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    John Constantine (Earth-1: Pre-Crisis)

    For other uses of Constantine, see Constantine (Disambiguation).

    My name is John Constantine. I am the one who steps from the shadows, all trench coat and arrogance. I'll drive your demons away, kick 'em in the bollocks, and spit on them when they're down, leaving only a nod and a wink and a wisecrack. I walk my path alone because, let's be honest... who would be crazy enough to walk it with me?
    — John Constantine[src]

    John Constantine[15] is an occult detective, exorcist, demonologist and a self-coined Master of the Dark Arts.

    In 2005, Constantine attempted to resurrect her ex-girlfriend, Natalie, from the dead. The resurrection was successful, the ritual was "botched" and a demon possessed Natalie's daughter Astra Logue. Constantine then attempted to exorcise the demon but once again failed, sending Logue to Hell and bearing the guilt with him for over a decade. Years later, Constantine encountered the Legends of Tomorrow, who were trying to battle Mallus. Constantine assisted them briefly before joining when they liberated mystical beings across the timeline, with him serving as the Legends' magic consultant. Thankfully, they were able to rid the timeline of the fugitives' influence, and he continued to investigate abnormal activities across the planet with Gary Green.

    After the Crisis, Constantine discovered that Logue was hellbent on seeking revenge on him, with her resurrecting Encores across the timeline and Constantine once more returned to the Waverider. However, with his accelerated cancer, Constantine bargained with Logue to allow him more time to find the Loom of Fate. Soon afterward, Logue joined the Legends and successfully located the pieces of the loom, though being defeated by the Fates and reality was rewritten. The Legends then fought for free will and restored the world, with Constantine and Logue staying on the team after Sara Lance was abducted by aliens.

    During the process of locating Lance, Constantine lost his abilities and began searching for the Fountain of Imperium. His addiction to power also severely damaged his mind and began hallucinating a version of himself. Eventually, he was manipulated by Bishop to find the fountain in Odessa in 1925, before causing the death of the fountain. The fountain then absorbed Constantine into itself, and he attempted to contact the Legends, through telling them to eat a piece of his remains to enter the fountain. Constantine later assisted the Legends in thwarting the Zaguron Invasion and made a deal with an associate in Hell, exchanging his soul for his liberation from the fountain. Before leaving the Legends with the Time Stone, Constantine gifted Zari Tarazi a key to his pocket dimension.

    Biography[edit | hide | hide all]

    Early Life[edit | hide]

    You know where I'm from, being normal is being crushed by the boot of capitalism and then blaming it on anyone with brown skin. It's being told that only degenerates can fancy men and women. It's your old man coming home drunk every night and beating you to a pulp because that's what his old man done to him, but magic, Spooner, the ability to break the rules, to stick it to the rich and the powerful, that's who I am. And I'm nothing without it.
    — John Constantine to Cruz[src]

    John Constantine was born in Liverpool, England[11] on the 10th May 1982 to Tommy Constantine and Mary Anne Quinn. His mother died during childbirth, which caused his father to develop a deep resentment towards him. This resulted in him physically abusing John every night after coming home drunk, including through beating him and putting cigarettes out on his arms, and derisively referring to him as "Killer".[10] John also grew up alongside his older sister, who eventually abandoned him, leaving his alone with his father and almost driving him to suicide.[16]

    As a teenager, John formed a band called Mucous Membrane alongside Bernie Reed for the purpose of attracting attention from girls, although they only ever released one album.[17] He also met Anne Marie Flynn who he fell in love with, and she was the first person to introduce him to occultism.[18] John then began reading every book he could find on how to conjure dead beings in an attempt to conjure his late mother.[10]

    John later became best friends with Chas Chandler[19] and the friend of Esrin Fortuna, who he came to owe an unknown amount of money.[20]

    Master of the Dark Arts[edit | hide]

    I've banished demons, slain dragons, and walked through the fires of Hell. I'm a sneaky bastard and the greatest sorcerer that ever lived.
    — John Constantine[src]
    Natalie worrying Constantine's obsession

    Later, Constantine started a band known as the Mucous Membrane and performed with his girlfriend, Natalie. The duo and a series of individuals then founded the Newcastle Crew, a group of Magic users. However, Constantine chose the occult over his relationship with Natalie, and she left him.[21]

