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    "30 Days and 30 Nights"[1] is the ninth episode of the second season of Superman & Lois, and the twenty-fourth episode overall. It aired on March 29, 2022.

    You are not a superhero, Jordan. You're a kid.
    Well, Dad's gone! And no one knows if he's coming back.
    I know how hard this is for you. It's really hard for me too.
    Stop telling me to act normal. None of this is normal.
    That's why it's not a very good time for you to start playing hero.
    That's exactly why it's the right time. That's why Granddad's been training me.
    He has been what?
    Because people need my help.
    That is not up to you to decide.
    Well, I don't need your permission.
    Under my roof, yes, you do.
    Not when I'm the one with superpowers.

    Synopsis[edit | hide | hide all]

    Lois thanks Lana for sticking up for Jonathan when one of the football players' mothers starts dogging him for getting football season cancelled. Meanwhile, Jordan's unexpected departure on the mayoral election day leaves Sarah rattled. Lastly, Natalie and Sarah wonder if they notice a spark between John Henry and Lana.[2]

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    • The majority of the episode takes place a month after Into Oblivion, around late 2021.

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