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    Green Kryptonite (Earth-38)

    Glows green, cuts through anything.
    A mineral with a natural green luminescence and strong covalent bonds with that kind of cutting power?

    Green Kryptonite is a radioactive mineral that originated from Krypton.

    History[edit | hide | hide all]

    Midvale Meteor Shower[edit | hide]

    Lucius Fox's Journal[edit | hide]

    At some point after Bruce Wayne became Batman, Lucius Fox recorded all possible ways to penetrate the Batsuit in a journal.[1] Years later, the journal was discovered by Alice, Hush and Mouse in a search for defeating Batwoman. The trio then interrogated Luke Fox in order for him to translate the coded text in the journal and eventually gained the pair of glasses that translate the text. The team then continued to search for Kryptonite in Gotham City and was able to acquire a small piece of Kryptonite from Dr. M. Darby at Gotham University. It was then destroyed by the Bat-Team after a fight and the team continued to search for the only remaining piece of Kryptonite in Gotham - Kate's piece from Earth-99 of the Original Multiverse.[2]

    Leviathan[edit | hide]

    After being arrested by the DEO, Rama Khan destroyed the organization's headquarters and stole the stored Kryptonite for Leviathan.[3] Later, Leviathan worked with Lex Luthor in order to defeat Supergirl. Despite their efforts to use Kryptonite against Supergirl, the latter was able to build a Kryptosuit and fight back easily.[4]

    Functions[edit | hide]

    • Kryptonian Weakening: When exposed to Kryptonite, the green mineral makes Kryptonians vulnerable and causes dizziness.[4]
    • Batsuit Penetration: The Batsuit is vulnerable to the green mineral and will be easily sliced open with Kryptonite when carved into weapons.[2]

    Appearances[edit | hide]

    Pilot Appears
    Stronger Together Flashback
    Hostile Takeover Flashback
    Blood Bonds Flashback
    This Is My Life Flashback
    For the Girl Who Has Everything Vision
    Nightmares on El Street Dream
    Myriad Mentioned
    The Next Dream Mentioned
    Better Angels Mentioned
    Our Backs to the Wall Mentioned
    Who Is Facet? Flashback
    Breaking Point Mentioned
    The Adventures of Supergirl Mentioned
    The Last Children of Krypton Mentioned
    Welcome to Earth Mentioned
    Survivors Mentioned
    Crossfire Mentioned
    Medusa Mentioned
    Invasion! Mentioned
    Supergirl Lives Mentioned
    Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk Mentioned
    Star-Crossed Mentioned
    Distant Sun Mentioned
    City of Lost Children Mentioned
    Nevertheless, She Persisted Flashback
    Triggers Vision
    Far from the Tree Mentioned
    The Faithful Flashback
    Damage Mentioned
    Midvale Mentioned
    Wake Up Mentioned
    Reign Mentioned
    Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2 Mentioned
    For Good Mentioned
    Dark Side of the Moon Mentioned
    Elseworlds, Part 1 Mentioned
    O Brother, Where Art Thou? Mentioned
    The House of L Video Footage
    Event Horizon Mentioned
    Tremors Mentioned
    Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One Mentioned
    It's a Super Life Appears
    Deus Lex Machina Flashback
    The Missing Link Appears
    A Secret Kept from All the Rest Mentioned
    Immortal Kombat Appears
    O, Mouse! Appears
    Rebirth Appears
    Lost Souls Mentioned
    Prom Night! Mentioned
    Prom Again! Appears
    Kane, Kate Appears
    Welcome Back, Kara! Appears
    Still I Rise Mentioned
    Mxy in the Middle Appears
    Blind Spots Flashback
    I Believe in a Thing Called Love Appears
    Truth or Consequences Appears
    The Last Gauntlet Mentioned
    Kara Appears
    Armageddon, Part 1 Mentioned
    Armageddon, Part 2 Name Seen
    Savior Complex Mentioned

    Gallery[edit | hide]

    References[edit | hide]

    Other versions of Green Kryptonite
    New Multiverse

    Earth: 99
    Original Multiverse

    Earth: 99  UE-43  UE-44

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