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    Life is just full of little surprises, isn't it?
    — Bashir Malik[src]

    Bashir Adil Malik, nicknamed Psych by Cisco Ramon, is an avatar of the Sage Force and a reformed criminal in Central City

    Biography[edit | hide | hide all]

    Early Life[edit | hide]

    Burdened[edit | hide]

    On March 5, 2007, Malik's parents died fleeing from tax fraud on a plane. This affected Malik's life and he started isolating himself from friends and family, eventually generating hate against his friends for not helping him despite their multiple efforts to raise fund for him.[1]

    In 2008, Malik graduated from college.[1]

    Nightmares of Central City[edit | hide]

    In mid-2020, Psych attacked a Crows Security transport truck. The Flash then quickly arrived on the scene, seeing the guards shivering on the ground holding their gun. Psych then surprised The Flash and was cuffed. The cuffs were then disabled and put The Flash in a "nightmare" with Reverse-Flash and Savitar. Psych then escaped, leaving The Flash bleeding out on the ground.[2]

    Psych absorbing The Flash's lightning bolt

    Hours later, Psych attacked the Cleary Capital Investments and placed the employees under their own "nightmares". The Flash, Mecha-Vibe and Frost then arrived with Mental Dampeners. Psych was then able to use his powers to cause the dampeners to short circuit. He then placed Frost in a "nightmare" where she was arrested by the CCPD and Caitlin was the person who turned her in. He also placed Cisco in his "nightmare" where Kamilla was in danger. Seeing his friends in fear, The Flash later attacked him with a lightning bolt and Psych absorbed the energy. The Flash told Psych that he could not do the same to him as he already overcame his biggest fear. Psych then told him that it was not his biggest fear and showed him the team dead under an attack.[2]


    In that night, Psych created a force field of isotopic energy and affected countless with "nightmares". He was then approached by The Flash, who attempted to enter his force field and was trapped in his own dream. As Cecile Horton convinced him to break through, she was able to create her own force field and defeated Psych, causing him to turn into purple energy and escape.[2]

    Ambush on Team Citizen[edit | hide]

    The Sage Force "dies"

    Family[edit | hide]

    Negative[edit | hide]

    Powers and Abilities[edit | hide]

    Powers[edit | hide]

    Psych using his powers
    • Sage Force Connection: Malik has a connection to the Sage Force and was able to fight The Flash, who is connected to the Speed Force.[2]
      • Empathy: Malik is able to make people feel fear easily using psychic energy.[2] Malik is also capable of feeling his victims and their respective fears.[5]
        • Pathokinesis: Malik was shown to control countless with their respective "nightmares".[2]
        • Fear Inducement: Through the use of "nightmares", Malik is able to induce fear in countless people.[2]
        • Hallucination Inducement: In the form of a nightmare, Malik can create and trap people in realistic hallucinations. The hallucinations are also capable of tricking human minds to hurt themselves and induce panic attacks.[2]
        • Energy Absorption: Malik is able to absorb a lightning bolt from The Flash and turn it as psychic energy to induce a hallucination in his mind.[2]
      • Telekinesis: Malik can close a door with a hand gesture.[5]
      • Tentacle Manifestation: Malik is capable of creating a pair of magenta tentacles that can move at the speed of The Flash. He is also able to manifest a claw against Fuerza.[1]
      • Psychic Illusion: Malik hid the Forces and Iris' survival from the Speed Force and Deon using illusions.[3]
      • Telepathy: Malik can talk to people telepathically without others noticing.[3]

    Weaknesses[edit | hide]

    Psych disappearing
    • Courage: As Psych uses fear to suppress people's courage, when people have a boost of courage, such as Cecile's amplified empathy on The Flash, Psych is unable to control his powers well and disappears.[2]

    Equipment[edit | hide]

    Current Equipment[edit | hide]

    • Psych Suit: Malik wears a purple mask and a magenta suit as Psych.[2]

    Appearances[edit | hide]

    Gallery[edit | hide]

    References[edit | hide]

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