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    I'm not great about opening up about how I feel. I want to be, but I'm not. And I'm gonna try to be better with that.
    — Jordan Kent to Sarah Cortez[src]

    Jordan Kent is the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, the grandson of Sam Lane, and the brother of Jonathan Kent.

    Kent was diagnosed with social anxiety disorder in his teenage years, though he slowly recovered when the family moved to Smallville. Soon after their relocation, Kent discovered that he possesses Kryptonian abilities inherited from his father. Throughout the later months, he practiced his abilities and eventually eradicated by Zeta-Rho. Thankfully, Kent, along with countless victims, were restored when Superman defeated Tal-Rho.

    Shortly afterward, Kent began attempting to become a vigilante like his father. His choice led to conflicts with both his mother and girlfriend Sarah Cortez, with the latter breaking up with him for not telling the truth of his suddenly disappearances. Under his father's guidance, Kent soon became a rising hero of Earth, becoming Superboy.

    Biography[edit | hide | hide all]

    Early Life[edit | hide]

    Jordan Kent was born in 2006 to Clark Kent and Lois Lane.[9]

    In a summer, Kent and his brother went to Smallville and played with Sarah Cushing.[9]

    Life in Metropolis[edit | hide]

    In Metropolis High School, Kent was bullied by countless members of the footballers.[3]

    Moved to Smallville[edit | hide]

    Danger in the Barn[edit | hide]

    Kent's Heat Vision

    In fall 2020, Kent's grandmother died of a stroke and the family returned to Smallville. After the funeral, Kent met Sarah Cushing for the second time. Cushing then talked to Kent and Jonathan about the life in Smallville as well as mentioning the internet reception in the Kent Farm. Kent then volunteered to fix the router located in the barn. The trio then went into the barn and Cushing asked Kent for his phone number for future uses. He then climbed on a ladder to the top of the barn for the router, only to fall on the ground. Jonathan ran across the barn attempting to protect Kent and was actually protected by Kent's invulnerability. Cushing shouted for help and Clark arrives to rescue them.[9]

    Later that night, Kent was treated by an EMT and returned to his room with his brother. They then argued over how they are able to survive the accident.[9]

    The next day, Kent and Jonathan searched for something their father was hiding in the barn. They then found a door to an old wine cellar where the Kryptonian pod was stored. As they left to question their parents, they arrived and later revealed Clark, their father, is Superman. In disbelief, Kent stormed away, with his brother following him.[9]

    Bonfire Incident[edit | hide]

    During the night, Kent went to the Shuster Mines to attend a bonfire. As he talks to Cushing about their respective mental issues, he kissed her and was attacked by Cushing's boyfriend. His brother then arrived in defense of him, and Sean's group attacked the both of them. Seeing his brother overwhelmed by the group, Kent's eyes started glowing red and a focused ocular blast shot out of his eyes, causing an explosion. Later, Clark arrived and comforted the both of them and brought the twins back to the house.[9]

    Soon, Kent and Jonathan were approached by Sarah Cushing, who arrived to apologize for her boyfriend's impulsive actions. Cushing then offered to have Kent go with the group, and he politely denied.[9]

    As Kent's powers being a dangerous threat, the Kent family decided to move to Smallville.[9]

    Training[edit | hide]

    Clark's history lesson to Jordan

    After Clark discovered Kent's powers, they decided to skip a day in school and go to the Fortress of Solitude for advice from Jor-El's A.I. During the test, Jor-El's A.I. found no difference in Kent and the heat vision incident was possibly a one-time occasion. Returning to home, Kent was furious about his powers and shouted at his family. Jonathan, who also suffered from the consequences of Kent kissing Cushing, shouted against Kent as well. The twins were then stopped by their mother and were brought to the Cushing Residence for a barbecue event. Kent, Jonathan and Cushing talked about how the kiss affected their daily life and Cushing told them that it would be forgotten quickly.[1]

    Returning home, Kal-El called the kids to the dining room and gave Kent an ELT in case of an emergency, while mentioning that their mother was going to quit the Daily Planet.[1]

    Joining the Smallville Crows[edit | hide]

