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    Dr. Christina R. "Tina" McGee was a scientist at Star Labs and the wife of Barry Allen.

    Biography[edit | hide | hide all]

    Early Life[edit | hide]

    During her years in college she met and befriended David and Carl Tanner though later, she would eventually get into a romantic relationship with David.[3]

    At some point, she took interest in the science of mind control from Marcos Trachmann and learned that the mind control ship could kill the animals on which it was used with excess.[4]

    At some point in 1989, she and David got married and both eventually became scientist that work for Star Labs.[1]

    In 1989, her husband David discovered a special enzyme that can stimulate the human's brain and enhance his senses. McGee and her husband were ordered by the government to test the enzyme on human subjects, but because they refused, the government cut their funding until they agree to do the test. One morning, McGee found David's body in the lab because he served as the test subject for the enzyme. This would cause Star Labs' reputation to decline to the point where McGee was the last scientist in the building.[1]

    Meeting Barry Allen[edit | hide]

    In 1990, a doctor from the city's hospital contacted McGee about someone that got struck by lightning and has some form of cellular damage. Later, the doctor would warn her that the patient Barry Allen has declined to come to Star Labs. Days later, Allen would eventually accept her call and come to Star Labs. When they first met, they are both surprised about their appearances then they entered the building. Allen misjudged Star Labs due to the incident that led to the death of someone last year until he realized that it was McGee's husband. She placed Allen on a treadmill in order to test his "speed" and see how fast he could run but due to Allen running too fast, the treadmill broke. After some few tests, she and Allen went to eat at a pizza place due to his low blood pressure, and she told Allen to keep his abilities a secret because the last time the government discovered something, it caused her husband's death.

    The next day, McGee and Allen were at Star Labs' test track and equipped Allen with an abandoned Soviet prototype deep-sea suit in order for his body to handle the heat. After a few laps, Allen took McGee for a run, but because she was not equipped to handle the speed, her clothes got torn apart. They then talked about how Allen felled about the speed, but before he could finish his sentence, Allen almost passed out. Allen brought McGee to the precinct where she met Julio Mendez, Allen's best friend. She noticed that the lab's computer identified a sample belonging to Nicholas Pike, which Allen recognized to be his brother's former partner that went rogue. After Allen deduced that Pike was planning to murder his brother in an ambush, McGee tried to warn him that it was dangerous to go by himself.

    Days later, Allen came to Star Labs and asked McGee if she could add gloves and a hood in order to conceal his identity and bring Pike to justice. He then asked her to add an emblem on his chest that represented a bolt of lightning. During the night, Allen got injured in the leg and McGee received a notification about Allen's injury, and she went to find him only to see that his colleague brought him back to his apartment. McGee entered Allen's apartment and told him that she would like to check out his leg and met Iris West that was already waiting for Allen inside his apartment. The following day, Allen would pass out again but got the time to call McGee before passing out. At Star Labs, McGee told Allen that his metabolism cause him to pass out if he doesn't eat enough. Despite McGee's warning about the metabolism effect, Allen ignored her and went after Pike again as "The Flash". Later, after Pike's arrest, Allen went to apologize to McGee for ignoring the warning that almost cost his life and told her that he has faith in her to uncover other sides effects.[1]

    The Homeless Disappearances[edit | hide]

    The next week, McGee attended a lecture from Carl Tanner that recently moved to Central City. She invited Allen despite him being late for the lecture on mutation. After the lecture, McGee introduced Allen to Tanner, who started to argue about the science of morality. Tanner then proposed to bring McGee to her home and McGee accepted to Allen's frustration. At her place, Tanner revealed that she was still in love with her, but she felt awkward about it and closed the door leaving Tanner outside while she thought about her late husband.

    Days later, she helped Charlie Wright get a job as a security guard. Allen asked her out for dinner, but she revealed that Tanner already invited her to dinner earlier and left the lab. During dinner, Tanner asked McGee if she could get him David's note since he realized that their research was very close. McGee refused and left the dinner but only after Tanner gave her a glass of wine that she "forgot to drink". McGee woke up later at her apartment and realized that she fell asleep after taking one glass of wine and Tanner told her that it's fine and that he brought her home.

    In the morning, she came to the lab after a break in happened, and she confirmed that nothing important was missing. When she noticed David's note left on the printer, she warned Allen about it. Allen pointed out that Tanner could be the only one responsible and McGee assumed that Allen was just jealous and after a heated argument, she dissolved their partnership. Later, Allen brought a dog that was mutated and McGee recognized the cells to correspond with those of David's formula. McGee apologized to Allen and accepted the fact that Tanner was the one behind the homeless disappearance.

