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    Tony Bellows (Earth-90)

    Tony Bellows was a Central City Police Department Officer and the partner of Michael Murphy.[1]

    Biography[edit | hide | hide all]

    The Dark Riders Attack[edit | hide]

    In 1990, when they were arresting multiple members of the Dark Riders, Bellows and Murphy found Barry Allen on the street. Barry told them that his dog Earl bit him and ran away. They both brought Barry back to his apartment and Tony noticed that Earl was at Barry's window. Barry told them that the dog knew how to open a door and left the car. Murphy would blame Tony for eating the donuts that were at the back which he didn't. Sometime later, when the Dark Riders took control of the prison, he noticed the presence of "The Flash" on the roof of the prison despite his partner not believing him.[1]

    The Homeless Disappearance[edit | hide]

    The next week, during the homeless disappearance, Tony and Murphy answered a call about a "dangerous dog" on the street, when they met the mutated dog, Tony told Murphy to go get a rifle in the car while he handled the monster. He was saved by the Flash just in time despite this, Murphy didn't see home and didn't believe him. When Barry arrived, they witnessed the dog transformation into a regular dog.[2]

    The Fires[edit | hide]

    When mysterious fires started to happen in Central City, Tony cleared the area where the third fire happened with Murphy. He then saw the Flash saving some kids from the fire, but was surprised to know that Murphy still didn't see him. Days later, he was at the precinct placing bets on where the Flash will supposedly show up and bet on places where he was sure he would show up. Days later, the arsonist Noble John Spanier was tied to a pole to confess his crimes and when Tony asked if the witness was the one that stopped him, she told him and his partner that the Flash did. When Murphy asked who bet his appearances on this avenue, Tony revealed to be the one that placed the bet which disappointed Murphy.[3]

    The Museum Theft[edit | hide]

    When the Death Mask of Rasputin was displayed at the Central City Museum, Tony and Murphy were both assigned to surveillance. Tony brought snacks for the job while Murphy mocked him for believing that The Flash was real. When Barry left, he gave him a sandwich.[4]

    Day of the Dead Festival[edit | hide]

    During the event of the Day of the Dead Festival, the church at the Hispanic part of Central City somehow had the "statues moving" which blocked the circulation of the street outside. After Murphy mocked Father Becerra due to his unbelievable claim, it angered Lt. Garfield who asked him and his Tony to carry back the statues to their place. They then both carried Jesus' statue back inside the church and complained about how heavy it was. The following day, when the local Santero's shop was trashed by a "mysterious force", he and Murphy came to see the damage and when the Santero refused to press charges claiming that "you don't press charges against the gods". He asked what he meant by that which had Murphy mocking him for not understanding that he was delusional. After that scene, he went outside, and he witnessed the Santero fainting as a girl rejected the chicken foot he gave her.[5]

    Appearances[edit | hide]

    Notes[edit | hide]

    • One of the most recurring running gag is the fact that he always see the Flash when he shows up, but his partner isn't there to witness it.
    • The character would later be reused on The Flash as a mayor that was a former police officer.

    Gallery[edit | hide]

    References[edit | hide]

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