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    Keep riding the lightning, son. I know you'll make us all proud.
    — Allen to his Earth-1 counterpart[src]

    Barry Patrick Allen[5] was a forensic scientist for the Central City Police Department and the vigilante known as The Flash.

    Biography[edit | hide | hide all]

    Early Life[edit | hide]

    Barry Patrick Allen was born around 1961 to Henry and Nora Allen in Central City. He was raised with an older brother, Jay.[8]

    During his youth, Allen went to archaeology class and took a job at Central City Museum under the guidance of his mentor Ted Preminger. When his father forced him to get a police related job, Ted cut Allen out of his life.[4]

    Becoming The Flash[edit | hide]

    Allen becomes The Flash

    One night, at the Allen house, the family celebrated the 42nd birthday of Jay Allen. He made a wish and then commented that he wished he had the brains of his younger brother referring to Allen. Allen and his girlfriend, Iris, assured him that he was doing fine, and their father Henry told them that Jay was doing great as the head of the motorcycle division. When Henry stated that Jay was the one that took down a hijacking gang, Jay then revealed that it was Allen and his scientist friend who put them on it. However, however his father dismissed his contributions, because he believed that those on the street were the real cops. They then talk about the Dark Riders attack that was all over the news. Allen then got a call from the job, he then left after a negative remark from his father who did not respect his job. Upset, Jay went outside to support him. He reminded his brother that he promised that he would not become a street cop and Allen thanked him for his support. Allen then gave Jay his birthday present, a medal that Jay won during his high school track days and wore for good luck. When he wondered what happened to it, Allen told him that he borrowed it 25 years ago and forgot to get it back. Allen arrived at the Central City Armory that was robbed by the Dark Riders, he was distracted by reporters such as Linda Park that tried to get information out of him before realizing that Allen was just a forensic scientist. Allen then took a sample on the ground. That night, Allen was working in his lab alone because his friend Julio Mendez has left early. A storm caused a lightning to strike inside the lab and Allen was struck by the lighting dozed with chemicals which put him in a coma for few hours. Later at Central City Hospital, Allen woke up, and the doctor is surprised that he was fine after all that happened. Later at a dinner with Iris, Allen and Iris talked her work at the gallery, but Allen was wondering how close he was to die that night. Back at the lab, Allen received a call from the doctor, who revealed that tests showed some cellular damage and recommended Allen to do a check-up at Star Labs, but he declined knowing their bad reputation he then accidentally broke a mug of coffee at super speed. Later, while walking Earl, Allen accidentally sped into some bushes making him wonder what was happening to him. At his apartment, Allen checked his messages, he noticed that he has missed a call from Iris who were asking where he was since he was supposed to help her to set up an exhibit at her gallery. Allen then ran out to catch a bus but since he was going too fast, he ended up in the beach's water before passing out. When he woke up, he realized that he had slept for hours, and he called Iris to apologize but failed to convince her that he had run "30 miles". Back at his apartment, he received a call from Tina McGee, and he agreed to meet her the following morning at 50 Garrick Ave. The next day, at Star Labs, Tina made Allen run on a treadmill but, because he went too fast, the treadmill blew up. Since Allen was hungry, they both went out to eat some pizza, but Allen realized that he consumed a ton