    Constantine's testament mentioning his acquaintances

    Throughout his exploration in the occult world, Constantine met Papa Midnite, Chas Chandler and Nommo, acquainting them and eventually trusting them with a series of mystical artifacts.[22] He also learned of the existence of Damien Darhk.[23]

    At some point, Constantine met a man named Old Man Joe and exorcised his 1975 fiat which was possessed by a Demon.[24]

    Years later, he "botched" the exorcism of Natalie and resulted in her daughter, Astra Logue, being wrongfully damned to Hell.[5] This later became Constantine's first sin in his entire life while he regretted his decisions for almost two decades.[6]

    In 2015, Constantine resurrected Sara Lance and rescued her from Purgatory. This established a link between their souls and allows Constantine to locate the latter.[25]

    Lian Yu[edit | hide]

    Newcastle Incident[edit | hide]

    Rising Darkness[edit | hide]

    The following section is considered non-canon due to contradictions with on-show events.

    At some point, John Constantine became an occult detective and later had a TV show made about his life by NBC and created by David S. Goyer and Daniel Cerone. He also had a fling with Rosacarnis in Atlanta.

    One Friday night, John flew to LAX in Los Angeles and was met by Chas Chandler, who told him about a tip off he was given by a studio development executive about Daniel and David disappearing due to the Rising Darkness. He used his scry map to locate an alleyway where he searched a dumpster until noticing that Rosacarnis was watching him. She asked him to go to a nearby pub with him to watch his show, but John refused, stating that he would cease to exist if he didn't locate the missing show creators. Rosacarnis dismissed this and John soon fell into a trace, which resulted in him attempting to kiss her, but he slipped and fell on a banana peel. He looked up from the ground only to discover that she had disappeared but had inadvertently led him to discover a clue.[26]

    Sara Lance's Soul[edit | hide]

    Joining the Legends[edit | hide]

    In 2017, Constantine started encountering the Legends of Tomorrow and briefly worked alongside them. The Legends then defeated Mallus with indirect assistance from Constantine.[23]

    A year later, Constantine started encountering magical creatures set loose on Earth. He then reluctantly joined the Legends and travelled across time, hunting those so-called Magical Fugitives. Among them was Charlie, a Shape-Shifter hiding her identity as a Fate. Constantine then removed her shape-shifting capabilities and acquainted her, working alongside her on the team as magic consultants.[27]

    Desmond[edit | hide]

    Constantine and the Legends of Tomorrow

    However, unbeknownst to Constantine, Neron was among those fugitives and began to plot his plan to rule over Earth. Constantine then fought against him with the Legends and created Heyworld, a theme park with magical fugitives as its feature. Constantine created a glamour of himself as Nate Heywood as Neron kills the true version of the latter, breaking his promise and expelling himself out of Ray Palmer's body. Constantine then took the opportunity and destroyed his true form, ending their feud once and for all. Following the battle of Heyworld, Gary Green used his final wish from Fairy Godmother to become Constantine's apprentice.[28]

    At some point, Constantine was caught stealing the Waverider Jump Ship by Gideon. He claimed to be consulting druids but was discovered by Gideon that he was holding a ticket to the midnight premiere of Harry Potter.[29]

    Crisis on Infinite Earths[edit | hide]

    On December 10, 2019, John Constantine was vaporized by a wave of Antimatter.[13]

    Encores[edit | hide]

    Meet the Legends[edit | hide]

    In January 2020, Constantine and Green were filmed by the crew of Meet the Legends in NYC, a documentary crew assigned to make the Legends' operations more transparent in order to gain the senate's funding. Green then introduced Constantine's role on the team and his "reform" since last year. Constantine stepped in the frame moments later and ordered Green to follow him.[28]

    Constantine and Green then arrived at a building where they were called to exorcise a demon out of a little boy. He then found out that the demon was his old friend, Masher and brought him to a bar, only to get kicked out due to the little boy's age. They then talked to each other outside of the bar and discovered Logue's plan. Constantine sent Mashed back to Hell as he ordered Green to send the boy home. The master and the apprentice later contacted the Legends, warning them of the upcoming threats of resurrected souls, not knowing that they have been fighting one recently.[28]

    During the documentary's premiere event, Constantine found the Waverider in NYC and boarded it. Constantine quickly went to the galley and found the remains of Rasputin, ingesting most of it and performed a spell in order to travel to Hell for Logue.[28]

