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    I'm a reporter. And there's no tool more powerful for change than the press.
    — Cat Grant[src]

    Catherine J. "Cat" Grant[2] is a journalist and the founder/former CEO of CatCo Worldwide Media.

    Biography[edit | hide | hide all]

    Becoming a Journalist[edit | hide]

    I became a journalist to make waves.
    — Cat Grant[src]

    At some point, Cat Grant became a journalist and was hired by the Daily Planet as a gossip columnist. She was then nicknamed "CJ Grant" by editor-in-chief, Perry White.[1]

    Grant was married once to an unnamed man.[1]

    Luckiest Town in America?[edit | hide]

    On May 25, 2009, Grant went to Midvale after it was nicknamed the luckiest town in America. She then went to a diner and ordered a cup of milkshake.[2]

    On the next day, Grant went to Midvale College and interviewed a "professor" on the accident taking place in the building. The "professor" denied all claims that there was someone protecting the small town and Grant left the college. Later, she witnessed a speeding fuel truck as she struggles to find her current whereabouts. However, she was able to glimpse that there was a blue light emitting on the truck. She then photographed it and followed the truck in her car. As she arrived on the scene, there was nobody on the truck.[2]

    Determined to reveal the secrets behind the town, Grant went to an open bar and drank several drinks before being mistaken as Lois Lane. The bartender talked to her about her photographs and reminded her to clean the lenses, allowing her to discover a suspicious shadow looming over the fuel truck. She then walked to a child and offered to buy his drone.[2] She then went to the woods and recorded the capture of two aliens.[1]

    "Though surrounded by unknown and dangerous species, I stayed resolute, like a journalistic Neil Armstrong." No. "Like a journalistic Lady Gaga, I kept my poker face."
    — CJ's headline[src]
    After the capture of evidence, Grant stayed in the woods until the night and accidentally released Naxim Tork and Mitch from the cages, allowing them to attack Kara Danvers. On the ship, Grant met Kenny Li, who was willingly captured to protect Danvers. However, he compared Tork and Mitch as big dogs and himself as a human chew toy. Grant observed him and encouraged him. Later, "Brandon" and "Brenda" stormed the ship and released Grant alongside Li. They were then confronted by Tork and Mitch, who were then quickly defeated by Danvers with a punch. Despite their success, the ship was attacked by the Midvale Police Department and Grant, Li and Danvers surrendered themselves, with the aliens leaving to Time Travel and fix their current situation. As they were arrested, Grant witnessed Danvers' escape and the events starting from the ambush in the woods were erased.[1]

    When I went to work for Perry, he started calling me CJ, and I just stuck with it. But "Cat Grant"...I like the ring of that.
    — Cat Grant to a college student[src]
    Concept logo for CatCo
    During the recording, Grant's drone was shot and crashed on the ground. She then met a college student, who encouraged her to leave the Daily Planet and gave her the idea of changing her nickname to "Cat Grant". She was then inspired by her speech and continued to do what she said, quitting her original employer and starting her own news media, CatCo.[1]

    Road to Success[edit | hide]

    For the later years, Grant built CatCo Worldwide Media from scratch and led it to success. She later became friends with Oprah and a fundamental figure in journalism.[1]

    In 2015, Grant hired Kara Danvers as her personal assistant and eventually allowed her to pursue her dreams as a reporter.[12]

    In 2018, Grant sold the media empire to Lena Luthor, who owned the company for approximately 2 years until selling it to Obsidian North under Andrea Rojas' leadership.[12]

    Introducing... Supergirl[edit | hide]

    Hello, National City. You know her as Kara Danvers. CatCo's ace reporter and new editor-in-chief. But tonight, it is my great honor to introduce to you...Supergirl.
    — Cat Grant[src]

    Powers and Abilities[edit | hide]

    Abilities[edit | hide]

    • Journalism: Grant is an expert journalist and was able to use her skills to lead her media empire to success.
    I am a journalist, trained in the art of observation.
    — Cat to Kenny Li[src]
    • Observation: Grant was able to notice Kenny Li's lack of self-esteem and encouraged him.[1]

    Appearances[edit | hide]

    Pilot Appears
    Stronger Together Appears
    Fight or Flight Appears
    Livewire Appears
    How Does She Do It? Appears
    Red Faced Appears
    Human for a Day Appears
    Hostile Takeover Appears
    Blood Bonds Appears
    Childish Things Appears
    Strange Visitor from Another Planet Appears
    This Is My Life
    Bizarro Appears
    For the Girl Who Has Everything Appears
    Truth, Justice and the American Way Appears
    Solitude Appears
    The Strange Case of the Smiling Computer
    Falling Appears
    Manhunter Appears
    Worlds Finest Appears
    Nightmares on El Street
    Myriad Appears
    Better Angels Appears
    Who Is Facet?
    Breaking Point
    The Adventures of Supergirl Appears
    The Last Children of Krypton Appears
    Welcome to Earth Mentioned
    Crossfire Mentioned
    Luthors Mentioned
    Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk Mentioned
    Resist Appears
    Nevertheless, She Persisted Appears
    Girl of Steel Television
    The Faithful Mentioned
    Midvale Pictured
    For Good Mentioned
    American Alien Mentioned
    Man of Steel Flashback
    Ahimsa Mentioned
    Elseworlds, Part 1 Mentioned
    Blood Memory Mentioned
    Stand and Deliver Mentioned
    Supergirl: The Secret Files of Kara Danvers
    The House of L Mentioned
    Will the Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up? Mentioned
    Red Dawn Mentioned
    Confidence Women Mentioned
    Back from the Future: Part Two Mentioned
    It's a Super Life Pictured
    Rebirth Mentioned
    A Few Good Women Mentioned
    Prom Night! Appears
    Prom Again! Appears
    Welcome Back, Kara! Mentioned
    Nightmare in National City Mentioned
    Kara Appears
    Wednesday Ever After Mentioned

    Notes[edit | hide]

    • CJ Grant drove a car licensed "0RJ 5570" in 2009.[2]

    Gallery[edit | hide]

    References[edit | hide]

    Other versions of Cat Grant
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