of food, and he deduced that his body was burning too many calories, which makes him wonder if he was aging prematurely. Tina asked him to keep his identity a secret since the last time Star Labs discovered something, it costed her husband's life. That night, Iris came to his place and Allen tried to clear the mess but by doing so, his shoes melted and made stains all over his apartment. When Iris arrived, she announced that she did not want to see him anymore. The next day, at the lab, Allen came in and found Jay waiting for him. Jay realized that Iris must have dumped him. Julio came in and told them that they got a hair sample from the Dark Riders' latest attack. He also told Allen that he had a meeting with the head of the Dark Riders Task Force after Cooper's press conference. When Allen admitted he wouldn't wish the job on his worst enemy, Jay spoke up and said that he was in charge. Allen then congratulates Jay as his older brother took off. During the conference, Allen witnessed the Dark Riders attack and save Julio at superspeed. The next day, Allen wore a red "Soviet prototype deep-sea suit" to regulate his body temperature and which allow him to run as fast as he can without burning his clothes. With it, he managed to reach the speed of sound and faint. Later, when Allen went back to the lab with Tina, Julio revealed that the sample that he found belonged to someone called Nicholas Pike, whom Allen recognized as his brother's ex-partner. He Realized that his brother was actually on the same Highway where he arrested Pike and deduced that it was a trap. Allen then sped to save him but when he arrived, Jay was already dead along with his squad and the Dark Riders escaped. The following day, Allen and his father were at Jay's funerals, and they argued about how Allen would try to go after Pike himself, but his father tried to dissuade since his mother would not handle the loss of two kids. Later at Star Labs, Allen asked Tina to add a hood to the suit so that he can conceal his identity and bring Pike to justice. He then decided to add an emblem on the chest that Pike would fear. The following night, Allen attacked the gang and sabotaged their chemicals convoy operation but after taking out all the bikers, Lila, Pike's girlfriend, managed to stab him in the leg and Allen had to avoid the police and meet Bellows and Murphy that brought him home where Tina met him. At the lab, he found out that a sample from the crime scene originated from a unique location. Allen, as his alter ego, managed to get in their lair and found Jay's badge along with a plan that would break out the rest of the gang from prison. He later went to Cooper's office to explain that the Dark Riders will eventually try to break out their friends in prison. Once a unit had been sent to stop the break-out, Allen went to his car, but before he could wear the suit, he passed out due to his metabolism. Later at Star Labs, Allen woke up and got mad at Tina since he was supposed to be stopping Pike instead of be treated like if he was Tina's husband. At the prison, Allen took out the inmate on the roof and put tear gas in all air conducts to force all inmate to surrender. In the sewer, Allen confronted Pike but due to his metabolism, he started to cause pain which gave Pike the opportunity to beat him. When Pike thought that he was done with him, Allen got up and confronted him one last time and started to beat up Pike. Allen then created a tornado by running all around Pike to shook him through the prison power plant before riding him up. After that Pike was arrested, Allen apologized to Tina for being mad at her, and he accepted to figure out how to stop his metabolism for being an issue. The next morning, at the Allen house, instead of eating breakfast to celebrate Pike's arrest, Allen went outside with Shawn and told him stories about Jay in different situation of his life and Allen gave Shawn Jay's silver medal.[1]

