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    Unpredictable things happen in life. We all know that. The real question is how you respond to it in the face of a crisis. Is it with honesty and integrity? Because it's what I've tried to do in my personal life and what I promise to do as mayor of Smallville. I will never waver when it comes to trying to do what's right for my family and for this town.
    — Lana Lang Cushing[src]

    Mayor Lana Lang (formerly Lang Cushing[3][4]) is a former mortgage manager and the current mayor of Smallville. Lang is also the ex-wife of Kyle Cushing, and the mother of Sarah Cortez and Sophie Cushing.

    In her teenage years, Lang befriended Clark Kent and Pete Ross, even starting a romantic relationship with Kent. However, he left Smallville when his father died and did not return until at least a decade later. During the period, Lang dated and married Kyle Cushing, starting a family with two daughters.

    When the Kents moved back to Smallville, Lang helped them resettle in the town and was asked to be an undercover agent for Lois Lane, investigating the true intentions of Morgan Edge. Edge discovered her involvement and instead asked her to lead a program, though she did not possess any knowledge of what it was for. Eventually, Edge revealed his true intentions and sparked anger against the Cushings. Thankfully, the family assisted the people of Smallville against Edge and regained their trust, soon with Lang running for mayor.

    The mayoral campaign led to George Dean extensively investigating the family and Cushing revealed his affair with Tonya Martinez. Lang and Cushing separated, albeit keeping a strong bond until Lang became mayor.

    Biography[edit | hide | hide all]

    Early Life[edit | hide]

    Always smile at your neighbor, never let them see the hurt inside.
    — Lang on how she was raised[src]

    Lana Lang was born in Smallville and grew up with Clark Kent, whom she attended the same high school with.[3]

    Life in Smallville[edit | hide]

    In her teenage years, Lang dated Kent and the pictures from the time were posted on Facebook. She also had a good relationship with Kent's mother, later calling her the "Superman of Smallville" or even "Superwoman".[3]

    So, Pete was at the wheel. Fell asleep, drove off the road. We came to, the car was a pretzel. Nobody was hurt. Not a scratch. It was the strangest thing. Then again, lots of strange things happened here back then.
    — Lang on the "Soul Asylum accident"[src]

    After starting to date Kent, they went to a Soul Asylum concert and had an accident on the way home.[3]

    Later in her life, Kent and Lang broke up with the former leaving Smallville to Metropolis to become Superman.[3]

    Cushing and Lang at their high school prom

    At 17 years old, Lang began a relationship with Kyle Cushing, who eventually became a firefighter and celebrated with Lang afterward.[5]

    In 2004,[6][7] Lang got married to Kyle Cushing and gave birth to Sarah. Later gave birth to Sophie several years later. The daughters then met the twins of Kent and Lois Lane and spent a summer in Smallville together.[3]

    At some point in the early to mid-2010s, Smallville residents suffered from a change and the mood of the town changed. The sadness went to the Cushing family and affected their lives. Cushing started to lay on the couch half of the nights and Lang gets mad at him for being checked out.[3]

    In 2020, when Sarah was around 13, she took Lang's pills and tried to commit suicide, later survived the event.[3]

    Kent Family's Return[edit | hide]

    Death of Martha Kent[edit | hide]

    In fall 2020, Martha Kent passed away from a stroke and Lang attended the funeral along with her family. They then met the Kent family once more, introducing her husband and daughters to the Kent twins again. She then left with Cushing and the Kent parents to their house. There they talked about the changes in Smallville over the years and how people had left the town. Cushing then started to argue with Lane regarding the true intentions of Morgan Edge, who took over the Daily Planet and fired Kent. Cushing then brought up Martha's choice to sell the house for money and left with Lang telling the Kents to go to her bank.[3]

    The next day, Kent and Lane arrived at the bank and talked about Martha's choice of selling the farm in order for the money for the Kent twins to go to college. She then gave Kent and Lane time to consider the deal, with them choosing to move to the farm instead of selling it the following day and suspected the reason why Edge was interested in a small town in Kansas.[3]

