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    Behrad Tarazi (Earth-1: Pre-Crisis)

    I'm sad sometimes. I'm scared a lot. I died, and I never talked about it... because maybe I'm afraid if I'm honest with anyone, they'll end up hating me.
    — Behrad Tarazi[src]

    Behrad Tarazi is a bearer of the Air Totem from 2042 and a member of the Legends of Tomorrow.

    Tarazi was originally known as Behrad Tomaz in the erased dystopian timeline and one of the targets of A.R.G.U.S. He was later murdered while telling his sister to flee. Tarazi's death was erased when the Legends altered the timeline in Heyworld, 2019, causing the Anti-Metahuman Act to never have happened.

    Biography[edit | hide | hide all]

    Early Life[edit | hide]

    Young Tarazi

    Behrad Tarazi was born between late 2019 and January 2020 to Nasreen Tarazi and an unnamed man, as the younger brother of Zari Tomaz.

    In 2021 of the erased timeline, the United States issued a series of Anti-Metahuman Act. This led to the Tarazi family changing their family name to Tomaz. Tarazi and his sister Zari then lived under fear and were hunted by A.R.G.U.S. Eventually, Tarazi and Zari were found and attacked. Tarazi protected Zari's life and was shot to death.[16]

    Hi, I'm Behrad Tarazi. I guess you probably think I'm some kind of awesome future man, since I'm from 2044.
    — Behrad Tarazi's interview[src]
    In high school, Tarazi watched the only two seasons of Bud Stuy and was changed. He then ignored his parents' expectations of him being a businessman and claimed to be studying at Wharton University.[9][11]

    "Burger Boy"[edit | hide]

    Takes me back to my days at Burger Herder. The satisfying ache in my forearm from a day flipping patties. Of course, those patties were organic and free range.
    — Behrad Tarazi[src]

    While growing up, Tarazi was under the shadow of his celebrity sister, Zari. He was never known as an individual and was only known as "Dragon Girl's Brother". However, he found people who treated him like an individual at Burger Herder and finally acted as himself. Later, Tarazi became a burger chef and a sign spinner.[3][9]

    Joining the Legends[edit | hide]

    In 2044, Tarazi stole the family heirloom and joined the Legends as a time travelling superhero.[11] He quickly befriended Nate Heywood and Ray Palmer, coining themselves as the "Time Bros".[1]

    Meet the Fates[edit | hide]

    Hunting Encores[edit | hide]

    Zari's Visit[edit | hide]

    Death[edit | hide]

    Ultimate Buds[edit | hide]

    Into the Cosmos[edit | hide]

    Search for Sara Lance[edit | hide]

    Burger Buddies[edit | hide]

    With this spatula comes a duty to transfer our positive energy into this burger and out to that town. If these are the vibes that you put into their food, they're gonna taste it, and if these are the vibes you bring to the mission, the totem's gonna feel it.
    — Tarazi to Zari[src]

    Fight for Da Throne[edit | hide]

    Bond with Castro[edit | hide]

    House Guest[edit | hide]

    Back to the Finale[edit | hide]

    Hunt for Pod Aliens[edit | hide]

    Fist City, Oklahoma Territory[edit | hide]

    Birthday Boy[edit | hide]

    Chaos on the Waverider[edit | hide]

    Stuck in the Temporal Zone[edit | hide]

    Bishop's Return[edit | hide]

    Beast/Slayers[edit | hide]

    Invasion[edit | hide]

    A Roaring Rewind[edit | hide]

    The Bullet Blondes[edit | hide]

    Speed[edit | hide]

    The Greatest Show[edit | hide]

    Maiden Voyage[edit | hide]

    Displaced In Time[edit | hide]

    Broken Machine[edit | hide]

    Taarof[edit | hide]

    Live on Air[edit | hide]

    Fighting Back[edit | hide]

    Trials and Errors[edit | hide]

    Valley of the Shadow of Death[edit | hide]

    Retirement is a Piece of Cake[edit | hide]

    Capture of Mametz[edit | hide]

    Arrested[edit | hide]

    Possible Future[edit | hide]

    Powers and Abilities[edit | hide]

    Powers[edit | hide]

    • Powers via the Air Totem: Tarazi stole the totem from his family, allowing him to have powers.
      • Aerokinesis: Using the totem, Tarazi is able to create air vortexes and a strong gust of wind. He can control the element of air.
        • Air Blasts: Tarazi is capable of firing a strong gust of air in order to attack his opponents or defend himself.