    The Homeless Disappearances[edit | hide]

    The next week, Father Michael a priest and an old friend of Jay showed up at the precinct and asked Allen to investigate the disappearance of multiple homeless but Lt. Garfield didn't want to approve the investigation due to low man power and interests regarding rumors. Allen later came to Carl Tanner's lecture about mutation. After the lecture, Allen was properly introduced to Tanner, and he questioned Tanner's morality on the use of mutation on human being. When the conversation started to boil, Tina suggested going home and Tanner proposed to bring her home which leaves Allen at the exposition alone. The following day, at the lab, Julio gave a letter from Iris from Paris to Allen and Allen agreed that at this point they would never get back together, Julio then burned the letter and asked how was the lecture from yesterday with Tina and Allen told him that he and Tina were just friends and that Tanner was much more elegant for her. Their talk was interrupted by a group of homeless who started a riot at the precinct's entrance to force the police to start an investigation about the missing homeless but because one of them took a gun from, Allen used his speed to disarm him and the father Michael managed to convince Garfield to start an investigation if he calmed their anger. Allen took the case and brought Same and Charlie the two witness the father brought and learned a bit more about the disappearance. Allen followed Charlie after the investigation to talk because he had a feeling that they have met before, but Charlie deny everything, and they were interrupted by an agony cry from a close alley. Allen as the Flash sped and found the corpse of Sam completely mutated. The next morning, at the morgue, Dr. Mortimer told Allen that the dead body looked normal for him and that he simply died from a heart attack which surprised Allen since it wasn't like that earlier. Father Michael and Charlie thanked Allen because now Garfield can't deny there is something going on. Later at the lab, he found out that Charlie Wright was one of his a former classmate when he was a kid and Allen decided that he should help him. He later came to offer Charlie a job at Star Labs as a security guard. At first, he refused but after insistence from Allen, he finally accepted. At the lab, Allen tried to take Tina to dinner, but she was already taken by Tanner which disappointed Allen. Later at the lab, Julio revealed that the sample of DNA from Sam's body was wrong since it changed every time he analyzed it. Allen thought that since they did not have the equipment to investigate, he would ask Tina since Star Labs does have the equipment to perform the appropriate research on the sample. When Allen called Charlie to see if everything is okay, he was warned by an alarm and Allen sped there but only found Charlie unconscious. He then realized that they were both trapped in a glass cage and losing oxygen. Allen used Charlie's metallic security guard star to open the glass and save himself. The next morning, Charlie was taken to the hospital and Allen felt guilt for giving him a job that hurt him. When Tina told Allen that her husband note on mutation was stolen, Allen figured out that Tanner was behind all this since the disappearance of homeless and his arrival in town coincide, but Tina refused to believe that and told Allen that he was just "Jealous". Later in his car, Allen heard a police call about a beast that terrorized the streets and Allen sped to the location just in time to save Bellows and went back as Barry Allen where they witnessed the beast turning back into a regular dog. At STAR labs, they studied the dog and Tina found out that the mutation was the same as those that killed his husband and realized that Carl only used her to get David's note. At Tanner's Lab at the university, Allen as the Flash, confronted Tanner, but he refused to surrender and Tanner manage to distract him long enough so that he could lock himself in the closet and inject the mutation serum that turned himself into a mutated monster. After being knockout by Tanner, Allen woke up, and tried to call Star Labs, but since Tina didn't answer, he figured out Tanner was there and sped to the lab just in time to save Tina from being turned into a monster. Tanner then attacked and choked Allen long enough so that he could escape but Allen got up and went after Tanner. Allen saved multiple homeless that Tanner was terrorizing and Allen managed to wrap a chain-link fence around him to immobilize him until he turned back into his normal form. Once Tanner was back to normal, he rejected Tina for not supporting him, and Tina in tears hugged Allen while waiting for the police.[9]

    The Fires[edit | hide]