    Kent vs. Smith
    These guys think they can push us around. Well, guess what? I'm pushing back.
    — Kent to Jonathan[src]

    The next morning, Kent participated in painting the house and witnessed his father leaving as Superman. Kent and Jonathan then returned to school, only to have Sean teasing and bullying him. Jonathan attempted to defend his brother and was later assisted by his father. Kent then trialed for the football team by Tag. Surprisingly, Kent was able to perform successfully and got the place on the team. Jonathan later convinced Kent to stop as he has powers on the field, with the latter insisting. Jonathan then got angry and asked him why he joined the team, as he hates sports. Jonathan and Kent then went to the diner with Cushing until Lana arrived and yelled at Cushing. Jonathan was able to tell Clark about the situation and told him about Kent joining the football team, with him disapproving. However, Jonathan realized how joining the team allowed Kent to feel happy and overcome his social anxiety disorder. He then convinced Clark to allow Kent to join, with a condition of Kent not using his powers.[10]

    Kent and Cushing

    Kent later took part in his first game and dominated the field. Kent later went to the diner for the team celebration and talked to Tag Harris, who was injured during the bonfire accident and was unable to play in the game. Kent, Jonathan and Cushing later attended Corey Wellnitz's party. The next day, Sam talked to the twins and told them that Clark has a double life, meaning sometimes he cannot be their father and Superman at the same time, telling them to consider when to ask for his help. Due to the speech, Kent and Jonathan did not call for their father's help when Tag started to suffer tremendous pain from his vibrating powers. Kent was slightly injured in an attempt to calm Tag and was later rescued by their father. Later that night, the Kent family and Sam shared the reason the twins did not call Clark, with the twins telling their parents it was Sam's speech.[11]

    Smallville Harvest Festival[edit | hide]

    On the day of the Harvest Fest, Kent heard Eliza breaking up with Jonathan. Kent and Jonathan then returned home, with the former telling their parents about the break-up. Clark then talked to Jonathan while Kent listens on the back, and Jonathan left in anger to the Harvest Fest. Kent then quickly followed and witnessed Jonathan taking alcohol from Timmy and Wellnitz. As Kent goes out on a date with Cushing, Jonathan interrupted and drunk, humiliating himself and causing Cushing to scold them. Jonathan later apologized to Kent for ruining his date and was blamed by his parents for drinking, sending the twins home through share ride. Later that day, Kent witnessed Clark and Lois forgiving Jonathan for the first time and gifted a box (formerly containing the Sunstone Crystal) to him in order to remind him of how important family is.[12]

    On the following day, Jordan talked to Sarah, and she told him she wasn't ready for a relationship, asking to be friends with him instead. As he walked home, he was assaulted by his former classmate, Tag Harris.[12] He then summoned his father using the ELT, who asked him if he was fine and sped out to follow Tag.[3]

    Powers and Responsibilities[edit | hide]

    Trust[edit | hide]

    Kent later returned to school and prepared for his game in Metropolis the next day. Cushing informed the twins that she would watch their game and support them. Unfortunately, Kent could not focus as his superhuman hearing started emerging, which gave him migraines. Jonathan worried about his brother and offered to call their father. Kent refused, as he did not want his father to worry until the game was over. Back at the Storm Cellar, Kent was trained by his father, who instructed him to punch a tree trunk. Kent initially failed and later succeeded with his brother's suggestion.[3]

    Hours later, Kent and his family travelled to Metropolis for the football match, with the DOD monitoring security. During the game, the Metropolis Spartans assaulted Kent and Clark approached his son, protecting him from being injured. Kent's superhuman hearing then affected him, causing him to be unable to hold his heat vision. Thankfully, Clark was able to block the heat using his bare hands, concealing their identity as Kryptonians.[3]

    Kent talks to his father

    After the match, Clark talked to Kent about how he lied to him and what danger his lie nearly caused. Kent refused to admit that his powers started emerging, with his brother quickly revealing the truth. The two argued with each other about the lie, only for Clark to be interrupted by Lana's phone call.[3]

