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    Crisis on Infinite Earths (Event)/2024

    For other uses of Crisis, see Crisis (Disambiguation).

    The Crisis[1] was an apocalyptic event involving the heroes of the Multiverse. Following the timeline alteration caused by Nora West-Allen (and her subsequent erasure), the event was pushed forward to 2019 and was altered into the Crisis on Infinite Earths,[2]

    History[edit | hide | hide all]

    Flash Missing, Vanishes in Crisis[edit | hide]

    On April 25, 2024, The Flash fought against Reverse-Flash in an extreme street battle under a crimson red sky as Starling City's Green Arrow, the Atom, Hawkman and additional heroes such as Batwoman, Elongated Man and Supergirl, fought against an army of Shadow Demons commanded by Reverse-Flash.[1][3]

    As the street battle continued, several trucks were caught in the fray and spilled their contents into the street, which included two oil trucks. The two speedsters then threatened to ignite the spilled oil leaking from one of the trucks as their lightning emanated out of them. Meanwhile, power outages swept nearly twenty city blocks between 16th Street and Adams Avenue. The Central City Police Department, led by Chief Joe West and assisted by the Atom, evacuated all the buildings in the area.[1]

    Assassination[edit | hide]

    For the altered version of the event, see Flashpoint.
    It was hard to see, but The Flash and Reverse-Flash were zipping up and down Monroe Avenue and then there was a whole bunch of lightning, and then nothing. It was weird.
    — Eyewitness' claims[src]

    At one point during the battle, The Flash and the Reverse-Flash argued before continuing the fight in Monroe Avenue. The Flash then sped after Reverse-Flash as the two vanished, leaving the former's allies behind. Unbeknownst to the people of 2024, the speedsters travelled back on March 18, 2000, and fought at the Allen Residence.[1][4]

    During the duel, The Flash (2023), sent back by the Negative Speed Force and unable to convince Thawne to abandon his plans, saw his younger self from 2015 as he first learned to time travel on demand and signaled him not to interfere as it would cause a regrettable event. As Thawne walked towards Allen (2000) for the assassination, The Flash (2024) transported his younger self twenty blocks away. Thawne quickly thought of another plan and killed Nora Allen, framing Henry Allen for the crime in the hope that the tragedy would traumatize Allen that he would never become The Flash. Thawne then grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed Nora in the chest, leaving the crime scene as he slowly lost his speed. It was unknown where The Flash (2024) went after taking his younger self (2000) away.[4][5]

    Thawne forced to stay in the 2000s while using the identity of Harrison Wells to move The Flash's creation years earlier.[4][6]

    Moving On[edit | hide]

    Eyewitnesses[edit | hide]

    We don't have very many details now. What we do know is tonight Central City's greatest protector vanished in a flash. We only hope he returns just as quickly.
    — Chief Joe West[src]

    Following the battle, Central City Citizen interviewed multiple eyewitnesses and pieced together the street battle of the Crisis. Later, Joe West, as the Chief of Police of Central City Police Department, held a press conference the following morning and informed the citizens about the loss of The Flash.[1]

    At some point, Roger Hayden, better known as the Psycho Pirate, claimed to know the night's true events. He then said upon his arrest that "world's lived, world's died, nothing will ever be the same".[3]

    Articles[edit | hide]

    After the Crisis, an article was written by Evan Gibson[1] and later turned into Iris West-Allen.[7] The article was then copied and brought to the 2000s by Thawne as a proof to ensure his future remained the same.[1]

    The article underwent multiple changes as the timeline altered, with it no longer having any mentions of Allen and Thawne's duel when Blackout briefly drained The Flash of his powers. However, that variant still contains a "Red Skies Vanish" section.[1] After the Flashpoint, Savitar murdered West-Allen and caused Julie Greer to write the article.[8] Following the death of Savitar, the timeline was reset and the article reverted to West-Allen's name.[9]

    25 years later

    Twenty-five years later, an article was written that The Flash remained missing.[3]

    Erased Out of Existence[edit | hide]

    In 2049, Nora West-Allen travelled back in time and met her father, Barry Allen.[3] Later, she was manipulated by Eobard Thawne and convinced Team Flash to destroy Cicada's dagger. As a result, the timeline was changed; Nora was erased, Eobard was freed and the Crisis was altered into a multiversal apocalyptic event.[2]

    Appearances[edit | hide]

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    References[edit | hide]

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