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    Waverider (Earth-1: Pre-Crisis)

    You are on a 22nd century timeship, designation WR-2059, currently situated in the Temporal Zone.

    Waverider, designation WR-2059, was a timeship designed and created by the Time Masters, and assigned to Captain Rip Hunter. After Hunter went rogue, the Waverider became the base of operations of the Legends of Tomorrow, a team recruited by Hunter himself against Vandal Savage. The position of captain later fell to Sara Lance (and later accompanied by Ava Sharpe after the fall of the Time Bureau), who piloted the Waverider until its destruction in 1925.

    History[edit | hide | hide all]

    Time Masters[edit | hide]

    In the distant future, around the 23rd century,[1] the Waverider was created among other Timeships for the Time Masters. Originally designed for only one crew member, the Waverider was piloted by Captain Rip Hunter and Gideon served as the vessel's A.I. system.[2]

    Legends of Tomorrow[edit | hide]

    The Legends

    In 2015, Rip Hunter recruited 8 individuals (Ray Palmer, Jefferson Jackson, Martin Stein, Sara Lance, Carter Hall, Kendra Saunders, Leonard Snart and Mick Rory) to be members of the Legends and brought them on the Waverider. They then continued to operate across the timeline to prevent any catastrophic events from destroying time itself, serving as the last line of defense.[3] In 2017, the Legends were confronted by the Federal Time Bureau and were forced to work under the bureau's oversight. As a result, the Waverider was considered to be United States government property.[4]

    In late 2017, the Legends travelled to Vietnam and were attacked by Gorilla Grodd. The Waverider was severely damaged and was eventually repaired by Jackson.[2]

    Following the Time Bureau's disbandment in 2019 and Neron's attack, the Legends sent Ava Sharpe, the former director of the bureau, to the U.S. Senate in order to negotiate for the Legends' actions in the future. Eventually, the Waverider was given back to the Legends with the compromise that a documentary shall be shot for transparency.[4]

    Hijacked by the Fates[edit | hide]

    Waverider in the Loomworld

    In 2020, the Legends were trapped in England by the Fates, who were assisted by Astra Logue. Disabling Gideon and killing Gary Green, the Fates soon created an alternate reality with the Loom of Fate and disposed the Waverider to a junkyard.[5][6]

    Fortunately, the Legends were able to escape and return to the Waverider, repairing it in order to escape the Fates. However, Gideon was stolen by the Fates and was converted as the new "Loom of Fate", controlling the minds of the denizens of Earth until the Legends restored reality.[6]

    Spaceship[edit | hide]

    Waverider on Pliny X-19

    In London 1977, Sara Lance was kidnapped by a pair of aliens.[7] As Mick Rory found Kayla, they converted the fuel cells of the Waverider in order for deep space travel to Pliny X-19.[8] However, the Waverider was stolen by Amelia Earhart and returned to Earth, with the Legends discovering the aberration and investigating it.[9] Despite the disappearance of the Waverider, Lance, Rory and Gary Green were able to return to Earth using Kayla's ship.[10]

    Weeks later, Lance, Rory, Logue and Cruz were kidnapped to an outer space bowling alley. Earth was also converted into a bowling ball and affected the Waverider's navigation system, with Gideon unable to plot an Exit Vector from the Temporal Zone. Constantine then cast a spell that forcibly brought the vessel to Earth's location, damaging the Time Drive in the process.[11] The Waverider soon spent weeks trying to fly back to Earth before Kayla hijacked the ship with Bishop's vessel.[12]

    Bishop's body was later reprinted on the Waverider, and he was able to plot a plan to escape captivity.[13] He and a deceived Constantine quickly took control of the Waverider as the Legends (except Logue and Cruz) talked to Constantine's astral projection. While the two searched for the true Fountain of Imperium, Bishop placed an explosive next to the Human-Necrian hybrid eggs of Mick and Kayla, trying to buy time for his hijacking of Kayla's ship.[14] The Legends then rescued the eggs from danger while the explosives were detonated, damaging the lab, the den, medical bay and Gideon's CPU. Kayla soon repaired the damage, which was praised by Gideon, before Bishop's recording took control of Gideon once again.[15]

