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    Henry King Jr. (Earth-2: Post-Crisis)

    Do you know what it's like to be able to hear everyone's thoughts? It's hell on earth. You think I'm a jerk? Well, trust me, everyone else is worse. If my dad hurt anyone... he had a reason to. People are monsters. Deep down, they're ugly, and greedy, and hateful, and twisted. That's the truth.
    — Henry King Jr. to Courtney Whitmore[src]

    Henry King Jr. was a student at Blue Valley High School and the son of Henry and Merry King. Soon after Courtney Whitmore's arrival in Blue Valley, King began to develop migraines and started hearing voices in his mind. It was later revealed that he inherited his father's telepathic and telekinetic abilities, which was utilized in the Justice Society of America's infiltration in the ISA Headquarters. Unfortunately, King's refusal to stand by his father as a criminal led to his demise, which was revenged when Yolanda Montez sliced Brainwave's throat days later.

    Biography[edit | hide | hide all]

    Relationship with Yolanda Montez[edit | hide]

    At some point, King started dating Yolanda Montez and caused Cindy Burman to be jealous.[2]

    During Yolanda's campaign for school president, King was supportive and helped her on promoting. In three months ago, King asked Yolanda to send a revealing photo and Yolanda did it, trusting King. On the next day, King showed the photo to his friends and Cindy took the phone away. King took the phone back and told Cindy to leave. During Yolanda's speech, students present at the speech received the photo King asked Yolanda to send. King and Yolanda later broke up and King started dating Cindy.[2][3]

    Meeting Courtney[edit | hide]

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    In 2020, Courtney Whitmore moved to BVHS and had to sit alone for lunch. King walked to Yolanda who is next to Courtney and mocked her with his friends. Courtney tried to help Yolanda and pushed King. King lost his balance and bumped on a lunch monitor which caused the monitor to spill food on both of themselves. Principal Bowin saw the incident and brought Courtney for punishment.[3]

    Later that night, King and his friends went to an outdoor theatre and pranked the audiences. They walked to their car to leave but one of his friends saw a masked female letting air out of the tires. The staff the female was holding suddenly pushed King in the chest causing him to fall. As they tried to ran towards her, the staff glows and temporarily blinded them, causing them to run into it. The staff tried to aim at one of the friends but shot at their car causing it to explode.[3]

    Powers and abilities[edit | hide]

    Powers[edit | hide]

    • Telepathy: Inherited from his father, King can read other people's minds and communicate with them.[4]
    • Telekinesis: Same with telepathy, King is also able to move things with his mind after concentrating hard enough. However, this power just started manifesting and is unstable.[5]
      • Telekinetic Blast: As King's telekinesis is unstable, he cannot control it when he is overwhelmed by emotions which results in a telekinetic blast.[5]

    Weaknesses[edit | hide]

    • Lack of Control: As King's power just started manifesting, his powers are unstable and is unable to fully control it.[5]

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