    Family Struggles[edit | hide]

    The Edge of Humanity[edit | hide]

    Undercover[edit | hide]

    Possessed by Lara Lor-Van[edit | hide]

    Targeted[edit | hide]

    Decision[edit | hide]

    Chaos in Smallville[edit | hide]

    Victory[edit | hide]

    Hart for Mayor[edit | hide]

    Lang for Mayor[edit | hide]

    Making It Official[edit | hide]

    Lack of Trust[edit | hide]

    Digging Up Secrets[edit | hide]

    Broken Family[edit | hide]

    Sarah's Quinceañera[edit | hide]

    Wanting to Talk[edit | hide]

    Confronting Dean[edit | hide]

    Preparation[edit | hide]

    One Month Later[edit | hide]

    The New Mayor[edit | hide]

    Super Best Friend[edit | hide]

    Lies[edit | hide]

    Ascension[edit | hide]

    Dangerous Truth[edit | hide]

    Family Reunion[edit | hide]

    Truth, Justice, and a Better Tomorrow[edit | hide]

    Role as Mayor[edit | hide]

    Dean's Threats[edit | hide]

    Pride of Smallville[edit | hide]

    Crossing a Line[edit | hide]

    Remembering George Dean[edit | hide]

    Searching for Sophie[edit | hide]

    Cool Dad[edit | hide]

    Diner Conversation[edit | hide]

    Chaos on Main Street[edit | hide]

    A Leader[edit | hide]

    Governor Visit[edit | hide]

    Truth Be Told[edit | hide]

    A Hero's Credit[edit | hide]

    Meteor Shower[edit | hide]

    Powers and Abilities[edit | hide]

    Powers[edit | hide]

    Former Powers[edit | hide]

    • X-Kryptonite Mutations: After Lang volunteering exposed herself to X-Kryptonite, the Eradicator transferred Lara Lor-Van's consciousness into Lang's body.[1]

    Abilities[edit | hide]

    • Management: As a mortgage manager, Lang has had experiences with different people in Smallville with the example of the Gordons and Margie Kelton.[3]
    • Leadership: Lang was promoted to the leader of the Edge Smallville Team and managed several projects due to her leadership skills according to Morgan Edge.

    Former Abilities[edit | hide]

    • Genius-level Intellect: When Lang was possessed by Lara Lor-Van, Lang gained her genius-level intellect and was able to reverse engineer the Eradicator.[1]

    Appearances[edit | hide]

    Pilot Appears
    Heritage Appears
    The Perks of Not Being a Wallflower Appears
    Haywire Appears
    The Best of Smallville Appears
    Broken Trust Appears
    Man of Steel Appears
    Holding the Wrench Appears
    Loyal Subjekts Appears
    O Mother, Where Art Thou? Appears
    A Brief Reminiscence In-Between Cataclysmic Events Appears
    Through the Valley of Death Appears
    Fail Safe Appears
    The Eradicator Appears
    Last Sons of Krypton Appears
    What Lies Beneath Appears
    The Ties That Bind Appears
    The Thing in the Mines Appears
    The Inverse Method Appears
    Girl... You'll Be a Woman, Soon Appears
    Tried and True Appears
    Anti-Hero Appears
    Into Oblivion Appears
    30 Days and 30 Nights Appears
    Truth and Consequences Appears
    Lies That Bind Appears
    All Is Lost Appears
    Worlds War Bizarre Appears
    Waiting for Superman Appears
    Closer Appears
    Uncontrollable Forces Appears
    In Cold Blood Appears
    Too Close to Home Appears
    Head On Appears
    Of Sound Mind Appears
    Forever and Always Appears
    Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Appears
    The Dress Appears
    Collision Course Appears
    Complications Appears
    Injustice Appears
    What Kills You Only Makes You Stronger Appears

    Notes[edit | hide]

    • Lang's favorite wine is Sancerre.[8]

    Gallery[edit | hide]

    Promotional Images[edit | hide]

    References[edit | hide]

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