    When multiple fires happened in town, Allen as the Flash came to the third one and arrived just in time to save two kids inside the building. The next morning, Allen and Julio went to interrogate a witness called Sadie Grosso that was a witness for all three fires. She explained that she briefly saw an explosion before the fire started in the latest one. Allen then deduced that it was the work of an arsonist. Once out of the witness' shop, Julio managed to convince Allen to come at his double date tonight because Julio's girlfriend Sabrina has invited a single friend of hers. That night, at the restaurant, Allen was just drinking, waiting for the date to start, but a beautiful woman kicked a man who was harassing her forcing Allen to intervene and asked if she wanted to place charges. The woman left without telling anything that could lead to her identity. When Allen tried to follow her, Julio and Sabrina caught him and introduced him to Judith who freaked out Allen because by reading his "aura" she correctly guessed a near-death experience. The next day, Julio apologized for the date that didn't go well. Upon arriving at the precinct, the two found Bellows and Murphy placing bets on the Flash's lightning. While Julio was placing a bet, Allen asked Murphy about what does the fire department thought about the latest fire at the warehouse and Murphy confirmed that it was in deed arson. Later at the lab, Julio retrieved an FBI document about a thermic bomb from the Vietnam's war and deduced that the arsonist must be skilled in weaponry and wondered who could get profit of those fires. Sometimes later, on the street, Allen intervened in a fraud Fosnight was part in and convinced him to give Allen intel about anything related to the fires in exchange for not booking him. Later that day, Allen entered his apartment and caught a Central City Cable employee doing some maintenance. Allen recognized the employee to be the girl from last night and tried to invite her, but she politely refused. Once she left, Fosnight called Allen to tell him that he spotted Noble John Spanier a wanted arsonist entering the Old Customs House and Allen ran toward the location. As the Flash, Allen found the bomb and because it was about to explode, he had no other choice than to trow it outside in order to avoid the building being burned to the ground. The next morning, at 3 AM, district attorney Thomas Castillo knocked at Allen's door and when he entered, he revealed that he was aware about Allen being the Flash. Castillo managed to trick him into disarming a grenade to prove the point and told Allen that he has 24h to consider working for him or else, his identity goes public. Once he left, Allen found a hidden camera and deduced that the girl was the one that placed it. During the day, Allen went to Star Labs where he explains the situation to Tina and seriously consider getting rid of Castillo. Tina convinced him otherwise because she believed he was a good person. Allen went to Castillo's office and asked him for the job. He also told him to never threaten his family again. Castillo ave Allen the mission to use his speed and shutting down Simonson casino. There, Allen used his speed in order to win games up to a quarter of million which brought the attention of Simonson that threatened him if he doesn't leave. Before leaving, Allen used his speed on last time just to make everyone win at once. Later, he went inside Megan Lockhart's truck where she was stalking a cheating husband. Allen made a lecture about actions and consequences, a concept she didn't get or care. On the monitor, he saw the wife of the cheating husband pointing a shotgun at him and Allen as the Flash ran there in time to save him. The next day, Castillo entered the lab and once Julio left, asked Allen where was the cash, but Allen revealed that he gave the cash to the Riverside Park Fund which angered him. When Allen told him that it's over, Castillo told him that this was not the case and gave him a new job which was finding some dirt on his election opponent Paul Van Duzer a politician Allen believed to be the cleanest. At the headquarters Allen decided to go against what Castillo instructed him and placed promotional poster all around town. At the precinct, Megan revealed that she saved Tina and that she was sorry for what happened. Allen revealed that he was aware that Castillo was in debt to Simonson and also told them that a gambling will soon be legalized which explained why Simonson is burning old buildings. To build legal casinos on those street and thus becoming more powerful than he ever was. Allen told them that Fosnight called and told him about Spanier's presence at the old cannery. Allen the ran there as the Flash and fought Spanier and extinguished the fire on the way. He then tied him to a pole leaving Mrs. Grosso as a witness and used Spanier's religious belief to make him confess to the police. Allen ran toward Simonson's casino and managed to knock out an assassin about to execute Megan and the two entered the casino and fought all of the goons. After stopping Simonson, Allen went to confront Castillo who threatened to reveal his identity, but when he started the car, it blew up. Allen and Megan deduced that Simonson was behind it as a payback for treating him as a goon. Later, at Megan's office, she packed her stuff because she was leaving town for a while. After kissing Allen, Allen asked more from her and got slapped.[10]

    The Museum Theft[edit | hide]

