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    Gotham City (Earth-1: Pre-Crisis)

    Doesn't Batwoman take a night off?
    This is Gotham, home of the infectious reptile teeth, dudes in pig masks, a killer vine causing my bestie to get her baddie on. If I have learned anything, it is to be prepared for everything at all times.

    Gotham City is a city in Illinois, and the home of local vigilante, Batman, as was his successor, Batwoman.

    History[edit | hide | hide all]

    Home of Criminals[edit | hide]

    Since the late 1990s, Gotham City has been polluted with a high number of criminals, some of whom possessed exceptional abilities and posed as threats to the city. Thankfully, Gotham was defended by a local vigilante, the Batman, who worked alongside the Gotham City Police Department.[1]

    For a decade, Batman, stylized as The Dark Knight, protected Gotham City from all sorts of danger and sent the powered criminals to Arkham Asylum. Unfortunately, he left Gotham City in 2015 for unknown reasons, while the city was again polluted by its criminals despite the effort of the GCPD and Crows Security.[2]

    A New Era[edit | hide]


    In 2018, another masked vigilante began operating in Gotham City. She was given the title "Batwoman", who succeeded the Batman's legacy and continued his mission to protect Gotham from criminals and terrorists, among them were Alice, who was soon sent to Arkham.[3]

    Batwoman 2.0

    The successor, stylized as the Scarlet Knight, soon perished like the Batman. The title later fell into the hands of Ryan Wilder, who initially operated as Batwoman with the Bat-Team's approval.[4] Eventually, the Bat-Team gave her approval while waiting for the original Batwoman to return. Kate Kane then returned, though severely injured and brainwashed by Black Mask and Enigma. The Bat-Team was forced to work against their former leader and successfully put an end to Black Mask's Evening of Anarchy with the help of Alice.[5]

    Defenders of Gotham[edit | hide]

    The return of Poison Ivy

    While battling Black Mask, Batman's trophies of his former enemies fell into the Gotham River. Numerous individuals picked up the items and began to affect the peace in Gotham, some succeeding the trophies' original owners. Now with a new vigilante, Batwing, Batwoman worked extensively in search of the trophies. She was then threatened by Renee Montoya to work with Alice, joining the Rogues Unit to complete their search.[1] Their search led to the escape of Poison Ivy, and she continued her mission began a decade ago. The Bat-Team restored the mind of Ivy's protégé, their teammate, Mary Hamilton, who then returned to the team and successfully apprehended Poison Ivy.[6]

    Vigilantes[edit | hide]

    The Bat-Team
    • Batman: After his parents' assassination, Bruce Wayne was determined to rid crime from the streets of Gotham City. With the help of Alfred Pennyworth and Lucius Fox, Bruce donned a protective suit and operated as the intimidating Batman. However, after defeating a roster of villains, Bruce murdered the Joker and fled the city in 2015.
    • Robin: Robin was Batman's former partner in vigilantism. At some point, he was murdered by the Joker with a crowbar.
    • Batwoman (Kate Kane): Returning to Gotham City after years of training, Kate Kane discovered his cousin's identity as Batman and became his successor, Batwoman. She protected the city from his villainous sister, Alice, and was hunted by her father. Unfortunately, Kate was declared deceased after her plane was destroyed by Whisper. Kate was soon brainwashed by Enigma and Black Mask to think that she was the latter's deceased daughter. The Bat-Team restored her mind as she officially transferred the title to Ryan Wilder before leaving to search for Bruce.
    • Batwoman (Ryan Wilder): Upon witnessing the destruction of Kate Kane's jet, Ryan Wilder found the Batsuit at the crash site and wore the costume. She attacked the False Face Society albeit having no vigilantism experience and caught the attention of Kate Kane's team. Eventually, she was allowed to keep the suit and operate as Batwoman until Kate returns. Ryan defended the city from Black Mask's influence and was officially given the title when Kate's mind was restored.
    • Batwing: Luke Fox aspired to be a black Batman in his childhood and expressed his idea to his talented father. Lucius Fox then built an exosuit for him, though he was unaware until he accidentally stumbled upon it while researching to thwart Black Mask's Evening of Anarchy. He then continued to don the suit despite his post-traumatic stress disorder, operating as Batwing.

    Residents[edit | hide]

    Current Residents[edit | hide]

    Former Residents[edit | hide]

    Alternate Timeline Residents[edit | hide]

    Appearances[edit | hide]

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    Notes[edit | hide]

    • The state of Gotham City has never been specifically mentioned. However, in a hand-drawn map in Marathon, it seems to be located near Lake Michigan, in the area of Chicago. This places Gotham City in the state of Illinois.

    Gallery[edit | hide]

    References[edit | hide]

    Other versions of Gotham City
    New Multiverse

    Earth: 1  89  9
    Original Multiverse

    Earth: 89  9  UE-43

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