    Now in Hell, Constantine went to Brimstone and found Logue. However, she summoned Masher and tortured him before teleporting him away. Constantine faced her with the souls she has sent back to Earth with her replying that those souls have been bringing her more souls, placing her with more power in Hell. Constantine was frustrated and returned to the Waverider, telling the team about Logue's plan.[1]

    Moore and Jeanie[edit | hide]

    Constantine, Palmer and Lance later found themselves to be in 1947 Los Angeles investigating the return of the supposedly deceased Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel. The trio then discovered a pile of ashes of a private investigator. Meanwhile, Jeanie Hill entered and surprised the team, causing Constantine to use the identity of the deceased's partner. The team later went to Bugsy's club and worked alongside Jeanie in order to defeat an Encore.[1]

    Later, Constantine stood up to Hill as she started to have a close contact with Siegel. She revealed that the reason why she wanted their protection is that Siegel has a series of extortion photos of individuals in the city. While they attempted to leave, they discovered that Siegel has been using a firearm charged with Hellfire. Back at the private investigator's office, Constantine found a clue on the matchbook on the table, revealing the location of the extortion photos. Constantine and Hill then kissed each other and made out in the office.[1]

    Constantine fails to save Hill

    Soon, the two went to a cemetery and found the photos. Unfortunately, Constantine was betrayed and Hill decided to use the photos for her own power. Hill held the mystic firearm against Constantine as she left in her car. While Constantine left, Palmer caught his attention and warned about Hill's car being sabotaged. Constantine sprinted across the cemetery, only to see Hill being killed in an explosion. Furious and disappointed, Constantine left the cemetery with Palmer and returned to the Waverider.[1]

    I came all the way down here to tell you that I'm not giving up on you. And even if it takes me 'till the end of my days, I promise you that I will find a way.
    — John Constantine to Astra Logue[src]

    Constantine soon found Siegel in the lab, bringing him to a series of runes, asking Rory to complete his spell with his Heat Gun. Constantine brought Siegel back to Hell, killing a series of demons on the way to Logue. Constantine informed that he never and will not abandon Logue, executing Siegel in front of her and emphasizing his point. Constantine opened a portal and informed the Legends that the weapon is gone while Logue remains alive.[1]

    Haunting Past[edit | hide]

    Days later, Constantine returned to his manor and greeted a backward-walking Gary Green. Constantine reversed the latter's unsuccessful spell and restored his normalcy. They then entered the building, only to find a group of people with an imposter among them. Constantine ordered the group to leave and realized it was Charlie who was taking his appearance. Constantine was troubled by Charlie's presence and told her about his past with the Newcastle Crew, revealing that Natalie's haunting spirit has been residing in his manor since her death. Charlie motivated Constantine as he entered the room of the spirit, facing the past he tried so hard to forget.[21]

    While Constantine was facing Natalie, Charlie and Green decided to spare Constantine of the screams they were hearing. Green performed a spell and partially opened the door, removing the doorknob and freeing Natalie in the process. Surprised and angered by their actions, Constantine questioned what Green had done. Later, Natalie conjured a series of fond memories of the couple, and questioned Constantine's decision to pick the occult over their relationship. Constantine emphasized that it was the right choice after Natalie revealed that her unsuccessful resurrection was the cause of the chaos at the moment. Natalie then possessed the body of Charlie, informing Constantine of the Loom of Fate (Mount Olympus)Loom of Fate. However, before Constantine could question Charlie of the loom's location, Logue sped up his death using his Soul Token, moving his death by lung cancer 10 years earlier. Constantine then collapsed on the ground and surprised both Green and Charlie.[30]

    Constantine faces Logue
    I just want you to know that even though you gave up on her, your mum never gave up on you.
    — Constantine to Logue[src]

    Constantine was then taken to the Waverider as the Legends brought him to the medical bay. Gideon ran a diagnostic test on Constantine and revealed that his lung cancer was terminal. Constantine took out a cigarette, attempting to smoke as there will be no consequences, only to be prevented by Ava Sharpe. Desperate and in a hurry, Constantine made a deal with the archangel Gabriel, with the latter refusing it. Constantine eventually poisoned himself to die of his own terms, with a testament and warnings given to Green in order to prevent further chaos in the occult world. Sent to Purgatory, Constantine faces Astra and promised to search for the Loom of Fate (Mount Olympus)Loom of Fate in order to resurrect Natalie. Logue hesitated and chose to give ten years of Constantine's life back in exchange for her mother. Constantine was then brought back to life and found his friends by his side.[22]