    When the Death Mask of Rasputin was about to be placed on display at the museum, Allen went to the security briefing to see what this was about, and he saw his former mentor Ted Preminger doing the presentation of how much the mask is important. After the briefing, Allen met Ted and who introduced him to Celia Wayne who was one a Allen's classmate during his youth. Celia was revealed to have made a career out of her studies in archaeology became the PR of the city's museum. Allen then revealed that he volunteered for a special security position at the museum. Later, at the Lab with Julio, Julio tried to convince Allen to meet another friend of Sabrina who came from New York, but Allen refused as the last date was a huge failure. Due to stress, Allen accidentally tapped too fast the table with his fingers and caused a small "earthquake" on the table. Before it can get any worse, Allen left the lab to pretending to head to "the gym". Allen then went to Star Labs to talk to Tina about his recent problems. He explained that he haven't slept in three days since he knew that Ted was coming to Central City. He told her his backstory with Ted and why his father wanted him to stop learning archaeology which made him believe that he has failed Ted. Tina gave him advice to show him that in the end, he followed both profession since a CSI has some archaeology knowledge. Allen thanked her but at the same time, they both heard an explosion inside Star Labs and Allen as the Flash found Darrell Hennings one of the thieves breaking in. Allen knocked him out and disassembled his weapon and ran toward his accomplices' car outside the lab. When attempting to stop the car, Allen caused an accident that led to Franco Mortelli, the driver, to die in the car crash. Allen then called the police to warn them about a car accident and ran off. The next day, Tina told Allen to avoid moving fast due to his injuries who haven't fully healed. Tina revealed that the stolen materials from the lab could create a powerful laser. Allen deduced that they were trying to build a cutting laser and remembered that the man in the car with Mortelli last night wasn't any of the six known thieves. Allen went to see some exhibits at the museum and was approached by Ted who told him that agent Mitch Lestrange was paranoid about the case but before before they could talk more, they were interrupted by Celia who warned them that the mask was there. The security team then placed the mask on display, and agent Anderson asked why was the mask so important since for him masks were all the same. Allen started to explain the mask's history and what the mask's eyes could do, but Ted interrupted him and activated the light to make the rubies glow. Sometime later, at the museum, Celia and Allen discussed how they go on with their life. Murphy and Bellows then came in the room to take over the night shift, and Celia left stating that she has to get back to her hotel and Murphy told Allen that someone left a message for the Flash asking him to meet him at Marco's Billiards. Allen then ran as the Flash to the location but only found the corpse of Mark Bernhardt with a bomb stuck to his chest. Allen managed to escape the explosion leaving the man who caused it to believe that he has killed the Flash. The following day, at the lab, Julio recovered every file about every known jewel thieves from the past five years. Allen caused a distraction that made Julio leave the lab and Allen used his speed to read every file but none of them match the description of the man who was in the cat with Mortelli. Allen then recreated his face with the computer facial recognition program and managed to identify him as Stan Kovacs. Allen informed Lestrange about Kovacs, and Lestrange asked Allen to go home since he didn't want to take the responsibility of losing the mask. After Lestrange ordered Celia to move the mask, Allen found Ted in an exhibit room disappointed to learn that the mask won't be shown as he was counting on the mask's box office to renovate the entire wing. After a talk, they forgave themselves and shook hands. Lestrange showed up stating that all officers are out of the museum because a crime wave was hitting in Central City. Allen as the Flash, left the area and went to stop Chu Lee from robbing a bank and locked him in the vault. He then ran to stop Parry Johnson who were stealing gold lingoes and Allen made a wall of gold to trap him. Allen then went to a government facility to stop Kate Tatting but couldn't due to a laser barrier. Allen then reached the roof instead, and tied her up and drops her back down. Allen then arrived at the party Hennings was crashing and took all his guns leaving him to be arrested by the police. After he took something to eat to minimize his metabolism, Allen realized that Stan was going after the mask and used the crime wave as a distraction. He ran to the museum and found out that Kovacs and Celia were working together. During the fight with Stan, he was injured in the shoulders by a spear and Allen counter him by trapping him into a carpet and then shot multiple arrows to pin him in place. Allen then removed the suit and as Barry Allen, he managed to stop Celia who was about to kill Ted by disarming her and cuffing her to a pole. Ted proud to see that Allen never actually left the museum, taped his shoulder and realized that he was bleeding. Before passing out, Allen asked Ted to call Tina McGee, his doctor. Days later, when the showing of the mask has been extended for one month. Allen and Tina waited outside that Shawn came back from the museum as he promised Shawn's mother that he will have him back soon. Shawn then appeared and revealed that he was interested in the museum's artifacts and asked for ten more minutes. Allen agreed and when Tina asked why didn't he go, Allen told her that the police were "still looking for the guy who placed twelves holes in that five hundred years old tapestry"[4]