    Despite their father's orders to not leave the room, the twins were confronted by their teammates and followed them for fun at the streets. Their enjoyment was quickly interrupted by their rivals and Kent was taunted at. Enraged by years of being bullied in school, Kent attempted to assault Jimmy Cutter, with Jonathan placing his hand to prevent any injuries done to Cutter.[3]

    The twins returned to their home the following day and were scolded at, with Clark revealing that he himself struggled with control in his early days and taught Kent that rebuilding trust after breaking it takes longer than building it from scratch. Kent apologized for his actions and returned to school soon. Cushing talked to Kent after her kidnapping and expressed her fear, also questioning about the origins of Tag's power, as she was told that Kent caused it. After leaving school, Kent's migraines started to worsen as Clark flew him to the Fortress of Solitude.[3]

    Suffering from Powers[edit | hide]

    Kent's training

    Kent was quickly examined by Jor-El's A.I. and was confirmed about his problem caused by his newly emerged superhuman hearing. Kent was brought back to the house and was given a pair of sound-cancelling headphones in order to dampen his powers long enough for his lessons on control. Later, Clark returned and taught him about focusing his powers on only one sound at a time. Unfortunately, the sound of water dripping overpowered Kent, and he put on his headphones on once more.[13]

    With Clark away, Kent independently attempted to focus once more, with him focusing on Cushing. His superhuman hearing was able to capture the conversation between Cushing and Jonathan, which Kent was able to hear part of and misunderstood. When Jonathan returned, Kent stood up and confronted him about the conversation. Jonathan soon caused a loud noise and knocked Kent on the ground. Coincidentally, the incident allowed Kent to hear his father in danger, and brought his brother along with him to rescue the Man of Steel.[13]

    Using his superhuman hearing, Kent was able to pinpoint his father as Jonathan hit John Henry Irons with the truck. While Kent struggled to stand up, Jonathan took the Kinetic Hammer and damaged the Solar Flare, freeing both his brother and father to apprehending Irons.[13]

    Confidence[edit | hide]

    Kent and Cushing

    When Kent went to school, he saw Cushing signing up for the talent show. However, Cushing revealed her stage anxiety and Kent motivated her by revealing that he used to play the piano before his social anxiety dominated. Kent later offered to serve as Cushing's pianist. Later that day, Kent and Jonathan agreed that they both would be by each other's side. Kent later observed that Cushing's father was missing from the performance, quickly stepping up for Cushing's performance.[14]

    Infected with Kryptonite[edit | hide]

    Kent's symptoms

    Following Clark's encounter with Reno Rosetti, Kent was infected with the Synthetic Kryptonite Gas that also inhibited his father's powers. He later found out about the symptoms when he sneezed during a practice with Cushing and contacted his father, revealing that both of them were affected.[15]

    While resting in his room, the Kent family treated him with water and saw him causing frost all over his table. As the infection grew worse, Kent started struggling to breathe and was brought to the Fortress of Solitude. The A.I. of Jor-El once again advised Clark about their previous encounter with similar situations, with Clark holding Kent's hand as the laser pierced through his skin in order to burn the Kryptonite out of his system. Thankfully, Kent was able to withstand the lasers and developed superhuman breath, which he compared to "having a piece of wintergreen gum in his mouth at all times".[15]

    Telling the Truth[edit | hide]

    The trio

    After the Subjekts on Lois and Jonathan, Kent was aware of Kyle being one of the infected individuals. When Kent, Jonathan and Cushing sat at diner, Kent confided in Cushing about the truth about her father and brought her to the DOD camp. Unfortunately, they were stopped by a guard until their grandfather was convinced to allow them to enter. He later talked to Cushing once more and comforted her about Kyle's situation. Cushing also disclosed about her understanding Kent being missing during her performance.[16]

    Soon, the Subjekts attacked Smallville once more, as Superman defended the town. Lois and the twins then gathered the citizens and brought them to safety, witnessing Superman's explosion in the sky and the restoration of countless Smallvillians.[16]

    Resurrection of Krypton[edit | hide]

    Defending his Family[edit | hide]

