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    Nothing ever dies. We're all connected. We rise from dirt and we return to dirt. And that's the natural order of things... what I was born to protect.
    — Khione[src]

    Khione, also briefly known as Snow, is the result of Caitlin Snow entering the Consciousness Resurrection Capsule in an attempt to resurrect Frost. Khione soon discovered her exceptional abilities, being known as Goddess and left Team Flash as nature's protector.

    Biography[edit | hide | hide all]

    Snow and Frost[edit | hide]

    Snow and Blaine works on the CRC

    After Frost's death in the battle against Deathstorm, both Caitlin Snow and Mark Blaine were hellbent on resurrecting Frost from the dead.[6][7] After Barry Allen destroyed initial researches, Blaine created a Consciousness Resurrection Capsule that could restore Frost within Snow's body.[8] However, due to a power fluctuation, a completely different person, with no memories of Snow and Frost was created. As Blaine stared at the new person in confusion and questioned her, she claimed that she was a friend.[3]

    Meeting Team Flash[edit | hide]

    Snow meets Barry Allen

    A week later, the being, going as "Snow", used Caitlin's phone to send a distress signal, alerting Barry Allen to the lounge at S.T.A.R. Labs. Snow claimed that she was not Caitlin nor Frost, before Blaine revealed himself and explained the situation to Team Flash. Allen demanded answers as to what happened to Caitlin, with Blaine claiming that she had died. Blaine also explained that he required a stable power source to restart the Consciousness Resurrection Capsule to reverse the process and bring back Caitlin. Unbeknownst to Team Flash, Blaine had actually planned to bring both Caitlin and Frost back, which resulted in a painful process on Snow as they restart the process.[1][4]

    Choices[edit | hide]

    Snow continued to wander around S.T.A.R. Labs as she recovered, later coming across Hartley Rathaway at Caitlin's lab. Rathaway worked on repairing his Sonic Gauntlets against Andrea Wozzeck, whom he planned to kill. Snow expressed her disapproval, claiming that killing is wrong. However, Rathaway remained persistent, but was able to teach Snow about the concept of choice in their conversation.[1]

    Cecile Horton later approached Snow and conversed with her about her current situation. Snow was not sure whether who Team Flash would choose to bring back, as the machine can only restore the consciousness of one out of the two Snow sisters. Despite this, Horton told Snow not to blindly follow the choices of the team, but rather go with her own choice. Snow decided that she would not return to the capsule, and decided that she would live a life as her own person, now renaming herself as "Khione" after Thomas Snow's initial plans. Blaine was furious over her decision, and attempted to restart the capsule against her will. Thankfully, Rathaway was able to destroy the capsule with his supersonic scream, eradicating the chances of any further arguments revolving around Khione.[1]

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    True Justice[edit | hide]

    Discovering Herself[edit | hide]

    Who Am I?[edit | hide]

    Having Fun[edit | hide]

    Bloodwork Returns[edit | hide]

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    The Final Run[edit | hide]

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    Ascension[edit | hide]

    Powers and Abilities[edit | hide]

    Powers[edit | hide]

    • Connection to All Life and Elements: Khione has a unique physiology of being both non-human and non-metahuman. This gave Khione the access to exceptional advanced abilities connection to life and elements, as opposed to other superpowered beings like The Flash, who is only connected to one force only.[9]
      • Electrokinesis: Khione was able to absorb the Negative Speed Force lightning bolt thrown by Zoom and redirect it towards him.[2]
      • Elemental Transformation: Khione has the ability to transform herself into different elements at different states.[5][9]
        • Flight/Superhuman Speed: In a blue cloud-like form, Khione can fly in the air at great distances, even on par with speedsters.[2]
      • Nature Manipulation: Khione is connected to the natural world, allowing her to have the ability to "expel the unnatural" in other human beings. This includes the injuries and later the Negative Speed Force in Mark Blaine's body.[10][9]
        • Life Detection: Khione sensed Iris West-Allen's pregnancy, even before West-Allen herself was aware of it.[10]
        • Plant Manipulation: With a simple touch, Khione exponentially grew plant cells in the bodies of Aariz Mousa and Taylor Downs, allowing them to breathe air after inhaling halon.[9]
      • Weather Manipulation: Khione involuntarily created snow to rain down in the S.T.A.R. Labs lounge.[11]
        • Aerokinesis: While on her way to attack the Negative Speed Force, Khione subconsciously created a hurricane.[9]
        • Cryokinesis: After being called by the Spectre to return to S.T.A.R. Labs, Khione was able to immobilize an infected horde of Blood Brothers by freezing the liquid in their body. She also showed the ability to unfreeze them afterward.[12]

    Appearances[edit | hide]

    Notes[edit | hide]

    • Khione is neither a human nor a metahuman, as she does not have any traces of Dark Matter or cold fusion in her body and 54 out of 55 genetic markers are missing in her body.

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    Powers[edit | hide]

    References[edit | hide]

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