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    Eva McCulloch (Mirrorverse)

    This isn't my world, but it can be.
    — Eva McCulloch[src]

    Eva McCulloch is the mirror duplicate of Eva McCulloch and the former CEO of McCulloch Technologies. After her liberation from the Mirrorverse, McCulloch donned the moniker Mirror Monarch and invaded Central City.

    Biography[edit source]

    Creation[edit source]


    On the night of the particle accelerator explosion, McCulloch (Earth-Prime) was hit by a Dark Matter wave and was instantly killed. However, a Reflection of her was created and trapped in the Mirrorverse when McCulloch was sent crashing on the mirror. The Reflection then thought that she was the original McCulloch and blamed her husband for not rescuing her.[4]

    Plans to Escape[edit source]

    At some point between 2013 and 2019, McCulloch has tried 1,322 times on escaping the Mirrorverse.[5]

    In the period of time, McCulloch has also created a Reflection of Mirror Master and one for David Singh.[4][6]

    Reflections and Lies[edit source]

    Iris West-Allen's Arrival[edit source]

    In 2020, Iris West-Allen was investigating about the connection between McCulloch Technologies and Black Hole. During the process, McCulloch was able to successfully abduct Iris into the Mirrorverse and replace her with a Reflection.[5][7]

    During their time trapped in the Mirrorverse, McCulloch and Iris came up with a plan using the machine that is able to freeze the mirror and open a portal back to the real world. However, it was unsuccessful and Iris insisted. McCulloch then placed her arm across the mirror and was burned, proving that trying to escape is pointless. Later, while McCulloch was recovering from her wounds, she communicated with her creation.[8]

    When Wally West returns to Central City, McCulloch showed Iris about her Reflection being close to Wally. The action made her frustrated and angry. However, McCulloch's plan to break Iris was close to failing when Kamilla Hwang used a Prismatic Filter on her camera to take a photo of "Iris" and Wally together and was able to see her true form. Before she could react, "Iris" shot Kamilla with a Mirror Gun and sent her to the Mirrorverse.[9]

    Luckily, McCulloch was able to create a Reflection of Kamilla and continue her plan. She then sent both the Reflections to acquire the Prismatic Refractor from Mercury Labs in order for her escape machine to work.[10]

    Weeks later, McCulloch sent a mirror to Joseph Carver's house and threatened him while blaming him for not rescuing her. He then destroyed the mirror.[6]

    Later, Iris began to adapt to the Mirrorverse and was able to read reflective surfaces. She then also theorized that if The Flash was able to "phase" into the mirror, he could be able to rescue them both out of the Mirrorverse. Not pleased with Iris' thoughts, McCulloch gave another instructions for the Reflections to allow Barry to lose his speed before he could attempt entering the Mirrorverse. McCulloch then also assisted "Iris" on preventing herself from being revealed as an imposter.[6][11]

    Liberation[edit source]

    As the required technology and Bloodwork are acquired by her team, McCulloch was able to open a portal back to the real world. However, Barry found out that "Iris" has been an imposter for weeks and fought her in their Loft. After their fight, McCulloch was capable of destroying "Iris" and return to the real world. While Barry suffers from injuries caused by "Iris", McCulloch told him that they are not enemies, and she would not hurt him, later leaving him lying on the ground.[11]

    Endgame[edit source]

    McCulloch attacks Carver
    Honey, I'm home!
    — McCulloch to Carver[src]

    While McCulloch adapts to the real world, she was required to wear a protective suit and be in the Reflection Modulation Chamber from time to time. She then set her plan into motion and attacks Joseph Carver in McCulloch Tech HQ. Despite her effort, The Flash blocked her attacks and attempted to convince her to stop. However, she did not listen and sent mirror fragments to Carved, impaling him. Carver then said his last words and accused McCulloch of being "not even human".[12]

    Cleaning Up[edit source]

    McCulloch dodging The Flash

    Four weeks after the assassination, McCulloch started destroying every Black Hole stash houses across the city and fought The Flash in different occasions. However, Barry's depleting speed has allowed McCulloch to win every battle and destroy the technology stolen by Black Hole.[4]

    During her check of McCulloch Tech database, McCulloch came across a video on the night of the particle accelerator explosion and realized she was the Reflection, and her true self has killed during the day of the explosion.[4]

    Invasion of Central City[edit source]

    A few days later, McCulloch attended The Arielle Atkins Hour and attempted to show a video of McCulloch Tech. However, Barry Allen exposed her identity as an imposter to the world and McCulloch was unable to control her temper and injured Arielle. She then escaped to her office and chose to turn the world into hers.[3]

    Powers and Abilities[edit source]

    Powers[edit source]

    McCulloch in her Mirror Form
    My fractal photons move at the speed of light. You never had a chance.
    — McCulloch on her super speed[src]
    • Reflection Physiology: McCulloch is the strongest and the first Reflection, she was also able to have powers other Reflections do not have.
      • Mirrorverse Adaptation: After spending 6 years in the Mirrorverse, McCulloch gained different mirror-based powers.
        • Vitrikinesis: McCulloch is capable of destroying and move mirror shards as well as covering herself with a reflective surface.
        • Accelerated Healing Factor: Despite being injured by the attempted escape, McCulloch was able to quickly heal from the burn.
        • Reflection Creation: McCulloch is able to create and control Reflections.
          • Psychic Link: McCulloch has connection to her creations and often control over them.
          • Reflective Doorway: McCulloch can teleport into the Reflections' bodies and destroy them.
        • Catoptric Teleportation: By covering herself with a reflective surface, McCulloch can fly and enter reflective objects and teleports.
        • Catoptric Ergokinesis: McCulloch is able to shoot yellow laser blasts by arranging mirror plates on her suit to form a blaster.
        • Superhuman Speed: McCulloch's fractal photons move at the speed of light and is able to outrun The Flash.
    McCulloch teleports

    Abilities[edit source]

    • Leadership: McCulloch leads a team of Reflections and skilled assassins.
    • Genius-level Intellect: McCulloch was shown to a very high level intellect and understand complex scientific concepts.
      • Engineering: McCulloch is able to easily read and build a complex device just by reading a blueprint. She is also a world-known quantum engineer.

    Weaknesses[edit source]

    • Temper: When angry or stressed, McCulloch's powers will be uncontrollable and threatening to nearby people.

    Equipment[edit source]

    Current Equipment[edit source]

    McCulloch in her suit
    • Mirror Monarch Suit: McCulloch wears a protective suit to protect herself from being harmed by the real world's environment.
      • Mirror Gauntlet: McCulloch uses the mirror gauntlet to shoot laser beams as weapons.

    Former Equipment[edit source]

    • Reflection Modulation Chamber: McCulloch has to enter the chamber periodically to modulate her body to adapt to the environment of the real world.

    Appearances[edit source]

    Gallery[edit source]

    References[edit source]

    Other versions of Eva McCulloch
    New Multiverse

    Earth: Prime

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