    I don't want to be just friends anymore.
    Me neither.
    — Cushing and Kent[src]
    The Kent family sees Edge

    As Clark went to the Fortress after the attack, Kent, Jonathan and Lois went to the Cushing Residence and talked to the family. Cushing complimented the twins for being honest and straightforward, while the adults hid the truth from her. Kent was then requested to talk to Cushing alone, with her confessing her feelings to him, and they kissed each other.[17]

    The Kent family later returned to the farm as Edge landed in front of them. Kent bravely stepped forward and used his heat vision against the villain, only to be overpowered by the experienced Kryptonian. Thankfully, Clark returned and surrendered to Edge, promising to be eradicated in exchange for his family's safety.[17]

    Search for Superman[edit | hide]

    The twins talk to the DOD

    While the DOD continued the search for their father, the twins believed that they could do so themselves by using Kent's newly acquired superhuman hearing. After a series of trials and errors, Kent was able to hear Clark's message to him when he briefly delayed the eradication. The twins quickly ran to the camp and told their grandfather. Using John Henry Irons' war suit and trust in Clark, the family was able to find and restore the mind of the Man of Steel.[18]

    Later, Kent was able to hear Clark's return and gathered the family to the farm as Superman and Steel landed. Slightly frightened, the twins were comforted by their father and formally met the armored John Henry Irons.[18]

    Skipping School[edit | hide]

    With everything back to normal, Clark explained the truth about Edge to the twins before they went to school. Kent later approached Cushing and decided to skip the assembly. They then went to Atlas Lake for a moment alone together. They confided in each other and shared a kiss, only to be interrupted by the police.[19]

    The couple was then brought to the sheriff's office as Lana and Lois bailed them out. As Kent and Jonathan both skipped school, Clark and Lois scolded them before they apologized unconvincingly.[19]

    The Eradicator[edit | hide]

    After waking up, Kent asked Lois if he could visit Cushing at the Cushing's, with his parents telling him that they simply wanted him to be responsible. While Clark talked to Lana about selling the house, Kent talked to Cushing bout the same topic. Cushing assured that they would not move away as nobody would buy the house. They were later invited to be a party during a meal at the diner.[4]

    Edge eradicates Kent

    During the party, Kent received a call from his grandfather, with Jonathan telling him not to answer. They soon understood the reason for the call, as they witnessed Lois reporting live from Metropolis about Edge's attack. Thankfully, the twins were not attacked and Sam was able to take them away with Cushing. As they drove home, Edge attacked the vehicle and the four were injured. Edge immediately evaded Jonathan's attacks and grabbed Kent, bringing him to a building and eradicated him. Kent slowly recovered, with Zeta-Rho in control of his body.[4]

    Through hours of searching, Clark was finally able to find Kent next to a volcano, where he briefly took back the control of his body and explained his kidnapping. Unfortunately, Rho took control once more and used Kent's body for a duel. Later, Kent's body was brought back to the farm by John, moments after Rho was knocked unconscious. In order to release Kent from being controlled, Lois used the mind navigator and entered his mind. Eventually, Lois was able to reach Kent in the Mindscape and prevented Rho from killing Jonathan.[20]

    Victory[edit | hide]

    Once the crisis was averted, Kent and his family visited the Cushing family barbecue and celebrated their victory against The Eradicator. Kent brought Cushing to the middle of a field and told her that he truly loves her, reminding her that what he said before being kidnapped was the genuine truth. The family later returned with John by their side and discussed their near future. However, they were interrupted by John's A.I., who informed them about the arrival of a projectile. They approached the mysterious device, finding out that John's daughter survived the destruction of their home universe.[20]

    Back to School[edit | hide]

    Cushing's Return[edit | hide]

    Family Reunion[edit | hide]

    Secrets[edit | hide]

    Worsening Situation[edit | hide]

    Training[edit | hide]

    Sibling Rivalry[edit | hide]

    Busted[edit | hide]

    Protecting Jon[edit | hide]

    One Month Later[edit | hide]

    Superman Missing[edit | hide]

    Precious Secrets[edit | hide]

    Kill Suit[edit | hide]

