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    Assassination of The Gambler (Earth-2: Post-Crisis)

    Settle in, as we're about to begin a tale of trust, a tale of heartache, and a tale of murder.

    The Assassination of The Gambler was a mysterious silencing of Steve Sharpe, The Gambler, who discovered hidden cameras monitoring Blue Valley.

    History[edit | hide | hide all]

    Background[edit | hide]

    Sharpe decides to reform

    In September 2021, Steve Sharpe, The Gambler, returned to Blue Valley after evading the authorities for his criminal activities. As he returned to Blue Valley, he went to apologize and state his intent to reform to the Whitmore-Dugans, soon moving back to his trailer. While he stayed in his trailer, he began searching for his daughter, whom she unknowingly abandoned and was subsequently sent to an adoption agency. Meanwhile, Sharpe wrote a letter and completed right when the computer detected an identified feed, including those filming his trailer, the The American Dream Tower, Blue Valley High School, the Whitmore-Dugans, and the Chapels[1]

    Assassination[edit | hide]

    Later, Sharpe retrieved his pistol from the trash can and cautiously exited his trailer, searching for the hidden camera. However, before he could remove the camera, an unknown being revealed itself and tackled Sharpe. Sharpe defended himself with his pistol, with the Justice Society of America being close enough to hear The Gunshot.[1]

    Aftermath[edit | hide]

    Burman holds Sharpe's gun

    Hearing The Gunshot, the Justice Society ran to Sharpe's trailer and found Sharpe dead on The Ground, with Cindy Burman holding the pistol. Hoping to clear her suspicious actions, Burman claimed it was not her.[1]

    List of Suspects[edit | hide]

    Name Possible Evidences Claims
    Shiv (Cindy Burman) *Presence at the scene of the crime
    *Wielding The Gambler's sidearm moments at the scene of the crime
    *In possession of The Gambler's laptop
    *Accidental discharge of The Gamber's sidearm
    *Arrived at the scene after the crime was committed
    Sportsmaster (Larry Crock)/Tigress (Paula Brooks) *The former secretly observing The Gambler outside of his trailer
    *Implied to have planned an attack
    *Blackmailed by The Gambler
    *Would not have amateurishly kept the body at the scene
    *Does not intend to break apart the Crock family again
    The Shade (Richard Swift) *Presence at the crime scene hours before the murder
    *Conflict with The Gambler
    *Presence at Richie Rock's Diner with the company of Maria Carmen Saravia during the murder
    Helix Institute for Youth Rehabilitation *Showed interest and great understanding of Blue Valley and its residents *Claimed that they did not place cameras in Blue Valley, and merely did extensive research
    Icicle (Jordan Mahkent) *Monitoring Blue Valley

    The killer was later revealed to be Shiro Ito, whose brain was extracted after his death and placed in the Ultra-Humanite's albino gorilla body.[2]

    Appearances[edit | hide]

    References[edit | hide]

    Events - Earth-2 (Post-Crisis)
    Golden Age (c. 1941-2010) · Project: New America (2020) · War on the JSA (2021) · Shadowlands Conflict (2021) · Gambler Murder Investigation (2021) · Blue Valley Conspiracy (2021)
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