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    War on Poison Ivy (Earth-Prime)

    I wasn't really paying attention.
    No one is, and then we wake up in 50 years, and our planet is dead because we killed it.

    War on Poison Ivy is a conflict between Poison Ivy, the infected Mary Hamilton and Batwoman's Bat-Team.

    History[edit | hide | hide all]

    Background[edit | hide]

    Ambush on Poison Ivy[edit | hide]

    Montoya ambushes Isley

    In 2011, Renee Montoya pursued Pamela Isley and was unable to take a shot due to their relationship. However, when Isley murdered Montoya's partner, she decided to join forces with Batman and ambushed Isley at their apartment. Eventually, Isley was placed under the Batcave with no access to sunlight or water.[1]

    Abduction of Mary Hamilton[edit | hide]

    Ten years after Isley's capture, one of her vines fell into the Gotham River following "Circe Sionis"'s impulsive actions. The vine then latched onto Mary Hamilton and abducted her to a bench in a park, mutating her body through an infection and slowly gaining control over her body.[2]

    Liberation of Poison Ivy[edit | hide]

    Batwoman extracts the serum from Isley

    While the Bat-Team dealt with Hamilton's situation, they realized that they required the Desiccation Serum in Isley's body in order to cure Hamilton. They then discovered Isley to have been located under the Batcave and extracted the serum from her. Unfortunately, Renee Montoya was blinded by her emotions and decided to free Isley from the cave, bringing her to Loeb Lake to recharge herself.[1]

    Skirmish at Gotham City National Park[edit | hide]

    Isley attacks

    Isley's whereabouts were soon discovered by the Bat-Team. They then arrived at the National Park in search of Isley, only to be ambushed by her vines and were forced to stay in a cabin. While the Bat-Team was trapped, Hamilton and Alice discovered that the former might be connected to Isley and Hamilton impulsively entered the forest. Unfortunately, she was surprised by a hunter and threw him over a great distance, killing him. The hunter's son then wandered across the Bat-Team, who detonated an explosive and rescued the child from Isley's vines.[3]

    After the Bat-Team fled from the forest, Hamilton successfully located Isley and allowed the latter to recharge using the energy in her own body.[3]

    Battle of Gotham Dam[edit | hide]

    Batwoman duels Poison Ivy

    Days later, Isley brought Hamilton to the Gotham Dam and revealed her plan to destroy the uneco-friendly facility. Hamilton was hesitant with her actions, though sided with Isley. Unbeknownst to Hamilton, Isley was merely using her as a battery and drained her power, with the Bat-Team later hijacking the ambulance to retrieve their friend. Batwoman, Batwing, Sophie Moore, Montoya, Hamilton and Alice then plotted a plan to thwart Isley's dangerous behavior using Montoya's Pheromone Blockers. In the end, the team stormed the dam with Batwoman dueling Isley while Hamilton prepared herself to be drained, depowering Isley in seconds and knocking both unconscious.[4]

    Aftermath[edit | hide]

    After the battle. Hamilton's original mind returned and rejoined the Bat-Team. Even though Isley committed crimes, Montoya made a deal such that she could be brought to Coryana.[4]

    Appearances[edit | hide]

    Meet Your Maker Appears
    Toxic (Batwoman) Appears

    References[edit | hide]

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