    Rogue Waverider[edit | hide]

    Bishop destroys the Waverider

    After the invasion was thwarted by the Fountain of Imperium, the Legends returned to the Waverider and prepared for their next crusade. However, another Waverider arrived and destroyed the original vessel, forcing the Legends to be stranded in 1925.[15]

    Overview[edit | hide]

    Compartments[edit | hide]

    • Bridge: The bridge was where the ship was piloted from the control console for the captain's chair. At the front of the ship, the bridge had viewports that allowed the crew to see the outside or view the Temporal Zone. It also had a central console where Gideon could talk to the crew in a holographic form as well as for accessing information needed for their various missions.[4]
    • Parlor: The office was where many of the missions were discussed. The office was adorned with many different artifacts.[4]
    • Cargo Bay: The cargo bay was a room that was often used to store various equipment. The bay also had a door hatch that was used for entering and exiting the ship.[4]
    • Library: This room was equipped with computer screens and was sometimes where planning for missions was done. Like the parlor, the library was adorned with various artifacts from many different time periods, including hundreds of books, stone busts, fossils, and pottery.[4]
    • Laboratory: This room was where Behrad Tarazi and Nate Heywood tried to remove the virus in Gideon's system.[4]
    • Medical Bay: The medical bay was where the crew went to receive medical treatments for illnesses and injuries.[17]
    The fabricator
    • Fabricator Room: This room had special fabrication technology that can fashion temporally indigenous clothing.[17]
    • Galley and Dining Room: The galley was equipped with food and drinks for the crew. The galley also had its own food fabricator capable of making food and drinks for the crew.[18]
    • Lavatory: The Waverider consisted of only one bathroom, which the Legends. The bathroom consisted of a shower room, a toilet and a sink.[18]
    • Crew Quarters: Each crew member had quarters to sleep in.[4]
      • Palmer Quarters: Ray Palmer's quarters were shared with Nora Darhk (later Palmer). The quarters had a shelf with his display of various mementos of being a Legend, such as a photo of him and Heywood, his shrink gauntlet, his drawing of being knighted as Sir Raymond of the Palms and more. There was also a mannequin that held the ATOM Exosuit.[18]
      • Mick Rory's Quarters: Rory's quarters were darker and had piles of weapons around the table. As he was an ex-author, the table was full of papers and a typewriter. The quarters were also filled with "souvenirs" across time.[18]
      • Nate Heywood's Quarters: Heywood quarters stores his precious items such as a Beebo doll and a scooter.[19]
      • Captains' Quarters: Co-Captains Lance and Sharpe share their quarters. The quarters consisted of a bed and a television.[10]
      • Zari Tarazi's Quarters: Despite her time living at Constantine's manor, Tarazi owned quarters on the Waverider and later completely moved in following her breakup with John Constantine.[15]
    • Trash Compactor: The ship included a trash compactor that collects and destroys unwanted objects.[20]
    • Emergency Hatch: According to Mick Rory, there was an emergency hatch.[21]
    • Engine Room: Like other vehicles, the Waverider had an engine room for repairs and maintenance.[2]
    • Brig: Before the forcefield was installed in the laboratory, individuals apprehended by the Legends were placed in the brig, an isolated glass room that briefly held Vandal Savage.[2]

    Additional Vessels[edit | hide]

    Waverider Jump Ship
    • Waverider Jump Ship: A smaller separate detachable ship that the Legends can either use to go on reconnaissance missions, drop-offs, or just to travel to two separate places at once. It was also a vessel Charlie uses for "joyrides".[4] It was later destroyed by Atropos.

