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    Reuben Calderon (Earth-90)

    Aguilar testify, years of my work is destroyed!
    — Reuben Calderon about the threat that poses Peter Paul Aguilar[src]

    Reuben Calderon was a notorious drug lord in Central City.[1]

    Biography[edit | hide | hide all]

    Early Life[edit | hide]

    At some point, Calderon became a notorious drug lord in Central City in the early 80s to the point where the DEA had a hard time proving he was the one behind most drug deals in Central City. At some point, Reuben realized that Peter Paul Aguilar infiltrated his system, and Reuben butchered his wife and sons but could not kill his daughter Paloma. Reuben decided to hire for half a million Marcos Trachmann to find the girl in order to use her against Aguilar.[1]

    Day of the Dead Festival[edit | hide]

    During the beginning of the day of the dead festival, he and Trachmann drew graffities around the Hispanic neighborhood of Central City in order to lure the Flash into their trap. Reuben was used as a bait to distract the Flash while Trachmann shot the tranquilizer. After Trachmann successfully implemented the mind control ship inside the Flash's brain, he witnessed the mind controlled Flash moving statues from the local church in order to cause fear in the religious community. The next morning, Reuben expressed his concerns about how causing fear could stop Aguilar's testimony, and Trachmann assured him that he has all his basis covered by demonstrating the gloves that controlled the Flash.

    The next day, Trachmann managed to identify the girl and Reuben thanked him and his robotic expertise. That night, Reuben watched on the monitor Trachmann's actions where the mind controlled Flash broke into Star Labs and kidnapped the girl. The next night, Reuben announced to Trachmann that Aguilar wanted to do the switch of his daughter's life at midnight during the Day of the Dead Festival, which he doesn't like due to the high number of potential witnesses. He and Trachmann realized that the Flash broke into his mansion and Trachmann made him ran away. At midnight, he brought the girl to the festival and left her on the street once he spotted her father, believing that the mind controlled daughter will execute her own instead. When he realized that the Flash saved her and Aguilar, he ordered Trachmann to bring them to him in order to kill them. Trachmann advised him that he would instead leave the Flash to paint the street with Aguilar's blood. When the Flash broke out of the mind control influence, he fought Trachmann while Reuben tried to run away as Aguilar pursued him. Aguilar managed to catch him and knock him out. Days later, he confessed everything in court about his activities for three hours.[1]

    Appearances[edit | hide]

    Double Vision Appears

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