    Some time later, Tanner entered Star Labs to obtain the equipment necessary to ionize the mutation formula. He revealed that he knew what it was to be a homeless because he used to be one during his youth and when McGee tried to stop him, he slapped her and tied her to a chair. Later, he demonstrated the effect and turned himself into a mutated monster. Tanner tried to turn her into a monster but the Flash came and saved her and fought off Tanner. After Allen managed to immobilize Tanner in a homeless alley, McGee attempted to reason with him, but he rejected her and told her to leave him alone. McGee then cried and hugged Allen waiting for the police to arrive.[3]

    The Fires[edit | hide]

    During the time when mysterious fires happened around the city, McGee was in her office trying to call her assistant Sherry to give Dr. Carter Hall a message about her whereabouts. She realized that an intern called "Heather" replaced her but caused an incident that made McGee mad enough to leave the room.

    The next day, Allen visited her at Star Labs and told her about Castillo's blackmail and about how dangerous it could be for all his close one including McGee. The next night, McGee caught "Heather" talking to an intruder until "Heather" told her that those men want to kill her. After fighting off the two assassins, they both went inside "Heather's" truck and escape. At the precinct, McGee now informed about Megan's story and aware of the current situation, she asked Allen to explain what was going on. Allen told her that Gambling will soon be legalized and that Simonson is burning down a building before purchasing it and thus giving him the possibility to create a legal Casino. Mad at Megan, Allen left the room at super speed and Megan asked if that was always weird and McGee said, "all the time".[5]

    The Museum Theft[edit | hide]

    When the Death Mask of Rasputin was about to be placed on display at the Central City Museum, Allen came after midnight to the lab to talk with McGee. She learned that in his youth, Allen used to work at the museum and was a friend of Ted Preminger, who was now the museum curator. Allen blamed himself for joining the police force and abandoning his friend, but McGee supported him, stating that in the end, he followed both studies and ended up half archaeologist and half a police scientist. Though someone broke into the lab with explosives and Allen as the Flash had to intervene. She eventually learned the next day that the materials that were stolen at the lab could be assembled into a cutting laser. Allen deduced that the gang of thieves stole the materials to rob the museum. When Allen as the Flash managed to defeat all members of the group of thieves, Ted Preminger contacted her about a shoulder injury. Days later, she and Allen waited for Shawn Allen outside the museum while he was visiting it. McGee commented that "The Flash's" name is probably going to stick to Allen and stated that she found it "sexy".[6]

    Day of the Dead Festival[edit | hide]

    At the beginning of the Day of the Dead Festival on November 2, 1990, McGee was invited by Allen to eat at a Mexican restaurant in the Hispanic part of Central City. After the diner, she left Allen by taking a taxi while he was investigating some graffiti that appeared around the city and promised that he would go with her to the theater in half an hour. Due to Allen not showing up at the theater, McGee came to Allen's apartment the following morning, and he revealed that he did receive a note that involved the Flash's appearance on the case, which was why Allen did not call McGee. But Allen also revealed that he had a blackout and McGee tried to make him worry about it, but he believed that it was fine after he ate some cereals. Allen was unable to explain that blackout and had to go to work due to an incident to the local Hispanic church. In the afternoon, McGee tried to call Allen multiple times, but he was unable to answer. After he finally took one of her calls, he revealed that he lost 8 hours due to a blackout.

    Later, at Star Labs, he tried to test how his body responded when his eyes were hidden and discovered that with his left eye, he can't control his hands. McGee deduced that it has something to do with some parts of his brain that does not communicate with the rest of the body. Allen became mad after this and blamed that effect on his abilities. McGee then found some kind of mark behind his neck and asked if that was due to an insect bite. Yet again, Allen had to leave due to work and McGee told him that he was her best friend but also her worst patient. Later that night, Allen brought Paloma Aguilar to the lab in order to protect her from Reuben Calderon.

    After a test on Allen's body, he left for work and McGee told him that even though Paloma was in danger, he wasn't capable of protecting himself. After he left, a moment later, he came back dressed as the Flash and hit McGee, knocking her out. Once she woke up, she realized that Paloma was gone and Allen came back worried about another blackout, and he also noticed the injury on her head. McGee then showed him some camera footage that revealed that Allen was the one that hit her and kidnapped Paloma. After that, she exposed Allen to a machine that tried to make him remember what happened during the blackout. McGee then showed him the result of the test earlier that revealed a tiny microwave receiver inside Allen's brain. Angry at this, Allen left to find the one responsible for those events. Later, McGee successfully jammed the signal inside Allen's brain, which saved his life just in time. Allen then came back to Star Labs and thanked her. McGee then revealed that the time bomb inside Allen's brain could go on at any minute due to his metabolism accelerating the process.

    At midnight, when Allen as the Flash was under mind control again, McGee jammed the signal again and minutes later. Allen, who successfully saved Aguilar, asked McGee to remove the chip inside his brain and the one inside Paloma's. The next day, they celebrated Calderon's arrest at the restaurant they went to earlier with the rest of Aguilar's family.[4]

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