    First Flight[edit | hide]

    Ascension[edit | hide]

    Stepping Up for Superman[edit | hide]

    Hope[edit | hide]

    The Beginning[edit | hide]

    Straight to Home[edit | hide]

    Metropolis Party[edit | hide]

    The Watch[edit | hide]

    Becoming Superboy[edit | hide]

    Haircut[edit | hide]

    Valentine Dance[edit | hide]

    Being Ready[edit | hide]

    All the Ways[edit | hide]

    The Fire[edit | hide]

    A Hero's Credit[edit | hide]

    Party Gone Wrong[edit | hide]

    X-Ray Vision[edit | hide]

    Smallville Samaritan[edit | hide]

    Talents[edit | hide]

    Powers and Abilities[edit | hide]

    Powers[edit | hide]

    I'm a little stronger. So, what?
    You're a lot stronger, and you've had an ocular release of energy.
    — Clark Kent to Kent[src]
    • Kryptonian-Human Hybrid Physiology: Kent possesses the powers of an average Kryptonian when exposed to the effects of a yellow sun.[9] Following Zeta-Rho's takeover of his body, Kent unlocked his true potential of Kryptonian powers, gifting him the abilities that he never thought he could do.[20]
      • Solar Energy Absorption: According to Jor-El's A.I. in the Fortress of Solitude, Kryptonians and hybrids with powers are able to absorb solar energy and convert the energy as strength for powers. However, Human DNA is too "limiting" and the powers can only be manifested once.[1] This was later disproven when Zeta-Rho took over Kent's body and unlocked his true potential.[20]
        • Accelerated Healing Factor: According to Clark, Kent is not entirely invincible and will still get injured. However, he heals quicker than average humans do.[3]
        • Atmospheric Adaption: Kent can survive even away from Earth's atmosphere for an extended period of time.[21]
        • Flight: Kent has the ability to fly and float in midair after his true potential being unlocked by Zeta-Rho's takeover of his body.[20] After Rho was expelled from Kent's body, he no longer has the control over this ability, and was only able to levitate for a short period of time until he was trained by his father.[22]
          • Levitation: Kent has the ability to levitate while flying.[20]
        • Heat Vision: Kent has the ability to emit red energy beams from his eyes.[9] After months of training, Kent was able to learn how to control the intensity of the beams, controlling it to light a small fire on candles.[7]
        • Superhuman Breath: After being infected with Synthetic Kryptonite Gas, Kent is able to freeze objects using his breath.[15]
        • Superhuman Durability: Kent was able to shield his brother from falling metal pipes and survive with no injuries.[9] He is also able to withstand high-speed attacks by Tag Harris with minor bruises.[3]
        • Superhuman Leaping: After he unlocked his true potential and being trained, Kent was able to leap over tall buildings with a single bound.[20]
        • Superhuman Senses: Kent's senses allow him to perceive almost anything in his environment when focusing on it.[23]
          • Superhuman Hearing: After being attacked by Tag Harris, Kent started developing superhuman hearing, causing him to be sensitive to weak sounds such as a spoon scraping the bowl. This new ability affected his daily life, and he started having migraines, eventually causing his brain to heat up after continuous heat vision blasts caused by the migraine.[3]
          • Superhuman Vision: Kent's vision far surpasses that of any other being, as he is able to view the entire electromagnetic spectrum at will and differentiate between different forms of energy.[9]
            • X-Ray Vision: Kent can see through solid objects provided they are not covered in lead.[23]
        • Superhuman Speed: Kent was shown to be able to run faster than average humans. He was able to throw the thug beating his brother at super speed.[3] After his true potential was unlocked, Kent was able to run at superhuman speed and appear as a gust of wind to the naked human eye.[20]
          • Superhuman Reflexes: When raiding the X-Kryptonite warehouse, Kent accessed his ability to react to attacks at a high speed, making his opponent's heat vision to appear as frozen in time for him to dodge it.[24]
        • Superhuman Stamina: Kent was able to do 50 push-ups in one minute with no signs of exhaustion.[25]
        • Superhuman Strength: During his training in the football team, Kent was shown to have tremendous strength.[10] With focus and persistence, Kent was also able to punch a dent in a log.[3]

