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    This hammer harnesses kinetic energy. The further it travels, the more energy it creates. From 20 feet, it can stop a car in its tracks. 30, a truck. From 60, it can destroy a tank. Anything beyond that rivals a blow from Superman.

    The Kinetic Hammer, also known as the War Hammer,[1] is a weapon utilized by John Henry Irons as the vigilante known as Steel.

    History[edit | hide | hide all]

    Prior to the destruction of their home universe, Natalie and John Henry Irons worked on creating a weapon against Superman. The concept was then reused by Irons and executed when he fought the Superman of another universe.[2]

    Irons using the hammer

    During the battle, Irons summoned the hammer and was able to send Superman flying. However, before he could completely defeat Superman, he was hit with Jonathan Kent's truck and was injured, allowing Superman to bring him to the DOD.[2]

    Prior to fighting The Eradicator, the hammer was upgraded with red solar technology in order to pierce his protective energy field.[3]

    After cracking the hammer on his second encounter with Bizarro, Irons eventually destroyed the hammer when battling him once more, soon taking severe damage afterward.[4]

    Overview[edit | hide]

    Functions[edit | hide]

    Upgrades to the hammer
    • Energy Redistribution: The Kinetic Hammer can collect the kinetic energy while it is thrown. The energy will then be stored inside the hammer itself and can be redistributed upon impact on another object. According to Irons himself, the distance it travels is equivalent to the amount of energy collected, with the hammer capable of reaching Superman's strength when thrown for over 60 miles.[2]
    • Magnetic Retrieval: The Kinetic Hammer can be summoned across a great distance using magnets. However, when connected to the A.I. device, it can be summoned without the need of the gloves, though could severely injure the user.[4][5]

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