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    The Flash Suits (Earth-1: Post-Crisis)

    Silica-based quartz and fabric. Abrasion resistant. Heat resistant... It's what they use on the space shuttle to prevent it from burning up on reentry.

    The Flash Suits are a series of protective suits used by Barry Allen as a vigilante later known as The Flash.

    History[edit | hide | hide all]

    Birth of The Flash[edit | hide]

    In 2013, Barry Allen became a Metahuman and a vigilante. Later, he built a suit to conceal his identity and resist heat to compensate for the extreme heat generated by the friction when he uses his speed.[1]

    Black Zero Event[edit | hide]

    Steppenwolf's Invasion[edit | hide]

    In 2017, Allen was recruited by Bruce Wayne to join the Justice League against Steppenwolf's forces. Wayne complimented Allen's suit, while Allen denied his accusations that he was a speedster in hiding while lying that the suit was designed for competitive ice dancing. Wayne soon proved his own point, with Allen dodging and catching his Batarang midair. Allen then brought the suit alongside him and wore it during the conflict, albeit with minor damage on the thigh area after a Parademon shot him in the leg.[2]

    New Suit[edit | hide]

    After fighting against Steppenwolf, Allen returned to fighting crime and eventually came across Girder, a Metahuman criminal with the ability to turn his skin into steel. During the conflict, Allen's suit was severely damaged as he escaped to the Batcave while seeking Batman's guidance. As Wayne trained Allen and prepared him for a second battle, Alfred Pennyworth created a more advanced, compressible version of The Flash Suit. Allen was gifted the new suit alongside the Flash Ring, which he used to unlock the suit and changed into it before defeating Girder.[3]

    Knightmare[edit | hide]

    In the Knightmare, Allen wore an armor to fight Parademons and wore it to alert Bruce Wayne of 2016.[4]

    Overview[edit | hide]

    Functions[edit | hide]

    Allen running in super speed
    • Advanced Durability: According to Bruce Wayne, the suit was created with a durable material that could withstand extreme heat, most notably used on spacecrafts to protect themselves from burning from the friction. As Allen requires a strong material to withstand the strong friction caused by his superhuman speed, it was used as the main material of the suit.[1]
    • Calory Count: The wristwatch of the second suit allows Allen to monitor his calory count and energy level.[5]
    • Identity Concealment: The red cowl of the suit conceals Allen's identity, covering the majority of his face.[4]
    • Power Dissipation: The second suit has the capability of dissipating the excess static electricity flowing through Allen's body. This results in altering his lightning trail from blue to orange.[5]

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