    Abilities[edit | hide]

    • Pianist: Kent took piano lessons and accompanied Cushing's talent performance.[14]
    • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Though not professionally trained, Kent possesses above-average combat skills under his grandfather's instructions.[25]

    Weaknesses[edit | hide]

    These have been random occurrences. He'll never have enough power to produce these abilities on command. His human DNA is just too limiting.
    — Jor-El's A.I.[src]
    • Limited Solar Energy Absorption: Due to Kent's human genes, he is unable to absorb enough solar energy to access his powers. Heat vision was also said to be a random occurrence and superhuman strength is simply 1/100 that of his father.[1] However, this was proven inaccurate as Zeta-Rho was able to unlock Kent's true potential, subsequently giving him the powers of an average Kryptonian in exposure to a yellow sun.[4][20]
    • Green Kryptonite: Green Kryptonite is a form of Kryptonite that will make Kent and all other Kryptonians sick.[15]
      • Synthetic Kryptonite Gas: After being infected by his father, who inhaled the Kryptonite gas created by Project 7734 of the DOD, Kent's respiratory system was filled with liquid. Kent's body then automatically froze the liquid, causing him to sneeze ice and snow out of his nose. This was then cured by the extreme heat provided by the Fortress of Solitude.[15]
    • Sonic Blaster: Created by Thaddeus Killgrave, the blaster is one of the few weapons that are capable of injuring Kryptonians, sending them flying in midair and limiting their movement.[20]

    Former Weaknesses[edit | hide]

    Kent unable to control his powers
    • Social Anxiety Disorder: In 2020, Kent was diagnosed with social anxiety disorder.[9] However, after moving to Smallville, Kent is slowly recovering from the disorder after joining the Smallville Crows.[10]
    • Lack of Control: When Kent's powers started manifesting, he was unable to control his powers until his father started training him using the latter's father's methods. Additionally, Clark was able to consult Jor-El's A.I.'s opinions on Kent's physiology.[3] When Kent defended his family, he was shown to be able to control his heat vision, showing his full control of his emerged powers after a period of trainings.[17]

    Equipment[edit | hide]

    Current Equipment[edit | hide]

    Appearances[edit | hide]

    Pilot Appears
    Heritage Appears
    The Perks of Not Being a Wallflower Appears
    Haywire Appears
    The Best of Smallville Appears
    Broken Trust Appears
    Man of Steel Appears
    Holding the Wrench Appears
    Loyal Subjekts Appears
    O Mother, Where Art Thou? Appears
    A Brief Reminiscence In-Between Cataclysmic Events Appears
    Through the Valley of Death Appears
    Fail Safe Appears
    The Eradicator Appears
    Last Sons of Krypton Appears
    What Lies Beneath Appears
    The Ties That Bind Appears
    The Thing in the Mines Appears
    The Inverse Method Appears
    Girl... You'll Be a Woman, Soon Appears
    Tried and True Appears
    Anti-Hero Appears
    Into Oblivion Appears
    30 Days and 30 Nights Appears
    The Anniversary Appears
    Bizarros in a Bizarro World Appears
    Truth and Consequences Appears
    Lies That Bind Appears
    All Is Lost Appears
    Worlds War Bizarre Appears
    Waiting for Superman Appears
    Closer Appears
    Uncontrollable Forces Appears
    In Cold Blood Appears
    Too Close to Home Appears
    Head On Appears
    Of Sound Mind Appears
    Forever and Always Appears
    Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Appears
    The Dress Appears
    Collision Course Appears
    Complications Appears
    Injustice Appears
    What Kills You Only Makes You Stronger Appears

    Notes[edit | hide]

    • Kent was named after Jor-El, Clark's biological father.[1]
    • Kent sports the number 24 in the Smallville Crows.[10]
    • Kent's ID on Killer Instinct is Kent6335.[10]

    Gallery[edit | hide]

    Promotional Images[edit | hide]

    References[edit | hide]

    Other versions of Jordan Kent
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