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    Megan Lockhart (Earth-90)

    Just doing my job! You wanna press charges? Fine! I'm working here.
    — Megan Lockhart to Barry Allen[src]

    Megan Lockhart was a private detective[1] and one of the many love interests of Barry Allen.[2]

    Biography[edit | hide | hide all]

    The Fires[edit | hide]

    In 1990, Megan was hired by the district attorney Thomas Castillo to uncover the Flash's identity. She made a list of possible suspects and investigated each one of them. One night, during another one of those mysterious fires around the city, Megan was investigating a fireman who was on her suspect's list. Upon noticing the Flash's presence and the firefighter at the same time, she concluded that they were only one possible suspect left which was Barry Allen. This was further implied when she called the precinct and that they confirmed that he wasn't present. The next day, she was stalking Barry and Julio while they were investigating the fires.

    That night, she went to the restaurant where Barry was invited but while she was taking pictures, a drunk man approached her and tried to flirt with her. She then kicked him in the testicle which brought the attention of everyone including Barry. Megan left before bringing too much attention. Her office was later visited by Castillo where she told him that by Friday, she would have uncovered the Flash's identity. After Castillo left, she found a trace that Star Labs was involved in each appearance of the Flash.

    The next day, disguised as an intern called "Heather", she faked an uncomfortable incident that caused Dr. Tina McGee to leave the lab while she accessed data from Tina's computer. She later entered Barry's apartment as a Central City Cable employee to "repair" a cable. In fact, she was placing a camera in order to stalk Barry. Unfortunately, Barry got home early and caught her "repairing". Barry recognized her, and she faked that the problem was solved and politely refused a date Barry proposed. Later in her truck, she caught on camera Barry using his speed and called Castillo to inform him about the Flash's identity.

    The following night, Barry entered her truck while she was stalking a cheating husband and Barry made a lecture about every action's consequence, but she only realized the consequence when she witnessed her client attempting to murder her cheating husband before Barry stopped her. Later, she listened to a bug placed in Castillo's office and learned that he has sent two assassins to murder her and Dr. Tina McGee. Megan went to Star Labs and impersonated Tina and faked a toxic chemical problem. That almost worked until the real Tina showed up exposing the fraud. Megan managed to save Tina from the assassin and both ran toward the precinct. She tried to apologize to Barry for outing him to Castillo, but Barry angrily told her to stay back while he was dealing with the arsonist. Megan sneaked inside Castillo's office and recovered a tape about him and Simonson admitting illegal activities but was caught by a henchman that entered the room. She was brought to Castillo where the latter told her that he used her because nobody will miss her if she was gone. Angry, she kicked Castillo in the stomach and was taken away for execution. Before she could be killed outside the casino, Barry saved her by knocking out the assassin. Both entered the casino and proceeds to beat all henchman. When Simonson was disarmed, Barry tasked her to tie them up while he goes after Castillo who had fled the scene. After the Casino car blew up, she deduced that Simonson was the one that place the bomb under his car.

    Later, she gave Barry everything that she has that can prove Barry is the Flash and apologized for stalking him and realized the consequences of her action. She then kissed him and slapped him for trying to ask her out again. Afterward, she left town.[1]

    Equipment[edit | hide]

    Former Equipment[edit | hide]

    • Truck: Megan posses a truck in order to track her target.[1]
    • Camera:Megan posses a camera in order to film her target such as Barry Allen.[1]

    Appearances[edit | hide]

    Gallery[edit | hide]

    Notes[edit | hide]

    • She is the most recurring love interest in the series.
    • One of the most recurring running gags with her, is the fact that she always slaps Barry at the end of each episode.

    References[edit | hide]

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