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    Is this really the end?
    Can we honestly ask for more? I've lived two lifetimes. That's more than anyone has a right to. This family of ours... we put it together. And it really stuck, didn't it? I am so grateful for each and every one of you. And Victor. And as much as it pains me to say, even Rouge.

    The fourth and final season of Doom Patrol premiered on December 8, 2022 and concluded on November 9, 2023. The season consists of 12 episodes.

    Synopsis[edit | hide | hide all]

    DOOM PATROL reimagines one of DC's most beloved groups of superheroes: "Robotman" aka Cliff Steele, "Negative Man" aka Larry Trainor, "Elasti-Woman" aka Rita Farr, "Crazy Jane", "Cyborg" aka Victor Stone, joined by former super villain "Madame Rouge" aka Laura de Mille. Each member of the Doom Patrol suffered a horrible accident that gave them superhuman abilities, but also left them scarred and disfigured. Part support group, part Super Hero team, the Doom Patrol is a band of superpowered freaks who fight for a world that wants nothing to do with them.

    Season Four opens with the team unexpectedly traveling to the future to find an unwelcome surprise. Faced with their imminent demise, the Doom Patrol must decide once and for all which is more important: their own happiness or the fate of the world?[1]

    Cast[edit | hide]

    Main Cast[edit | hide]

    Recurring Cast[edit | hide]


    1. Despite being listed among the main cast, Michelle Gomez is credited with "special appearance" billing.
    2. Despite being listed among the main cast, Timothy Dalton is credited with "special appearance" billing and is only credited for his only appearance in 4x11 Portal Patrol.

    Episodes[edit | hide]

    # Episode name Directed by Story by Teleplay by Airdate
    Part 1
    1 Doom Patrol (Doom Patrol) Chris Manley Tamara Becher-Wilkinson December 8, 2022
    As they struggle to function as a cohesive group, the Doom Patrol are confronted by a horrifying realization in the future.
    2 Butt Patrol Chris Manley Eric Dietel December 8, 2022
    A desperate Doom Patrol strategize ways to wipe out the zombie butts... and reverse their grim future.
    3 Nostalgia Patrol Kristin Windell Tanya Steele December 15, 2022
    Larry and Jane seek new purpose in Keeg and Kay's absence. Vic attempts to reconnect with his old crew. A mysterious invitation to a retrospective comes at the perfect time for a newly ousted Rita.
    4 Casey Patrol Kristin Windell Tom Farrell December 22, 2022
    When Danny is invaded, and the safety of everyone housed within is suddenly at risk, Dorothy calls on Space Case to defend against the evil Torminox. But when his fleet proves too powerful, Dorothy is forced to summon the most powerful "friend" in her arsenal.
    5 Youth Patrol Christopher Manley Shoshana Sachi December 29, 2022
    When Rita awakens unexpectedly aged, a mishandled spell teenage-ifies the Doom Patrol just as Willoughby asks for their help stopping the rise of Immortus and the end of the world as they know it.
    6 Hope Patrol Christopher Manley Ezra Claytan Daniels January 5, 2023
    With the end of existence imminent, a determined Doom Patrol seek to get their longevities back and save the universe.
    Part 2
    7 Orqwith Patrol Bosede Williams Tamara Becher-Wilkinson & Bob Barth October 12, 2023
    As Jane ropes Cliff into longevity-hunting, Vic and Deric search for Larry, and Rouge tries to sway Rita into joining her on a trip to Orqwith.
    8 Fame Patrol Bosede Williams Eric Dietel October 12, 2023
    As Dorothy and Casey team up for a new mission, the Doom Patrol's pursuit of Immortus leads them to a superhero parade.
    9 Immortimas Patrol Omar Madha Aliza Berger & Talia Berger October 19, 2023
    A music-filled Immortimas Day forces the Doom Patrol to reckon with the people they've become -- and who they once were.
    10 Tomb Patrol Omar Madha Akaylah Ellison & Tom Farrell October 26, 2023
    After believing she's uncovered the source of Immortus' power, Rouge tries to convince the Doom Patrol to help excise it.
    11 Portal Patrol Christopher Manley Chris Dingess November 2, 2023
    Thrown into a time stream, the Doom Patrol have just one hour to find their longevities, rescue Rita, and save the world.
    12 Done Patrol Christopher Manley Shoshana Sachi & Ezra Claytan Daniels November 9, 2023
    After returning to Cloverton, the Doom Patrol gather for a final mission -- one that proves to be unlike any they've had before.

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    Doom Patrol
    Season 1

    Pilot (Doom Patrol) Donkey Patrol Puppet Patrol Cult Patrol Paw Patrol Doom Patrol Patrol Therapy Patrol Danny Patrol Jane Patrol Hair Patrol Frances Patrol Cyborg Patrol Flex Patrol Penultimate Patrol Ezekiel Patrol

    Season 2

    Fun Size Patrol Tyme Patrol Pain Patrol Sex Patrol Finger Patrol Space Patrol Dumb Patrol Dad Patrol Wax Patrol

    Season 3

    Possibilities Patrol Vacay Patrol Dead Patrol Undead Patrol Dada Patrol 1917 Patrol Bird Patrol Subconscious Patrol Evil Patrol Amends Patrol

    Season 4

    Doom Patrol (Doom Patrol) Butt Patrol ·Nostalgia Patrol Casey Patrol Youth Patrol Hope Patrol Orqwith Patrol Fame Patrol Immortimas Patrol Tomb Patrol Portal Patrol Done Patrol

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