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    Justice Society of America (Earth-2: Post-Crisis)

    For other uses of Justice Society, see Justice Society (Disambiguation).

    Each of the JSA members had abilities, powers, tools, like your Cosmic Staff, and they used them to protect the world against people like Icicle.

    The Justice Society of America (JSA) is a team of vigilantes operating in the United States of America. It was founded in 1941, with Charles McNider as its leader, and was active until December 24, 2010, when most of its members were murdered in a battle with the Injustice Society of America. It was reformed in 2020 by Courtney Whitmore after she discovered the Cosmic Staff.

    History[edit | hide | hide all]

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    Golden Age[edit | hide]

    Foundation[edit | hide]

    The original JSA

    The Justice Society of America was formed in 1941 by Dr. Charles McNider, the costumed vigilante known as Dr. Mid-Nite.[1] He was eventually joined by numerous other heroes such as Doctor Fate, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl and Hawkman, Hourman, Johnny Thunder and the Thunderbolt, Sandman, The Flash, Wildcat,[2] and the Spectre.[3] They were also joined by Sylvester Pemberton after he became Starman, and he brought along his sidekick Stripesy as an unofficial member.[2]

    Injustice Society of America[edit | hide]

    They became enemies of the Injustice Society of America, who they fought several times. They ended up fighting and defeating numerous members such as Blackbriar Thorn, who was destroyed by Green Lantern in 1988, Per Degaton, who The Flash banished to an alternate timeline, and the Thinker, who was incarcerated by The Flash.[4] Wildcat also became the primary enemy of Tigress.[5] The Injustice Society later disbanded for unknown reasons.[3]

    The Devil in the Shadows[edit | hide]

    Several decades ago, explorer Bruce Gordon returned from Diablo Island after being possessed by a being from the Shadowlands known as Eclipso. Eclipso then used the appearance of Bruce as a child to lure Rebecca McNider into stealing some birthday presents so that he could kill her.[4]

    In response to her death, numerous members of the JSA including Sylvester, Ted, Rex, John, Pat, and Jay attended her funeral and discussed ways to deal with this new threat, while Doctor Fate, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, Hawkman and the Spectre went to confront Eclipso. However, they failed to defeat him and so the JSA was forced to vote on whether to kill Bruce, in order to imprison Eclipso within the Black Diamond, after Sylvester was told this was the only way by the Shade. Sylvester, Ted, and Rex voted in favor of this whereas Pat and Jay voted against, and so the group who voted in favor went to his home and murdered him.[3]

    Battle of Los Angeles[edit | hide]

    Battle of Los Angeles

    After this decision, the JSA began to break apart and went their separate ways until the Injustice Society reformed years later.[3] On December 24, 2010, the ISA lured the team into a battle at an abandoned mansion, where several members were killed. Hawkgirl, Hawkman and Johnny Thunder were killed by Brainwave,[6] Sandman, and Wildcat were killed by unknown assailants, Starman was killed by Icicle,[2] Doctor Mid-Nite was sent to the Shadowlands by the Shade,[7] Hourman survived the battle only to later be killed by Solomon Grundy,[1] and The Flash travelled to Earth-Prime.[8] This leaves the fates of Doctor Fate, Green Lantern, and the Spectre unknown.

    Modern Age[edit | hide]

    Progenies[edit | hide]

    In 2020, Courtney Whitmore gained the Cosmic Staff[2] and worked with ex-JSA ally, Pat Dugan to fight the Injustice Society of America.[6]

    A few weeks later, Pat brought Courtney to the JSA Headquarters and showed her the history of the JSA. Later that night, Courtney sneaked into the headquarters and stole various JSA relics. Soon, she started recruiting new members as successors to recreate the JSA.[9]

    Courtney eventually recruited Yolanda Montez, her classmate from Blue Valley High who possesses exceptional boxing skills, Rick Tyler, son of the late Hourman, and Beth Chapel, who discovered Courtney and Yolanda's identities and accidentally stumbled across the Doctor Mid-Nite Goggles.[1][5] The newly formed Justice Society of America soon united and attempted to prevent Sportsmaster and Tigress' theft of the satellite codes. Unfortunately, they were unmatched by the experienced criminals until Pat Dugan arrived in S.T.R.I.P.E. and intimidated the duo away. Despite his initial disagreement over Courtney joining the world of vigilantism, Pat was forced to accept the fact that they were the only ones with the power to stop the Injustice Society of America.[10]

    JSA vs ISA

    By the time of late November, the Justice Society of America, with the help of the Shining Knight, assaulted the ISA lair underneath Blue Valley during their execution of Project: New America. During the battle, Sportsmaster and Tigress were knocked unconscious and incarcerated, the Gambler escaped in the chaos, Solomon Grundy was spared by Rick, while Icicle, Brainwave and Dragon King were killed by Mike Dugan, Yolanda and Cindy Burman respectively. The incident was covered up as merely an earthquake and attracted the attention of the Shade.[11]

    The Darkness Within[edit | hide]

    Six months after the defeat of the Injustice Society, Courtney refused to take a break and continued to look out for evil with the team despite their reluctance. However, unbeknownst to the Justice Society, Cindy Burman returned to Blue Valley and forged an alliance with Eclipso, a demon that was imprisoned in the Black Diamond by the original JSA. Cindy assembled her own team of villains consisting of Artemis Crock and Isaac Bowin.[4] The two group of youngsters then collided in Blue Valley High and battled each other until the Shade arrived to acquire the Black Diamond. Unfortunately, Cindy refused to do so and utilized the power of Eclipso on the Justice Society and the Shade, before Courtney accidentally destroyed the diamond with the Cosmic Staff and liberated Eclipso. The group was quickly proven to be outmatched as the Shade was severely injured. Eclipso soon escaped the building while the JSA returned to recover over the traumatic experience.[12]

    Over the following week, Eclipso disguised himself as a young Bruce Gordon and haunted members of the team through his power of inducing visions.[3][13][14] Despite the team being broken apart, they united after Courtney returned from the Shadowlands.[7]

    JSA vs Eclipso

    The Justice Society was later joined by former foe Cindy Burman, the original Doctor Mid-Nite, Jakeem Williams and the Thunderbolt, as well as Jennie-Lynn Hayden. They quickly acted and battled Eclipso in the streets of Blue Valley. Mike Dugan also suited up as S.T.R.I.P.E. and was joined by Solomon Grundy in the battle. During the battle, Eclipso successfully possessed Courtney and wielded the power of both the darkness and the light, before Starman could regain control of the Cosmic Staff and depower Eclipso. Eclipso refused to give up while Sportsmaster, Tigress and Artemis returned and briefly incapacitated him for several moments, allowing Courtney, Sylvester, Jennie and the Thunderbolt to completely destroy him, reducing him into a piece of toast.[15]

    Murder Mystery[edit | hide]

    Ten Years Later[edit | hide]

    Members[edit | hide]

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    Modern Age[edit | hide]

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    Future Members[edit | hide]

    Allies[edit | hide]

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    Enemies[edit | hide]

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    Modern Age[edit | hide]

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    Appearances[edit | hide]

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    Gallery[edit | hide]

    Golden Age[edit | hide]

    Modern Age[edit | hide]

    References[edit | hide]

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