    Constantine at the Darhk-Palmer wedding

    Recovered from his cancer, Constantine questioned Charlie multiple times about the whereabouts of the Loom of Fate. Charlie refused and Constantine approached Heywood, who was disguised by Charlie and misguided Constantine to the North Pole. Constantine returned with no result and found the real Heywood. Constantine was then furious about Charlie's lies and deception. He returned to his manor and found Damien Darhk. Both were surprised to meet each other for the first time and fought, with their battle being paused when Nora told her father that Constantine was her fiancé, going with the former's story and pretended to be her loved one. The "family" soon sat together and had dinner with Lance and Sharpe. However, Constantine revealed the truth when he was unable to watch the arguments between them continue. Furious, Damien attempted to kill the Legends before Pippa arrived and sent all of them to Mr. Parker's Cul De Sac. Constantine would then talk to Charlie and convince her to help him gather the loom. The Legends were released back to the real world after learning their lessons, eventually witnessing the marriage of Ray Palmer and Nora Darhk.[23]

    Bachelor Party[edit | hide]

    Fighting Fate[edit | hide]

    Search for the Rings[edit | hide]

    England Zombie Apocalypse[edit | hide]

    Highcastle Abbey/Star Trip/Mr. Parker's Cul De Sac[edit | hide]

    Final Showdown[edit | hide]

    Into the Cosmos[edit | hide]

    Search of Sara Lance[edit | hide]

    Burger Monster[edit | hide]

    Johnny C. & Dragon Girl[edit | hide]

    Starting from the Bottom[edit | hide]

    Back to the Finale[edit | hide]

    Fist City, Oklahoma Territory[edit | hide]

    Quest for the Fountain of Imperium[edit | hide]

    El Gato[edit | hide]

    Stuck in the Temporal Zone[edit | hide]

    Beast/Slayers[edit | hide]

    Secrets and Addiction[edit | hide]

    Death of Constantine[edit | hide]

    Death of Constantine
    As luck would have it, I'm all out of tricks this time. You were my greatest failure... and my biggest accomplishment. God, you look like your mum. She would be so proud of you, so proud.
    — Constantine to Logue[src]

    Secret of All Life[edit | hide]

    Reverse Flashpoint[edit | hide]

    Powers and Abilities[edit | hide]

    Former Powers[edit | hide]

