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    Ground Control to Sara Lance

    "Ground Control to Sara Lance"[1] is the first episode of the sixth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the eighty-third episode overall. It aired on May 2, 2021.

    She had an air of doom. I ain't trippin' on mushrooms. The girl disappeared from this place. She was a blonde-haired punk. In a blue-light funk. I'll always remember her face. Abducted by aliens. It shatters my cranium, The girl who fell up into space. Where was she going. Her whole body glowing. I'll never crack the case. Space girl-

    Synopsis[edit source]

    After a night of celebrating their beating the Fates, the Legends quickly discover that Sara is missing. Trying to keep it together, the Legends are shocked to discover that she was taken by Aliens. Ava sends Rory and Behrad to follow a lead on who can possibly help them find Sara, while Constantine tries to work his magic. Meanwhile, Sara does all she can to try to escape, which includes releasing Aliens into the timeline, but is shocked to learn who one of her kidnappers turns out to be.[2]

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    Notes[edit source]

    • The episode's title is a reference to the opening line of the David Bowie song "Space Oddity", "Ground control to Major Tom".
      • Additionally, the song title was used as the tag line for the season poster.
    • Ava's clipboard of "Missing Legends" was titled scenario 601, which is a nod to this episode being the first of season 6.
    • According to a newspaper shown on the Waverider, it is assumed that this episode takes place after or during The Missing Link. Additionally, the newspaper included the date for the destruction of the DEO, July 15, 2020, Thursday. However, July 15 was a Wednesday.
    • At the end of the episode, there was a memorial for Scott "Scotty" Carroll.

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    DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 6

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