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    West House (Earth-1: Pre-Crisis)

    Nora, this is the West house. In it, every West is given respect, most especially your mother.

    The West House is the residence of the West family and the former residence of Barry Allen.

    History[edit | hide | hide all]

    The house was bought by Joe's great-uncle for less than $15,000.[1]

    After the death of Nora Allen and the imprisonment of Henry Allen, Joe adopted Barry, and he lived in the West House with Iris, later having feelings for her.

    For years, the West House has been the location of Team Flash's gatherings and occasional base of operations.

    At some point, Barry Allen and Iris West got married and moved out of the house. Later, Cecile Horton and Jenna West moved in.[2]

    In 2020, Barry was kicked out of his and Iris' loft by an imposter of Iris. Later, he was forced to live in the West House while investigating the truth of Iris.[3][4]

    Residents[edit | hide]

    Current Residents[edit | hide]

    Former Residents[edit | hide]

    Possible Future Residents[edit | hide]

    Appearances[edit | hide]

    Fastest Man Alive Flashback
    Things You Can't Outrun Appears
    Going Rogue Appears
    The Flash Is Born Appears
    The Man in the Yellow Suit Appears
    Revenge of the Rogues Appears
    The Sound and the Fury Appears
    The Nuclear Man Appears
    Fallout Appears
    Out of Time Appears
    Tricksters Appears
    All-Star Team Up Appears
    Who Is Harrison Wells? Appears
    The Trap Appears
    Grodd Lives Flashback
    Rogue Air Appears
    Family of Rogues Appears
    Enter Zoom Appears
    Running to Stand Still Appears
    Potential Energy Appears
    Fast Lane Appears
    Welcome to Earth-2 Appears
    King Shark Appears
    Flash Back Appears
    Versus Zoom Appears
    Back to Normal Appears
    The Runaway Dinosaur Appears
    Invincible Appears
    The Race of His Life Appears
    Flashpoint Appears
    Paradox Appears
    The New Rogues Appears
    Shade Appears
    The Present Appears
    Attack on Central City Appears
    The Wrath of Savitar Appears
    Into the Speed Force Mentioned
    Abra Kadabra Appears
    The Once and Future Flash Appears
    I Know Who You Are Appears
    Cause and Effect Flashback
    Infantino Street Appears
    The Flash Reborn Appears
    Luck Be a Lady Appears
    Girls Night Out Appears
    Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1 Appears
    Don't Run Appears
    The Trial of The Flash Mentioned
    Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash Appears
    True Colors Appears
    Subject 9 Appears
    Think Fast Appears
    We Are The Flash Appears
    Nora Appears
    Blocked Appears
    The Death of Vibe Appears
    News Flash Appears
    All Doll'd Up Appears
    The Icicle Cometh Appears
    Elseworlds, Part 1 Mentioned
    Memorabilia Mentioned
    King Shark vs. Gorilla Grodd Appears
    Snow Pack Appears
    Into the Void Appears
    A Flash of the Lightning Appears
    There Will Be Blood Mentioned
    The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Part 1 Hallucination
    Marathon Appears
    Death of the Speed Force Appears
    So Long and Goodnight Appears
    Liberation Appears
    Mother Flashback
    Fear Me Appears
    Growing Pains Flashback
    Family Matters, Part 2 Appears & Deathzone
    Good-Bye Vibrations Appears
    Masquerade Appears
    Heart of the Matter, Part 1 Appears
    Heart of the Matter, Part 2 Speed Force/Deathzone
    Armageddon, Part 2 Appears
    Armageddon, Part 3 Mentioned
    Armageddon, Part 5 Appears
    Impulsive Excessive Disorder Appears
    Lockdown Appears
    The Fire Next Time Appears
    Phantoms Flashback
    Funeral for a Friend Appears
    Into the Still Force Still Force
    The Curious Case of Bartholomew Allen Appears
    Keep It Dark Appears
    Negative, Part 1 Appears
    Negative, Part 2 Appears
    Hear No Evil Appears
    Rogues of War Appears
    The Mask of the Red Death, Part 1 Appears
    The Mask of the Red Death, Part 2 Appears
    The Good, the Bad and the Lucky Appears
    Wildest Dreams Appears
    Partners in Time Appears
    It's My Party and I'll Die If I Want To Flashback
    A New World, Part 1: Reunions Appears
    A New World, Part 2: The Blues Flashback
    A New World, Part 3: Changes Appears
    A New World, Part 4: Finale Flashback

    Gallery[edit | hide]

    Notes[edit | hide]

    • The house is located at 556 of an unknown street.

    References[edit | hide]

    Other versions of West House
    New Multiverse

    Earth: SpeedForce
    Original Multiverse

    Earth: SpeedForce

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