    Constantine using his magic
    • Magic: John Constantine is a self-coined "Master of the Dark Arts" after his in-depth understanding in magic and mystical objects.[28] However, he lost his abilities after being exposed under the Expulsion Spell created by Natalie Logue while facing Aleister Crowley, whom he took an enhancing drug from and retained his abilities while paying for his thirst for power.[8] Later, supposedly causing the death of the Fountain of Imperium, Constantine made a deal with a demon and was able to cheat death, allowing him to return to the surface world with his abilities back.[31]
      • Astral Projection: Constantine is able to astral project himself to Sara Lance's location in search for her.[25]
      • Binding: John is able to bind people in magic[32]
      • Cloaking Spell: John was capable of removing a cloaking spell concealing Felix Faust's hideout.[19]
      • Conjuration: Constantine conjured a pocket dimension in Hell.[14]
      • Dark Magic: Starting from his early years, Constantine started learning and becoming skilled in the use of Dark Magic.[28] He was even able to call upon the power of God to banish an acetate containing The Devil's voice down to Hell.
        • Banishment: John is able to banish demons and other supernatural creatures to Hell through the use of various spells and portals.[28]
        • Necromancy: John is capable of allowing the dead to pass on to the Afterlife, restoring someone's soul to their body and communicating with the dead. He was able to use this skill to talk to his former girlfriend, Natalie Logue.[22]
        • Portal Opening: Constantine is able to open a portal to Hell and back through a series of preparation. However, through ingesting the blood and flesh of other damned souls, and summoning Hades, firstborn of Cronus and Rhea, Constantine is able to open a direct portal to Hell.[28]
        • Phobikinesis: John can use fear to open portals that can allow people to both enter and exit Hell.
        • Summoning: John can summon and control various creatures as shown when he summoned a demon to protect him from an Invunche.[33]
      • Duplicity Spell: John was able to hide the location of Jasper Winter's Millhouse through the use of this spell.[19]
      • Death Inducement: Constantine is able to stop Zari Tarazi's heart for a short period of time, allowing them to escape from Zombies.[24]
      • Divination of Hor: Constantine is able to use the spell in order to flood the goo of a Giant Air Feeder out of the Big Bang Burger Mascot.[34]
      • Exorcism: One of Constantine's expertises is excising spirits from the host's body, which he commonly used to help people in need.[28]
      • Glamour: John can use magic to make him appear as someone else.[4]
      • Inter-Dimensional Travel: John is able to use various portals to travel to other dimensions such as Hell and knows how to use the Egyptian Dream Temple Technique which allowed him to enter the reality of Jacob Shaw.
      • Life-Force Transference: John transferred some of his life-force energy into a child who had been drained of his own.
      • Light Magic: John was able to give Oliver Queen a magic tattoo that allowed him to channel light magic to defeat Damien Darhk.
        • Amokinesis: John was capable of channeling the love the Legends had for Nate Heywood to bring him back to life.[4]
      • Magic Circles: John has used magic circles for various rituals and traps such as when he used one to trap the demon Furcifer, so he could banish him to Hell.[10]
      • Protection Spells: John knows how to protect people from demons through the use of various spells. He also used a spell to allow Chas Chandler to resurrect himself a limited number of times.[19] By chanting in Latin, Constantine was able to create an orange shield to protect himself from Damien Darhk, eventually using his telekinesis to redirect the attack to him.[23]
      • Pyrokinesis: John is capable of controlling fire as shown when he was able to create a ball of fire in his hands and when he was not injured whilst his hands were on fire.[10]
        • Heat Generation: John used a heat spell on a door to stop federal agents from following him and the Legends.
      • Revealing Spell: John is capable of using spells to see things that are invisible.
      • Sleep Spell: John can use a spell to put people to sleep.[19]
      • Telekinesis: John can use telekinesis to close and lock doors and freeze people in motion.[17][35]
      • Teleportation: Constantine taught the teleportation spell to Gary Green, who was unable to master it and instead reversed his walking direction.[21]
      • Aerokinesis: By acquiring mushrooms and blood, Constantine is able to cast a spell that creates a strong wind.[27]
    • Immortality: After drinking from the Chalice of Dionysus, Constantine was given a 24-hour limited immortality.[24]
    Constantine under the effects of the potion
    • Powers via Scarlet Lady: While fighting Captain Noriega's squad, Constantine used a potion of blood given by Noelle and gifted himself with magical powers.[8]
      • Magic: Constantine lost his powers after being exposed to the Expulsion Spell, only to regain limited powers after taking the potion.[8]
        • Dark Magic: According to Constantine himself, the potion was made with Dark Magic.[8]
          • Astral Projection: Constantine has the ability to create a realistic projection of himself though concentration.[3]
          • Board Game Spell: Following the rules of the game, Constantine is able to bring the Legends into the reality of Beast/Slayers and play the game realistically.[9]
          • Conjuration: Constantine is able to create blue energy waves from his hands and conjure it into a lasso.[8]
          • Elemental Manipulation/Teleportation: By connecting to the four core elements of Earth (water, earth, fire and air), Constantine is able to navigate the Waverider back to the location of Earth without the need of using Gideon's location system. However, this spell eventually caused the Waverider computer system to be overloaded.[36]
          • Euphoria Induction: Constantine claimed he is able to cast a spell on Behrad Tarazi's brain, only to be prevented as his previous spell resulted in an explosion.[36]
          • Demon's Blow: Bothered by Astra Logue, Constantine cast a spell to send her away in order for him to achieve his goal.[3]
          • Fountain of Imperium Summoning: Using the blood of Spooner Cruz, Constantine was able to cast a spell to unlock the Fountain of Imperium.[3]
          • Light Generation: Constantine is able to produce bioluminescent spores that provide light.[3]
          • Memory Erasure: Constantine was able to erase Cruz's memories of him taking Aleister's potion and gave her a command in her subconscious in order to hide his secrets.[8]
          • Pyrokinesis: Unlike his original ability to conjure flames out of his hands, Constantine is able to cast a spell and create a powerful cyan-colored flame. However, due to its instability, it resulted in an explosion at his target.[36]
          • Revealing: Constantine is able to reveal the true form of the map to the Fountain of Imperium.[3]
          • Size Alteration: Constantine is able to alter the size of Tarazi's robe without looking at it.[9]
          • Sleep Induction: Casting a spell, Constantine is able to place the Cruz family and Logue to sleep for a short period of time.[3]
          • Tracking: Holding a light in his hands, Constantine is able to find the Fountain of Imperium.[3]

