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    The Artificial Speed Force (ASF) was an unsuccessful replacement of the Speed Force after its death.

    History[edit | hide | hide all]

    During the Crisis. The Spectre gave Barry Allen a boost to enter the Speed Force in order to travel to the Antimatter Universe.[1] After the Multiverse got restored, Wally West felt something wrong and returned to Central City to talk to Allen, only to know that he suffered from a few "hiccups" while accessing his speed. Later, they entered the Speed Force to talk to them and realized that the Spectre energy unbalanced the nature of the Speed Force and caused its "death".[2] After the death, Allen and the other speedsters started to lose their speed which caused Allen to begin to build an artificial Speed Force.[3]

    Creation[edit | hide]

    You remember how Thawne used negative emotion to stabilize his Speed Force machine? Well, since we didn't wanna make the same mistake, we used an inert substance, an argon-xenon hybrid that would generate no emotional fallout. But I think that was a mistake. Yes, the ASF gave you increased cognitive function, a thousand times over, but... it's done the exact opposite to your emotional response.
    — Cisco Ramon on the creation of the ASF[src]

    Physical Appearance[edit | hide]

    Lightning[edit | hide]

    Yellow and Orange[edit | hide]

    After the Artificial Speed Force was activated, Allen regained his speed and has yellow and orange lightning like his original connection with the Speed Force.

    Blue[edit | hide]

    Blue Lightning

    When Barry Allen destroyed the Artificial Speed Force, he was hit with blue lightning from within his body.

    Red[edit | hide]

    Ryan Wilder's version of the Artificial Speed Force led to red lightning trails on her body when she runs.

    Eye[edit | hide]

    Having a connection to the Artificial Speed Force allows the speedsters to have lightning flicker or glow in their eyes. The color of the eye is nearly identical to their lightning color.

    Appearances[edit | hide]

    Gallery[edit | hide]

    References[edit | hide]

    Other versions of Artificial Speed Force
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