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    You got suspended because I was dealing X-K. You lost football because of it, and now my dad stole your truck.
    Okay, that is not your fault, and nobody's perfect.
    You seem to be.
    Not even close.
    — Candice Pergande and Jonathan Kent[src]

    Candice Pergande is a former student at Smallville High School and the girlfriend of Jonathan Kent.

    Biography[edit | hide | hide all]

    Early Life[edit | hide]

    Relationship with Jonathan Kent[edit | hide]

    Yellow Dust[edit | hide]

    Busted[edit | hide]

    Family Conflicts[edit | hide]

    Kent's Birthday[edit | hide]

    The Truck[edit | hide]

    Diner Fight[edit | hide]

    Valentine Dance[edit | hide]

    Leaving Smallville[edit | hide]

    A New Life[edit | hide]

    Party Gone Wrong[edit | hide]

    Powers and Abilities[edit | hide]

    Powers[edit | hide]

    Former Powers[edit | hide]

    • X-Kryptonite Mutations: Aside from being a dealer of the mineral, Pergande also personally took X-Kryptonite as gained temporary abilities.[6]
      • Superhuman Strength: According to Pergande herself, she briefly gained superhuman strength.[6]

    Equipment[edit | hide]

    Former Equipment[edit | hide]

    • "Yellow Dust": Not knowing the drug she sells is in fact the extraterrestrial mineral, X-Kryptonite, Pergande sells it to her classmates and boyfriend.[3]

    Appearances[edit | hide]

    Notes[edit | hide]

    • Candice Pergande replaced the role of Tegan Wickhem, who was written in the first season to later become the girlfriend of Jonathan Kent and was initially set to appear in the second.

    Gallery[edit | hide]

    References[edit | hide]

    1. Candice Pergande is in the same grade as Jonathan Kent in What Lies Beneath. Since Kent was born in 2006, it can be assumed that Pergande was born around the same year as Kent was.
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