    Abilities[edit | hide]

    Constantine prepares for a spell
    • Alchemy: John knows how to create enchanted potions that have a magical effect such as turning Sara Lance and Ava Sharpe into children.[37]
    • Entomology: John was immediately able to identify Khapra Beetles suggesting he has knowledge of different species of insects.
    • Deception/Manipulation: John is skilled in the art of deceit and manipulation.
    • Escape Arts: John can easily break free from handcuffs as shown during his interrogation by Jim Corrigan.
    • Extra Sensory Awareness: John was able to sense Damien Darhk's presence in Star City when he first arrived.[35]
    • Hand-to-Hand Combat: John is skilled in hand-to-hand combat as shown when he knocked out two miners in a fight[11] and landed a punch on Papa Midnite.[38]
      • Swordsmanship: John was able to fight his ancestor Konstentyn with a sword, a fight which ended with his opponent's hand being severed.
    • Multilingualism: John can speak English, read text in Arabic and Sanskrit and preform spells in Italian, Assyrian and Hebrew.
    • Occult Knowledge: John is an expert in demonology, a master of the dark arts and has extensive knowledge of the supernatural. He has been studying this since he has a teenager.
    • Investigation: John is a skilled detective, especially when it comes to paranormal investigations.

    Weaknesses[edit | hide]

    • Antimatter: Antimatter could block the effects of Constantine's magic.[39]
    • Expulsion Spell: Crated by Natalie Logue to prevent Constantine from going "too far", the spell is able to expel all magic-related energy out of a specific location. As a result, Constantine's magic abilities are erased after Logue used it on Alesiter Crowley, who inhabited Constantine's body.[7]

    Equipment[edit | hide]

    Former Equipment[edit | hide]

    • Mystical Objects: Over his time as an occult detective, Constantine has retrieved and stolen countless mystical artifacts and weapons.[22]
    • Bag: John had a bag filled with mystical items that can help him with his investigations. It contained items such as a police scanner, cemetery dirt, duct tape, holy water and the nails from the coffin of Saint Padua.[10]
    • Business Cards: John carried business cards which read, "John Constantine; Exorcist, Demonologist, and Master of the dark arts".[10]
    • Driving License: John carried a United Kingdom driving license.[11]
    • Enchanted Stone: John was given an enchanted stone by Felix Faust so that he could see Karabasan.[19]
    • Grim Reaper's Sickle: John owns a sickle which he stole from the Grim Reaper.[40]
    • Hunting Knife: John carried a hunting knife.[37]
    • Icon of Pazuzu: John used this item to turn Pazuzu's rage on Lamashtu and then to allow Pazuzu to possess him.[12][18]
    • Lighter: John carried a lighter which he used to light his cigarettes.[10]
    • Ring of Solomon: John used this artifact to trap Mnemoth.[41]
    • Scry Map: John used a map to discover supernatural events and creatures.[10]
    • Six of Diamonds Magic Card: John had a magic charming card that can change its appearance to match whatever its user requires.
      • Sword of Night: Constantine acquired the Sword of Night at some point, and acknowledged that it should not be opened in public nor tell Papa Midnite of what it is.[22]
      • Shards of the Black Diamond: At some point, Constantine gathered the shards of the Black Diamond and guarded them. In Constantine's testament, it was mentioned that he trusted Chas Chandler to guard them well after his death.[22]
      • Kusa: The Kusa is a sacred knife that Constantine stole from Nommo.[22]
    • Soul Token: Astra returned Constantine's soul token, symbolizing his full control of his own life.
    • Time Stone: Constantine left 1925 using a Time Stone.[31]
    • Captain Cold Suit: Constantine briefly wore Captain Cold's suit after being tricked to go to the South Pole in search of the Loom of Fate.
      • Captain Cold Goggles: Constantine briefly wore Captain Cold's goggles after being tricked to go to the South Pole in search of the Loom of Fate.
    • Scarlet Lady: While fighting Captain Noriega's squad, Constantine used a potion of blood given by Noelle and gifted himself with magical powers.[8]

