

    • Bloodlust: Upon her resurrection in the Lazarus Pit, Lance gained a violent personality and often attacked her opponents to a point where her attacks were life-threatening. The bloodlust soon faded after rejoining the League of Assassins to control her impulsive actions through herbs and meditation.[37][41]
    • Blindness: Lance gained the power of precognition with the cost of losing her normal vision. However, she was trained by the League of Assassins and the blindness does not affect her daily life. As she no longer has precognition powers, Lance's vision fully returned.[29]

    Equipment[edit | hide]

    Former Equipment[edit | hide]

    • Sonic Device: To incapacitate large groups of opponents, Lance often deployed a non-lethal device that generators high-frequency sound waves.[42]
    • Canary Cry: A modified version of the sonic device, Lance briefly used a bracelet that replicated the high frequency sound waves when she returned to Star City. The bracelet was later given to a powerless Dinah Drake until she regained her powers.[43]
    • Canary Suit: As the Canary, Lance wore a black leather protective suit with a domino mask to conceal her identity.[34]
    • Motorcycle: Like the Arrow and her sister, Lance drove a motorcycle to travel across great distances in Star City.[35]
    • Death Totem: To defeat Mallus, Lance wielded the Death Totem.[3]
    • League Armor: As a member of the League of Assassins, Lance wore a protective armor to defend herself.[37]
    • Time Courier: Stolen from the Time Bureau, Lance and the Legends often used Time Couriers to travel to locations across space and time unnoticed.[44]
    • Glasses: When Lance was blind, Gary Green gave her a pair of sunglasses for protection.[45]
    • White Canary Suits: Lance wears a white leather suit as the White Canary.[46] However, she rarely uses it on time travelling missions as she wears era-appropriate outfits as disguises. The suit was presumably destroyed when Bishop destroyed the Waverider.[27]
    • Batons: Lance uses a pair of batons as her primary weapon. The batons are also capable of connecting as a staff.[34] These were also presumably destroyed along with the Waverider.[27]

    Filmography[edit | hide]

    Appearances[edit | hide]

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    Bored on Board Onboard Appears
    Silence of the Sonograms Appears
    There Will Be Brood Appears
    The Fungus Amongus Appears
    The Bullet Blondes Appears
    The Need for Speed Appears
    wvrdr_error_100 not found Memory
    Speakeasy Does It Appears
    It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Scientist Appears
    Armageddon, Part 1 Mentioned
    Deus Ex Latrina Appears
    A Woman's Place Is in the War Effort! Appears
    Armageddon, Part 3 Mentioned
    Armageddon, Part 4 Mentioned
    Paranoid Android Appears
    Lowest Common Demoninator Appears
    The Fixed Point Appears
    Rage Against the Machines Appears
    Too Legit to Quit Appears
    Knocked Down, Knocked Up Appears
    The (Ex) Legends of Tomorrow
    Booster's Day Out
    Road Trip
    The Man in the Yellow Tie Flashback
    Savior Complex

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    Other versions of Sara Lance
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