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    I started AVA Corporation to make people's lives better. I'm a good guy.
    — Bishop[src]

    Dr. Bishop was the former owner of AVA Corporation and the captain of the Waverider.

    Biography[edit | hide | hide all]

    AVA Corporation[edit | hide]

    In the 23rd century, Bishop created the AVA Corporation and created Advanced Variant Automation including Ava Sharpe.[4]

    Lesson Learned[edit | hide]

    In 2212, Bishop created the first AVA clone before she ultimately shut down. Disappointed, Bishop was greeted by the Legends, who asked for his assistance to defeat his older self. He then boarded the Waverider and tried to create an antidote to his older self's murderous serum. The serum soon restored Spooner's illness and the Fountain of Imperium's physical form.[2]

    Afterward, Bishop stayed for Sara Lance and Ava Sharpe's wedding, both of whom are his creations in the distant future. However, his older self interrupted the ceremony as Sara locked Bishop away for safety. Following the defeat of his older self, Bishop learned his lesson and swore not to turn into the abomination he had just seen. Unfortunately, to protect the timeline from being damaged, Bishop's memories were erased as he was sent back to his home time period.[2]

    Memories Return[edit | hide]

    The Truth[edit | hide]

    Noble Sacrifice[edit | hide]

    Powers and Abilities[edit | hide]

    Abilities[edit | hide]

    As a pioneer in bioengineering, the founder of AVA Corp., and the designer-creator of the AVA clone, I alone have the knowledge and means to restart humanity in the stars!
    • Genius-level Intellect: Bishop is a pioneer in bioengineering and wealthy businessman.[4]
      • Bioengineering: According to Bishop himself, he is a renowned bioengineer and experts in cloning technology. As a result, he created AVA Corporation and developed a series of Advanced Variant Automation.[4]
      • Engineering: Bishop was able to create the navigation interface using basic technology from the 21st century.[1]
    • Marksmanship: Moments before his death, Bishop shot multiple android Legends with a machine gun, killing multiple members of the team and attracting the attention of his enemies. Eventually, he was held in the end to the receiving end of a pistol and was shot in the head.[1]

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    Other versions of Bishop
    New Multiverse

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