    Non-Canon Equipment[edit | hide]

    • Card Game: John discovered a card game which was a clue into his investigation of the Rising Darkness.[26]

    Filmography[edit | hide]

    Discography[edit | hide]

    Appearances[edit | hide]

    Non Est Asylum Appears
    The Darkness Beneath Appears
    The Devil's Vinyl Appears
    A Feast of Friends Appears
    Danse Vaudou Appears
    Rage of Caliban Appears
    Blessed Are the Damned Appears
    The Saint of Last Resorts Appears
    The Saint of Last Resorts: Part 2 Appears
    Trash Appears
    Quid Pro Quo Appears
    A Whole World Out There Appears
    Angels and Ministers of Grace Appears
    Waiting for the Man Appears
    Final Girl Unproduced
    Flesh & Bone Unproduced
    Thirteen Unproduced
    Haunted Appears
    Lost Souls Mentioned
    Unchained Mentioned
    Taken Mentioned
    Genesis Mentioned
    Beebo the God of War Appears
    Daddy Darhkest Appears
    Here I Go Again Mentioned
    The Curse of the Earth Totem Mentioned
    Amazing Grace Mentioned
    Necromancing the Stone Appears
    Guest Starring John Noble Mentioned
    The Good, the Bad and the Cuddly Appears
    The Virgin Gary Appears
    Witch Hunt Appears
    Dancing Queen Appears
    Wet Hot American Bummer Appears
    Tagumo Attacks!!! Appears
    Tender Is the Nate Appears
    Hell No, Dolly! Appears
    Legends of To-Meow-Meow Appears
    Lucha de Apuestas Appears
    The Getaway Appears
    Séance and Sensibility Appears
    The Eggplant, The Witch & The Wardrobe Appears
    Egg MacGuffin Appears
    Nip/Stuck Appears
    Terms of Service Appears
    Hey, World! Appears
    Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Two Appears
    Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Three Appears
    Meet the Legends Appears
    Miss Me, Kiss Me, Love Me Appears
    Slay Anything Appears
    A Head of Her Time Appears
    Mortal Khanbat Appears
    Mr. Parker's Cul-De-Sac Appears
    Romeo v Juliet: Dawn of Justness Appears
    Zari, Not Zari Appears
    The Great British Fake Off Appears
    Ship Broken Appears
    Freaks and Greeks Appears
    I Am Legends Appears
    The One Where We're Trapped on TV Appears
    Swan Thong Appears
    Ground Control to Sara Lance Appears
    Meat: The Legends Appears
    The Ex-Factor Appears
    Bay of Squids Mentioned
    The Satanist's Apprentice Appears
    Bishop's Gambit Appears
    Back to the Finale: Part II Appears
    Stressed Western Appears
    Bad Blood Appears
    The Final Frame Appears
    Bored on Board Onboard Appears
    Silence of the Sonograms Appears
    There Will Be Brood Appears
    The Fungus Amongus Appears
    The Bullet Blondes Mentioned
    The Need for Speed Mentioned
    wvrdr_error_100 not found Memory
    Speakeasy Does It Mentioned
    It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Scientist Mentioned
    A Woman's Place Is in the War Effort! Mentioned
    Armageddon, Part 4 Mentioned
    Lowest Common Demoninator Mentioned
    The Fixed Point Mentioned
    The (Ex) Legends of Tomorrow Flashback
    Booster's Day Out Appears

    Notes[edit | hide]

    • In The One Where We're Trapped on TV, Constantine mentions that in his 38 years of life, his first sin was the accident of sending Astra Logue to Hell.
      • The sin was later removed after a series of events while fighting the Fates, only to regain them while killing a squad of soldiers.[8]
    • Constantine had a LinkedIn profile.[42]
    • John Constantine's phone number in 2020 is (646) 396 8703.[28]
    • John Constantine's testament says:
      • "I John Constantine, being of sound mind and body, do hereby declare that this is my last will and testament. I appoint Gary Green to be the sole executor of this will. I leave him my manor and everything inside except the following: 1. The Sword of Night - give this to Papa Midnite (under the stipulation that he NOT be told what it is and that he opens it in public). 2. The Shards of the Black Diamond - give these to Chas Chandler (tell him to guard them well). 3. The Sacred Kusa - return to Nommo (with an apology for having stole it from him in the first place)."

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