    Former Powers[edit | hide]

    • Regeneration: When Spooner briefly switched Tarazi and Sara Lance's powers, Tarazi was able to survive Zaguron poison and returned to peak performance in seconds.[12]

    Abilities[edit | hide]

    • High-level Intellect: Tarazi was shown to have a wide understanding in engineering and physics.
      • Engineering: Tarazi is the engineer of the Waverider and familiar with the mechanics of the vehicle.
    • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Tarazi is shown to be able to fight several triad members.
      • Swordsmanship: Tarazi was able to fight triad members using the Hell Sword.
    • Guitar Playing: Tarazi is proficient at playing a guitar.[6]
    • Piano Playing: Tarazi was shown to be able to play the piano.[17]
    • Cooking: Tarazi was a chef at Burger Herder.[3]
    • Juggling: While hiding as a clown in Odessa, Tarazi learned how to juggle.[18]
    • Bilingualism: Tarazi is fluent in English and Persian.[15]

    Equipment[edit | hide]

    Current Equipment[edit | hide]

    • Totem Wristband: After the Air Totem's originally container was destroyed, Tarazi was given a wristband.
      • Air Totem: Tarazi stole the family heirloom and escaped his home era, joining the Legends.

    Filmography[edit | hide]

    Possible Future[edit | hide]

    Discography[edit | hide]

    Possible Future[edit | hide]

    Appearances[edit | hide]

    Zari Pictured
    Return of the Mack Pictured
    Welcome to the Jungle Indirectly Mentioned
    Beebo the God of War Mentioned
    Here I Go Again Mentioned
    Necromancing the Stone Glamour
    The Virgin Gary Mentioned
    Terms of Service Mentioned
    Hey, World! Appears
    Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Five Mentioned
    Meet the Legends Appears
    Miss Me, Kiss Me, Love Me Appears
    Slay Anything Appears
    A Head of Her Time Appears
    Mortal Khanbat Appears
    Mr. Parker's Cul-De-Sac Appears
    Romeo v Juliet: Dawn of Justness Appears
    Zari, Not Zari Appears
    The Great British Fake Off Mentioned
    Ship Broken Pictured
    Freaks and Greeks Mentioned
    I Am Legends Mentioned
    The One Where We're Trapped on TV Appears
    Swan Thong Appears
    Ground Control to Sara Lance Appears
    Meat: The Legends Appears
    The Ex-Factor Appears
    Bay of Squids Appears
    The Satanist's Apprentice Appears
    Bishop's Gambit Appears
    Back to the Finale: Part II Appears
    Stressed Western Appears
    This Is Gus Appears
    Bad Blood Appears
    The Final Frame Appears
    Bored on Board Onboard Appears
    Silence of the Sonograms Appears
    The Fungus Amongus Appears
    The Bullet Blondes Appears
    The Need for Speed Appears
    wvrdr_error_100 not found Memory
    Speakeasy Does It Appears
    It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Scientist Appears
    Deus Ex Latrina Appears
    A Woman's Place Is in the War Effort! Appears
    Paranoid Android Appears
    Lowest Common Demoninator Appears
    The Fixed Point Appears
    Rage Against the Machines Appears
    Too Legit to Quit Appears
    Knocked Down, Knocked Up Appears
    The (Ex) Legends of Tomorrow Flashback
    Booster's Day Out Appears

    Notes[edit | hide]

    • Tarazi is not fond of alcohol.[4]

    Gallery[edit | hide]

    Promotional Images[edit | hide]

    References[edit | hide]

    Other versions of Behrad Tarazi
    New Multiverse

    Earth: 1
    Original Multiverse

    Earth: 1

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