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    Pliny X-19 (Earth-Prime)

    Pliny X-19 was a planet terraformed by Bishop.

    History[edit source]

    After the Destruction of Earth, Bishop fled to Pliny X-19 and started his plan to save humanity. He then created an Electrostatic Barrier in order to terraform the planet.[1]

    At some point, Bishop hired Gary Green and Kayla to kidnap Amelia Earhart from Earth. He then experimented on her and spliced her DNA with a Zaguron before her escape and resided on Pliny X-19.[1]

    In 2020 (Legends Time), Sara Lance and Gary Green crash landed on Pliny X-19 after an unsuccessful attempt to reenter the Temporal Zone. They befriended Amelia Earhart, only to be attacked and fled to the forest.[2] Later, the AVA Clones attempted to bring Sara to Bishop and were defeated by Gary Green. However, Sara was eventually lured to Bishop's ship and died of Zaguron venom.[1][3][4]

    Afterwards, Mick Rory and Kayla arrived on Pliny X-19 and fought the clones.[1] They then rescued Sara and Gary from the planet, destroying Bishop with the help of the clones. Kayla returned to her ship and allowed them to escape. Unfortunately, Kayla was missing after the battle against the Zagurons, leaving her fate unknown while the Legends escaped.[5]

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