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    Oswald Cobblepot (Earth-1: Pre-Crisis)

    For other uses of Penguin, see Penguin (Disambiguation).

    Gotham's used three ways to kill people on death row. Electric chair, firing squad, which made a brief comeback under Mayor Cobblepot, and the gas chamber.

    Oswald Cobblepot is the former Mayor of Gotham City, the owner of the Iceberg Lounge, and a patient at Arkham Asylum.

    Biography[edit | hide | hide all]

    Mayor of Gotham City[edit | hide]

    At some point, Oswald Cobblepot was elected as the Mayor of Gotham City. During his tenure, firing squads became a method of execution for death row inmates.[2]

    Enemy of Batman[edit | hide]

    At a later point, Oswald Cobblepot became the criminal known as the Penguin and an enemy of Batman, utilizing an umbrella which could induce hypnosis.[4] He later became the owner of the Iceberg Lounge.[1] During one encounter, Cobblepot was arrested by Batman and locked in Arkham Asylum, with his umbrella being confiscated and kept in the Batcave.[5]

    Arkham Asylum Breakout[edit | hide]

    Following this, he was incarcerated in cell number 341 at Arkham Asylum. During the Arkham Asylum Breakout, Cobblepot escaped his cell after John Deegan opened all the cell doors, but he was soon returned by The Flash.[6]

    Equipment[edit | hide]

    Former Equipment[edit | hide]

    • Umbrella: Cobblepot used an umbrella capable of hypnosis whilst operating as the Penguin.[4]

    Appearances[edit | hide]

    Elseworlds, Part 2 Unseen
    I'll Be Judge, I'll Be Jury Mentioned
    I'll Give You a Clue Mentioned
    Kane, Kate Indirectly Mentioned
    Power Indirectly Mentioned
    Mad as a Hatter Name Seen
    Meet Your Maker Name Seen
    We Having Fun Yet? Mentioned

    Gallery[edit | hide]

    References[edit | hide]

    Other versions of Oswald Cobblepot
    New Multiverse

    Earth: 9
    Original Multiverse

    Earth: 9

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