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    Iris West-Allen (Mirrorverse)

    Go save Iris.
    — Mirror Iris to Barry[src]

    Iris West-Allen was a reflection of the original Iris brought to life by Eva McCulloch.[1]

    Biography[edit | hide | hide all]

    Creation[edit | hide]

    When Iris West Allen entered Eva's office at McCulloch Tech in order to find dirt on Eva's husband, Eva captured Iris and brought her into the Mirrorverse and replaced her by her reflection.[2]

    Iris now in the real world started to resume her original counterpart's activities. She went on a date with Barry and during dinner, they were interrupted by Amunet Black. They were both blackmailed into letting her escape with the theft. Iris then went inside a bar and threaten a man in order to make him talk which surprised Barry. After finding Amunet she teamed up with her in order to stop the turf war that was happening between her and Goldface. Barry and Iris both managed to get together and burn a flower that emit a perfume that made Goldface fall in love again with Amunet ending their war. Later, Iris hugged Barry at their apartment while the original Iris watched through the mirror.[1]

    Retrieving the Mirror gun[edit | hide]

    The next week, she asked Barry if he could give her the mirror gun to which he declined despite the fact that Iris told him that it was to further investigate McCulloch Tech link to Black Hole. Later, she went inside the Starchives to find the Mirror gun only to find Nash that almost caught her stealing the gun. She then left after telling Nash to not tell Barry about the "lost of Nora's journal". Later, at their apartment, Barry gave Iris the Mirror gun she asked believing that she would use it for good.[3]

    Covering up McCulloch Tech[edit | hide]

    The following week, Iris went inside Joe's office to get information about Carver, but Joe declined and told her that this was a CCPD investigation not something related to Team Flash which angered her. Iris then lied about having lunch together at a wrong time in order to distract Joe and break inside his office and get what she wanted. Later that night, Iris arms got burned because of Eva hurting herself in order to win some time.[4]

    Meeting Wally and replacing Kamilla[edit | hide]

    The next week, Iris' brother Wally came back in town. She and team Flash made a welcome party for him and were interrupted by Cisco who returned from his trip. During the apéritif, Iris started to shake and repeat the numbers Eva was telling to the original Iris and that awkward moment was caught by Kamilla who found that suspicious. Later, she had a talk with Wally who suspected that Barry was responsible for the Speed Force agony. During their talk, Kamilla took a picture of the "siblings" and when Wally left, she asked Kamilla to delete the photo because Black Holes assassin like Doctor Light could track them with her pictures. Some time later, after that Barry has witnessed the Death of the Speed Force, Iris told Barry that it was maybe for the better and that he may have always been destined to live without powers. That night, she caught Kamilla with a back-up picture of her and saw her real form. Iris used the Mirror gun on her in order to send her into the Mirror dimension.[5]

    Retrieving the Prismatic Reflector[edit | hide]

    After replacing Kamilla by her reflection, Eva contacted them and asked them to retrieve the Prismatic Reflector that she built at Mercury Labs. There, they met Tina McGee's assistant that believed they were there to talk about the development of clean energy. During the visit, the Lab was attacked by Sunshine who was also there to retrieve the Prismatic Reflector and Iris called Barry to stop her. Later, after the arrest of Sunshine, Iris and Kamilla somehow managed to replace the reflector by a fake and gave it to Eva.[6]

    Kicking Barry out of the house[edit | hide]

    Eva eventually contacted Iris and told her to make sure to drain more speed from the Flash. Later, when after learning that Joe was placed under witness protection, she played the angry wife and used this as an argument to kick Barry out of their apartment.[7]

    Destruction[edit | hide]

    A week later, at the Citizen, Iris has second thoughts about draining the Flash's speed before telling Eva if they need to start the second phase of her liberation. Cecile entered the room to ask a question regarding their break-up and Iris blamed Barry for all those times he overlooked their family. She managed to trick Cecile into reading her mind about sincere though about Barry since she shared similar feeling for him like her original counterpart. Later, at her apartment, she and her siblings placed mirrors all around the room to facilitate their "mother"'s return and started to plan how they would free Bloodwork assuring the liberation of Eva. When her siblings left, she was warned by Eva that Barry is planning to expose her and that she would just have to go to S.T.A.R. Labs and let the rest to her.

    At S.T.A.R. Labs Iris played the comedy of being innocent and when Barry used the Prismatic Refractor on her, it showed nothing, so Iris used it on Barry in order to make everyone believe that he was the faker since Eva secretly replaced the Prismatic Refractor by a reflection that does the opposite. Later, she joined her siblings to infiltrate A.R.G.U.S. and talk to Bloodwork in order to retrieve a sample of his blood. Kamilla made the sacrifice and deactivated the Ramsey's cell for 60 seconds. Ramsey used this opportunity to grab them and asked iris what she wanted. After he placed a sample of his blood on Iris, he returned to his cell and told them that they were walls beyond those walls and that he was never gonna escape anyway. Singh stayed behind to cover up and Iris escaped. Back at their apartment, Iris is confronted by Barry who escaped his cell. After a brief fight, she defeated Barry easily due to his lack of speed. But due to the original Iris action regarding Eva's feeling to Carver, the emotion caused pain. Before she got shattered, Iris told Barry to go save Iris.[8]

    Powers and Abilities[edit | hide]

    Powers[edit | hide]

    • Connection to Eva McCulloch: Iris was created by Eva, and caused her to have some connections with her as if Eva or Iris are injured, both will feel the pain.[8]
    • Mirror body: As a reflection based on a mirror, she can shape arms into sharp blade.[8]

    Equipment[edit | hide]

    • Mirror gun: Iris posses the Mirror gun in order to turn any of her adversaries into a reflection.[5]

    Appearances[edit | hide]

    Notes[edit | hide]

    • The script refers to her as "Mirror-Iris West-Allen".

    Gallery[edit | hide]

    References[edit | hide]

    Other versions of Iris West-Allen
    Original Multiverse

    Earth: 1

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