    Day of The Dead Festival[edit | hide]

    In early November 1990, during the event of the Day of The Dead Festival, Allen went to a Mexican restaurant with Tina to discuss the frequent graffiti that appeared around the city and suggested that someone was actually trying to contact the Flash. Tina noticed the huge amount of plates used for the dinner and stated that Allen was becoming a "huge human garbage disposal". They then celebrated the one-year citizenship of the Tomarquin family who thanked Allen and the other members of the department for making it possible. After the dinner, Allen left Tina on a taxi that was heading to the theater they planned to go and promised that in half an hour, he would be there. He proceeded to investigate the neighborhood and asked questions to the locals, especially a kid who was about to attack Allen until Paloma the niece of Felix Tomarquin showed up and managed to convince Javier that Allen was a friend of hers. While they discussed who was writing those graffiti, the bells of the local church rang causing everyone to wonder why were they were being rung and Allen as the Flash ran to investigate inside the church. There, he found an intruder and disarmed him, but before Allen could do anything more, he was put to sleep by a tranquilizer dart shot by Marcos Trachmann. The next morning, Allen woke up in his bed with no memory of what took place last night. Tina rang the doorbell and entered the house asking questions about what happened at the theater last night. Allen can't recall and Tina revealed that she couldn't attend the theater due to Allen's absence. Tina deduced that Allen wouldn't leave her without a good reason and asked him if why. Allen gave her a letter for the Flash that the precinct received the day before.

    Powers and Abilities[edit | hide]

    Powers[edit | hide]

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    • Speed Force Connection: After being struck by lightning and falling onto a shelf of chemicals including aluminum sulfate, glycerin, potassium nitrate, magnesium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid, sulfur, tannin acid and phosphorus, Allen gained an organic connection to the Speed Force and was gifted with exceptional abilities.[1]

    Abilities[edit | hide]

    Weaknesses[edit | hide]

    Equipment[edit | hide]

    Former Equipment[edit | hide]

    • The Flash Suit: Allen used a red protective suit to conceal his identity when acting as the vigilante known as The Flash.[1]
    • Tear Gas: Allen used CCPD issued tear gas to smoke out Pike when he infiltrated a prison to free his fellow gang members.[1]

    Appearances[edit | hide]

    Pilot Appears
    Out of Control Appears
    Watching the Detectives Appears
    Honor Among Thieves Appears
    Double Vision Appears
    Sins of the Father Appears
    Child's Play Appears
    Shroud of Death Appears
    Ghost in the Machine Appears
    Sight Unseen Appears
    Beat the Clock Appears
    The Trickster Appears
    Tina, Is That You? Appears
    Be My Baby Appears
    Fast Forward Appears
    Deadly Nightshade Appears
    Captain Cold Appears
    Twin Streaks Appears
    Done with Mirrors Appears
    Good Night, Central City Appears
    Alpha Appears
    The Trial of the Trickster Appears
    Welcome to Earth-2 Vision
    Bunker Hill Appears
    Unmasked Appears
    What's Past Is Prologue Appears
    Elseworlds, Part 1 Appears
    Elseworlds, Part 2 Appears
    Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Three Appears
    Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Five Vision
    A New World, Part 3: Changes Name Seen
    A New World, Part 4: Finale Mentioned
    The Flash: The Official Visual Companion

    Notes[edit | hide]

    • Allen's address is 270 Edgemore Ave.[5]
    • He has a pathological fear of snakes.[11]

    Gallery[edit | hide]

    Promotional Images[edit | hide]

    References[edit | hide]

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