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    For the eponymous character, see Jordan Mahkent (Earth-2: Post-Crisis).

    "Chapter Ten: The Killer"[1] is the tenth episode of the third season of Stargirl, and the thirty-sixth episode overall. It aired on November 9, 2022.

    Look, all of this, everything that's been happening, it ain't about us. Jordan wanted to build a new America because he believed he could create a brighter, safer future for our children. That's why we got on board with his plan. We believed in him.
    But if this continues, it will only bring more destruction to our families and our community.
    And that's not what Jordan wanted in the end.
    No, it wasn't.
    So you kill them, then they kill you, and a lot of other people get killed along the way. Believe me. My wife and I, we've been doing this a long time. We know. That's how this goes.
    How will this help Cameron? What kind of future will this give him and his children? Jordan wanted the best for his kid. So do what's right. Give it up like we did.

    Synopsis[edit | hide | hide all]

    Courtney and the team regroup after a dramatic confrontation leaves battle lines clearly drawn. A terrifying discovery made by Mike and Jakeem forces Pat and Sylvester to go on high alert. Finally, Paula and Larry take matters into their own hands to make things right.[2]

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    • This episode was previously titled, "Chapter Ten: The Murderer".
    • This episode takes place on October 5, 2021.

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