    Functions[edit | hide]

    • Time Travel: The ship was capable of time travelling back in time to any point of the timeline by the use of a Time Drive and through powering up the Time Core.[6]
    • Flight: The ship was able to fly with the use of thrusters. According to Behrad Tarazi, the ship flies at the speed of thousands of miles per hour, capable of killing aliens in its collision course.[22] However, the Waverider's propulsion system had proven to be limited by altitude, as it failed to climb higher moments after being rebooted.[6]
    • Oxygen Supply: As the ship usually situates in the Temporal Zone, the ship had to supply oxygen for its passengers.[4]
    • Gravity Generation: The ship can create gravitational force to simulate the environment of Earth.[4]

    Systems[edit | hide]

    A.I. System[edit | hide]


    The Waverider included an Artificial Intelligence known as Gideon. Gideon controlled the navigation, systems, and other sections of the ship. Additionally, Gideon's system could be overridden with codes and programs spoken by the crew. This included "Matador's Last Strike", which activates the ship's weapons systems[16] and "Spaniel, Broad, Tricycle." which forces Gideon to obey the commands of the speaker.[13] Gideon also had a Temporal Chronometer, allowing her to determine the ages of the passengers and record their birthdays in the Temporal Zone.[23]

    Weapons System[edit | hide]

    Weapons System

    As a vehicle made after the 22nd century, it included multiple futuristic and advanced weapons. This included the following:

    • Blasters: The front of the ship included two heavy blasters capable of destroying durable materials.
    • Shields: The ship was protected through a layer of energy shield, able to protect the shield from most attacks. However, the shield and the hull of the ship were unable to withstand Spooner's energy blasts.[7]

    Scanning System[edit | hide]

    The ship contained cameras on the interior and exterior of the hull, able to monitor crewmate's quarters and the environment. The scanning system was capable of monitoring the Temporal Zone, informing the crew of a Time Aberration. It was also briefly upgraded by Ava Sharpe using the Prognosticator, which monitored Magic energy and utilized to hunt Encores.[24] Later, Gary Green and Spooner Cruz installed the Pod Tracker from Kayla's ship to Gideon, allowing her to locate where and when the Alien Pods landed.[25]

    Medical System[edit | hide]

    Med Bay

    The ship consisted of a medical bay which treated injured crewmates and civilians using futuristic technology. The medical system included an X-Ray, cerebral scanner, sedation bracelet and a fabricator for medicine. Despite being able to treat injuries and diseases, the system was unable to treat terminal lung cancer as shown when Gideon was unable to issue medicine or treatments on John Constantine.[24] A Flesh Printer was also installed in the medical bay, capable of restoring severed limbs and even print a clone out of scratch.[12]

    External System[edit | hide]

    • Cloaking: The ship's exterior included multiple panels, allowing the vehicle to be cloaked in different environments. The cloaking was also able to prevent the Waverider from detection until the weapons system was activated.[16]

    Occupants[edit | hide]

    Crew[edit | hide]

    Former Crew[edit | hide]

    Passengers[edit | hide]

    Former Passengers

    Inmates[edit | hide]

    Former Inmates[edit | hide]

    Artifacts[edit | hide]

    Appearances[edit | hide]

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    Notes[edit | hide]

    • Despite Gideon claiming the Waverider is designated "WR-2059", the designation shown in Swan Thong was "WR-2055".
    • According to Martin Stein, the vessel uses holographic indigenous camouflage projection to hide in plain sight.[26]
    • Rip Hunter has owned the Waverider for 13 years prior to the Legends being recruited.[27]
    • The library is located directly above the Captain's quarters.[25]
    • The fabricators require cartridges, which only Nate Heywood was aware of and replaced.[25]
    • The galley is located perpendicular to the bathroom.[12]
    • In 2017, Ray Palmer replaced all alcohol with kombucha.[2]

    Gallery[edit | hide]

    Compartments[edit | hide]

    Promotional Images[edit | hide]

    References[edit | hide]

    Other versions of Waverider
    New Multiverse

    Earth: Prime  TV Universe  74
    Original Multiverse

    Earth: TV Universe  74

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