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    The Satanist's Apprentice

    "The Satanist's Apprentice"[1] is the fifth episode of the sixth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the eighty-seventh episode overall. It aired on June 6, 2021.

    I wasn't ready for how hard it would be up here. I just... I felt like that lost little girl in Hell all over again, completely powerless... you wouldn't understand.
    Actually, I do. Your mum's expulsion spell, let's just say that it was pretty effective. It didn't just strip Crowley of his powers...
    John, I...
    I knew very well what the spell would do. It had to be done. Listen, Astra. Magic, it takes a lot of patience. There are no shortcuts, love. But seeing as I have to start from the bottom and work my way up, how's about you and I do it together?

    Synopsis[edit source]

    With Astra now a mortal, she finds it hard to adapt to the real world with no guidance from Constantine. Frustrated and lonely, Astra makes a new friend who promises to help her, but her eagerness for the easy way out could have some real repercussions for those closest to her. Meanwhile, Sara meets the person responsible for her kidnapping and tries to convince others to help her escape.[2]

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    • This episode is the first to not feature the character Mick Rory, leaving no character to appear in all episodes of the series.
      • The character of Mick Rory appeared as Chronos in Night of the Hawk except not being portrayed by Dominic Purcell. Additionally, Caity Lotz did not appear in the previous episode, Bay of Squids, meaning no characters nor actors appeared in all episodes of the series.

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    DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 6

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