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    Javier O'Hara (Earth-90)

    This is our neighborhood man! We don't go around marking it up!
    — Javier to Barry Allen[src]

    Javier O'Hara was a delinquent that protected the Hispanic neighborhood of Central City and a friend of Peter Paul Aguilar.[1]

    Biography[edit | hide | hide all]

    Early Life[edit | hide]

    At some point before the Day of the Dead Festival, Javier was put in charge to protecting Paloma from any threat when she hid in the Hispanic neighborhood of Central City after all of her brothers were murdered.[1]

    Day of the Dead Festival[edit | hide]

    During the Day of the Dead Festival, he was patrolling the neighborhood when he met a stranger who looked suspicious as he was heading to the church. Due to him acting more suspicious at Javier's questions, he took out a knife and threaten him, but Paloma appeared and revealed that Barry was a friend of hers. He asked questions about who drew all the graffities, but Javier wasn't capable to answering those questions since he did not know who has done this. When the bell of the church mysteriously rang, Barry disappeared.

    The next day, Javier was in front of the church with the Tomarquin family when the police investigated the incident where the saint statues moved by themselves. The following day, when the Santero's shop was trashed by a mysterious force, Javier was with Paloma watching the police investigate and asked why Barry asked so many questions to her to which she answered that Barry was mad in love with her. When Paloma was kidnapped, and that her father had to make a deal with Calderon in exchange for her life, Javier was in charge of escorting him during the festival and Aguilar thanked him for his hard work.

    Once Paloma Calderon and Trachmann were arrested, the Flash took Paloma away in order to save her from the mind control ship in her brain. Javier commented that he had a nice suit. The following day, he took lunch at the Tomarquin restaurant where they celebrated Calderon's arrest.[1]

    Appearances[edit | hide]

    Double Vision Appears

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